KHR: class 3-A by DanahBarce
KHR: class 3-A by Angelknight
A/N: ok everyone, this is my first time making an anime fanfic but I have read some of the stories that are KHR from people or authors here at wattpad. Though, I am not...
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El Regreso de Tsuna by LadyYoguishi
El Regreso de Tsuna by Mirai Yoguishi
Por una traicion interna por parte de Vongola, Tsuna tiene que escapar o de caso contrario seria asesinado, dejando en la familia a un clon fabricado y creado por Verde...
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Nemici da Sempre by mery_virardi
Nemici da Sempre by • Mery •
Lily Morgan e Josh Miller Due vite completamente diverse Due adolescenti legati dall'odio Loro sono nemici da molto tempo e si odiano da sempre. Le loro famiglie si od...
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A Class Reunion { STOPPED } by knb_kurotetsu
A Class Reunion { STOPPED } by knb_kurotetsu
WARNING! BOY X BOY Dont like, dont read Class 3-A has been choose to go to Italy, sponsored by Vongola.. Vongola Nono and Reborn have prepared a revenge plan for class...
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Namimori: Reborn (KHR Fanfic) by Writteninthehorizon
Namimori: Reborn (KHR Fanfic) by :-)
A girl or rather woman despises the thought of the outside world along with the emotions and problems that go with it. When she meets her unfortunate demise, she gets re...
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A little something for you (Slow update?) by Mina95
A little something for you (Slow u... by Felicia Sim
About Tsuna and how his Famiglia gets back at people who bullies their precious boss. Just read? I'm bad at summaries sorry Please don't copy this story thanks >< ...
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KHR: The Parallel World's Temporary Checkerface by QueenHearst
KHR: The Parallel World's Temporar... by Aira Sophia
Its been years since the representative war and tsuna has finally become the vongola decimo. Everything was okay now with the exception of his troublesome guardians, fri...
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Hearts that beat as one  2 by ilarirose
Hearts that beat as one 2 by Rosieeerose
"Non puoi darmi la colpa. Ho accettato i tuoi difetti prima ancora dei tuoi pregi, ho accettato il tuo caratteraccio, ho accettato il tuo modo distaccato nei miei...
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A School Trip To Italy(KHR Fanfic) #Wattys2015 by JohaiverTsunaSumael
A School Trip To Italy(KHR Fanfic)... by Johaiver Sumael
Class 3-A is going to Italy for a school trip at the first day of class. What must be the Vongola planning for the poor students and the Decimo? Find out by reading ever...
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La Grande Cometa del 1843 by WBabila42
La Grande Cometa del 1843 by W. Babila
Cosa succederebbe se un astronomo si innamorasse di una cometa?
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Angel's Gravity [The Bratva Heart #1] by sarahikari_ska
Angel's Gravity [The Bratva Heart... by Sarah K. Azahrah
_-_SHE_-_ Who didn't know what exactly happening to herself or even to her surrounding. What The Bratva called, a fallen Angel. Where her family, her best friends and h...
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Io non sono nessuno by ThatGirl110698
Io non sono nessuno by ThatGirl110698
Non so chi tu sia, come tu sia finito a leggere queste righe. Chi sono? Potrei essere te, tua sorella, la tua vicina di casa, la tua compagna di banco. Sono una ragazza...
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Unfinished Business  by Tamara96Phillips
Unfinished Business by Tamara Phillips
" You and I will always be unfinished business." ~Lucca Santorini~ Allegra I was a little more than a girl when I first met him. The man who continuously haunt...
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Cause and Effect by rinadayo
Cause and Effect by Ria
Reina has been living by the alias of 'Akagari' Eri for a while and only a few handful of people knew that. Key word knew. Now more and more people are finding out the t...
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Just a fanfic about the anime arcana famiglia. Requests are open and comments are open. Btw i do not own arcana famiglia nor any of the characters okie. Comment if u wan...
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Class Reunion, Vongola Style! by TheMagesticBG
Class Reunion, Vongola Style! by B~Chan
This is the first book in my new 'Vongola Style' series! /- GUESTS -\ • Class 2-A of Nami-Chuu •Marshmallow Killer •Trash •Herbs •Dad •Bianchi •Clumsy Teacher •Rainbow...
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Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (Random Stuff) by cravin4potatoes
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (Random Stu... by °• Aestheshit •°
Fan of KHR anime? Wanting for inspirational quotes, dunk memes or crack videos? Well.. You've stumbled upon the right book! A book that will make your boredom disappear...
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Ti verrò a prendere... by AsiaLewis13
Ti verrò a prendere... by AsiaLewis13
Loro cosi tanto innamorati, ma anche cosi tanto spinti dai problemi a lasciarsi. Si strinsero la mano più che poteva,ogni giorno di più, ma questo non bastò. Si rincontr...
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Khr: Love In Parallel World by Awesomeotaku123
Khr: Love In Parallel World by Shyredhead~
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