Bad Boys With Wings by Jojo_B
Bad Boys With Wings by Jojo B Paranormal
**Watty Awards Winner 2016** Four bad boys, something definitely different about them. Not only have they started creating a lot of trouble in the area since their arriv...
Beastly || Andy Biersack by LlamaMBiersack
Beastly || Andy Biersack by Madison Fanfiction
"You only care about yourself." I snapped. His face softened. "That's not true." Such a lie. He had no shame in lying to my face, nor did he have sha...
The 4 Horsemen of Highschool // Highschool DxD x Male Reader by PitaNemuritoare
The 4 Horsemen of Highschool // Hi... by The Loner Fantasy
Strife, Fury, War...Death...4 individuals that were once feared by both, Angels and Devils. Even God and Satan would have problems in taking them out. That's how powerfu...
High School dxd fanfic | book 1 | The Beginning | IBDGC by surge_gdog
High School dxd fanfic | book 1 |... by Arthur Fanfiction
Luke Smith is a 27 years police his rank is lieutenant, he achieved many medals about saving a child inside the burning truck, tracking some drug users, arresting some t...
Love or Lust (Andy Biersack Love) by LlamaMBiersack
Love or Lust (Andy Biersack Love) by Madison Fanfiction
Is it possible for a young smart girl to fall for the deep and dark transfer? Is she prepared for the dark truth about him? Obviously it's possible for Madison Grey. Her...
Hush Hush - Retold By Patch by tayelaine
Hush Hush - Retold By Patch by Taylor Fanfiction
Patch Cipriano isn't close to being the ordinary high school student. For starters, he comes with a dark past that he would prefer stay hidden, abilities that only creat...
The Kings' Human Personal Advisor by Evampire
The Kings' Human Personal Advisor by Evampire Vampire
In a world where the immortals still live in secret amongst us, there is one girl who knows of their secret, Ali Stolz. She spends her time helping immortals and collec...
Wings by purescent_
Wings by tomoe-y. Fanfiction
Be careful who you trust, The devil was once an angel. Twelve fallen angels lose their wings when they fell to Earth. In order to get their wings back, they need somethi...
An Arrogant Leader  by IzzyFrost13
An Arrogant Leader by •Disposable Teen• Fanfiction
The year is 2026 and Andy Biersack has become the leader of a broken society. Andy has demonstrated evil, orderly manners. This leads the people of his society, called...
AFTER THE FALL ▹ CASTIEL by thetoxicpetrova
AFTER THE FALL ▹ CASTIEL by ― kathy Fanfiction
AFTER THE FALL | ❝ like an angel but with a broken wing. ❞ [the cover i am using was made by @Emvlia ♥️]
The Fallen: Daniel Grigori's POV by NefariousBella
The Fallen: Daniel Grigori's POV by Nefarious Julie Fanfiction
When Daniel Grigori fell from Heaven after having a curse settled on him, he knew things would never be the same. Having endured seven thousand years of his curse, can h...
The Legend of the Firewalker, Book #1 by SteveBevil
The Legend of the Firewalker, Book... by Steve Bevil Fantasy
Teenagers with supernatural powers. A college town deep in folklore, murder and mystery. A vengeful secret order. And fallen angels with dark and powerful forces that...
Trapped (Tsundere x Reader) by SonjaYanez
Tyler's Redemption(#1 in The Fallen Series) | ✔️ (Editing)  by pandaxlovingxloser
Tyler's Redemption(#1 in The Falle... by Ria 🐼 Paranormal
Highest Ranking in Paranormal ~ #114 (Monday 24th July 2017) "So you're like my guardian angel." I replied "No, as I don't have to protect you till you...
The Wild Ones Rebellion [Black Veil Brides FanFic] by SkeleBri
The Wild Ones Rebellion [Black Vei... by SkeleBri Fanfiction
Katrina was nothing more than a simple girl. But isn't that how every good story starts? A goody two shoes 19 year old orphan just trying to survive her Senior year of...
The Awakening by BarbaraPy
The Awakening by Barbara Insfran Fantasy
Currently under re-editing because I want to be better! :) -*- "One... two... three... one... two... three... a million... is that number right?" A figure less...
A Fallen Angel [EXO Chanyeol Fanfiction] by xxSecretChocolatexx
A Fallen Angel [EXO Chanyeol Fanfi... by xxSecretChocolatexx Fanfiction
There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are you will always be in my heart...
Fiend of Stars | (#Wattys2017) by standtooclose
Fiend of Stars | (#Wattys2017) by H. N. Stoodley Fantasy
"A sacrifice. A death only you can make to save our world." She was always meant to die. Calypso, the Daughter of Silver and Fire, is cursed with the power t...
FALLEN MOVIE by ma-tilly
FALLEN MOVIE by Matilda Fantasy
Just a bunch of #FALLENMOVIE photos, information etc. Original book series; Fallen by Lauren Kate. Now a major motion picture. (6/5/17) #445 in Fantasy.
Forged ➡ Cam Briel  by Autogirls
Forged ➡ Cam Briel by Irl_Heartfilia Fanfiction
[First book of the Fallen series] [DISCLAIMER: Fallen series belongs to Lauren Kate, I own nothing but my character and her storyline] Serenity, such a bright and cheery...