Gang Leaders Girl is Back In Town by xBibliobibulix
Gang Leaders Girl is Back In Town by ♛ M ♛ Teen Fiction
It's round two for twenty three year old Noah Carson.
Stallion Series 4: Hiro Hinata Complete (Original, Unedited Version) by sofia_jade6
Stallion Series 4: Hiro Hinata Com... by Sofia PHR Romance
Hiro was the only man who could make her happy. But he was also the only man she couldn't have. As a gift to Stallion Series' 10th anniversary, you can now read the co...
Rivals / Ricegum - social media by dogslut
Rivals / Ricegum - social media by dogslut Fanfiction
Ricegum and Ava Ford are the two biggest youtubers on the platform, but that doesn't mean they get along. (An social media fic) --- All rights reserved 27/8/17
It Girl by xflower89x
It Girl by ily.limelight Teen Fiction
Your best friend, hot guys, and a hospital room. What can go so bad??
Famous | SuperFruit  by PointlessNachos2
Famous | SuperFruit by PN Second Account Fanfiction
Scott is an up and coming actor; Hollywood's newest dreamboat within the movie industry. Mitch is a singer known for his raunchy behaviour, loud attitude and beautiful...
Glitter Awards 2017 (Open) by Happinesscenter
Glitter Awards 2017 (Open) by Happiness Centre Random
This is an award book of 2017. We can help you get viewers. Are you an undiscovered writer? This is the place for you.
i n s t a g r a m ; j m b ♡  by cheesychoey
Lost Pieces (Kaylor) by Perfectglory
Lost Pieces (Kaylor) by Rachel K. Fanfiction
Karlie knew she made a big mistake, cheating on her girlfriend. Taylor knew she made a big mistake not letting Karlie explain, getting into a fight, then leaving. So now...
Solid Chick///CardiB by remybx
Solid Chick///CardiB by Rx. Romance
"You know me I ain't neva needed no nigga, or bitch...shit, but I need you Nani, you deadass make me feel complete, I ain't neva had no one do this for me before.&q...
I LOVE YOU, Forever & Always (JerrieFanfic) by SandraDollente29
I LOVE YOU, Forever & Always (Jerr... by IcePrincess🍦👸 Fanfiction
Story about how Perrie Edwards her dream girl became her true girlfriend in reality. The love of her life, the one and only.
Prince Mateen! I Love You! by quin_anais
Prince Mateen! I Love You! by ANAIS Fanfiction
Nurul terpaksa berpindah ke Brunei kerana bossnya mengarah dia untuk bekerja di situ. Nurul langsung tidak mengetahui tentang Brunei. Malah, ketika dia berjumpa dengan P...
The Trainee by ItzJustPaige
The Trainee by 곰돌이 Fanfiction
Out of all of the trainees under BigHit, I catch Park Jimin's attention. Me. The foreigner from America who barely knew Korean and shyed away everytime someone spoke to...
Living With The Dolan Twins by kels0731
Living With The Dolan Twins by Kelsi Burns Fanfiction
A fresh and new start is what most teenagers could ever ask for. However, that's not the case with Elizabeth Dolan. Her brothers, Ethan and Grayson, are internet sensat...
fairy high: keeping secrets by Lucy_Dreyar2904
fairy high: keeping secrets by Lucy_Dreyar2904 Fanfiction
ok so my first story got deleted but thats ok i want to change the plot ok so lucy is a famous singer since childhood along with acting and modeling her along with her...
a book filled with underused and underrated face claims.
the world's newest stars || celebrity next gen roleplay by realpipermclean-
PERFECT || TOM HOLLAND by -cringegrazer
PERFECT || TOM HOLLAND by → hannah Fanfiction
"If you like to do the things you know that we shouldn't do; Then baby, I'm perfect for you." → in which a boy falls in love with his hair stylist [SOCIAL MEDI...
Las Vagas ||Roleplay|| by _Lodge_Veronica_
Las Vagas ||Roleplay|| by Lana Random
5 girls. 5 boys. Chosen to stay at a hotel in Las Vagas. Drama will bloom, arguments will erupt, romance will unfold.
The Badboy Who Sings by sanz_xo
The Badboy Who Sings by Bish I'm Shooketh👀 Romance
Maya Alice Carter is the new and up coming singing sensation.With her new song just being released and when she gets signed to SYCO,one of the biggest music companys,she...
Kiss Me Like This by rebecca-kx
Kiss Me Like This by Rebecca Teen Fiction
Xavier Carter (one of the best football players in the country) is recovering from a heartbreak - a painful loss. Nothing seems to matter anymore, he doesn't care about...