Into The Spotlight | ✓ by cheryl-is-not-here
Into The Spotlight | ✓by sheryl
Emmaline (Emma) Heywood resents being in the spotlight. It certainly doesn't help that her family is Hollywood royalty. Having carved a name for herself where she is an...
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Wish You Were Here || H.S. Harry Styles by RubySlippers_
Wish You Were Here || H.S. Harry S...by RubySlippers_
MATURE CONTENT - "You know what I think?" He growls softly in my ear. "I think you like it a little rough," His voice is a thick layer of gravel an...
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Celebrity Cruise [COMPLETED] by joymoment
Celebrity Cruise [COMPLETED]by Joy
"The book's amazing!!!" - cutechickhere What if you could take cruise with your favorite celebrity? Knox Hamilton, world famous singer, signed up for a week lo...
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Unspoken by Wintersdancer
Unspokenby Sierra
It's my choice to become mute. The things that happened to me has me so horrified that I've decided to be a selective mute. I was taken as a child and I had to endure pa...
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Texting || S.M. by maraisbabygirl
Texting || S.M.by ella🌹
It all started with the wrong number.
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Prince and Doctor (Royals Book 1) by rory256
Prince and Doctor (Royals Book 1)by rory256
#8 General Fiction 09/13/16 #61 ROMANCE 05/16/17 After forced escape from Spain two years ago, Eva a twenty eight year old doctor is hiding in London from her past. She...
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Instagram | J.G by acacialdn
Instagram | J.Gby millionairebieber
#579 in fan-fiction In which a relationship expressed by pictures and comments takes an inevitable downfall.
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Wish You Were Here - Part 2 || H.S Harry Styles by RubySlippers_
Wish You Were Here - Part 2 || H.S...by RubySlippers_
PART 2: I've never done anything like this but it's turning me on more than I could have imagined. The lack of control, his dirty mouth and the amount of trust needed, t...
  • dirtyharrystyles
  • youngadult
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Lies• (sequel to hired) •  by queen_of_muffins
Lies• (sequel to hired) • by Queen of muffins
Sequel to hired // S.M
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Instagram [zarry au] by misspiggyo_o
Instagram [zarry au]by mads & kenzie
zarry au harry's a solo artist, who's from the former band, One Direction. zayn's a newly model, who has a short amount of follweres on Instagram. what happens when, ha...
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One Life by mccannonbieber
One Lifeby mccannonbieber
justinbieber started following you Instagram Story If I came to your crib would you open the door? I don't wanna go down that road no more.
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Anton's Strength - The Romano Series 4 by WriterRH
Anton's Strength - The Romano Seri...by R. M. Healy
Anthony Romano's life was close to perfect. He was rich, handsome and had his dream job, jet-setting around the world as an in-demand model. Then one day, all of that w...
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spotlight ↠ h.s by itscalx
spotlight ↠ h.sby cal
@harrystyles liked your post. @harrystyles followed you. in which a rising-to-fame model and a british singer-ex-boybander make fun of each other, say cheesy things an...
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INSTAGRAM | H.S by courtneywiffen
@harrystyles liked your post @harrystyles commented on your post @harrystyles started following you |#1 in fanfiction|
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(Kaylor)Empty Faces And Broken Smiles by Kaylorgotlostinit
(Kaylor)Empty Faces And Broken Smi...by Evelyn Grace
Taylor Swift is famous, she has lots of money, two gorgeous cats and a good career. Karlie Kloss isn't famous, she doesn't have lots of money and she hates her career. I...
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Troublesons by TasiaBryantJordan
Troublesonsby ταу ταу
2041 "We have a light African-American male.....dead at the scene of a suspected homicide...victim has suffered clear shots to the head and body...no suspects ident...
  • drama
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The Real Her | Love Story  by FindYourLove_
The Real Her | Love Story by meseey
They keep telling me don't save you If I ignore all that advice.. Then something isn't right, Then who will I complain to? But the weekends here started it right, Even i...
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Reunited Again (G Herbo)  by Riaababy
Reunited Again (G Herbo) by Riaababy
They say that love isn't suppose to hurt. That it's the best feeling in the world But if that's so then why does it hurt so bad? Why does it come to end? You give your...
  • nlmb
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The Fourth Roommate by Jinxjinx
The Fourth Roommateby Jinxjinx
"They were like three half-naked supermodels with bedhair and matching movie star grins. What did I get myself into...?." Serena Jones an eighteen year old gra...
  • stars
  • suprise
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War Zones and Paradise by letmelivetonight
War Zones and Paradiseby ⚔Jada⚔
❝I thought you wanted me to stay away from him.❞ ❝That was before. I guess I'm just tired of always being the victim. Aren't you?❞ Tyler's smile was as twisted as they c...
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