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Welcome to my profile page! If you need to get in touch with me for inquiries email me at: Facebook page: Completed Books: The Billionaire's Redemption The Just Series of the Anastasi Siblings (Each book is a standalone) Book 1 - Just Tell Me You Love Me Book 2 - Just One Hello Book 3 - Just One Night With You His Heart's Series Book 1 - His Heart's Mistress Book 2 - His Heart's Desire Book 3 - His Heart's Love The Anastasi Series Alive with Me - Completed Fade into Me - In progress Burn with Me Run to Me Stay with Me Safe with Me My only goal is to share, inspire, and bring enjoyment to my readers. Thank you to all who has been very supportive; and thank you to everyone who has taken the time to check out my stories, I really do appreciate it.
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I AM NOT TAKING ANY READING REQUESTS! Being patient does not mean that you let people treat you badly. Being patient means you stand up for yourself with the intention not to treat them how they treat you, but to take your rights as a human and a Muslim. Being patient means you stand up for yourself in a respectful but firm manner, even when others scold you for doing it and tell you to ignore it. You should be eloquent and strong in your words, and stand up for yourself with the mentality that Allah has your back, and that he is the one that will save you in the end. As long as you try your hardest first.
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Hi! I'm Kim. (: I started writing when I was in high school, but they were just ideas & poems. When I became a college student, something happened that led me to write stories. I remember I would stay in front of the computer waiting for the comments and messages from my readers. It was a blissful experience. Even though I only had few readers, I didn't stop writing. You see, if you really love writing, it shouldn't matter if you have thousands of readers or none. Learn to write for yourself. Back then, I used to write to escape from reality and to live in my own world. I learned that words have the power to inspire and encourage people, so now, I do my best to put a smile on my readers' faces and make them realize that there's hope for everyone. Music helps me in creating scenarios and plot. Sometimes I get lost in the melody, and that's when I usually get the idea for a story. Writing gives me a feeling of euphoria. I'm naturally curious; I think that's one of the reasons why I write. All my stories are connected; from the short stories to the published books, and to the on-going stories. And before I became a writer, I was a reader first. I'm a bibliophile. There are times when I feel awed because my books (The Bet, and Between Now & Ever After [Anthology]) have been published. And now, The Bet became a movie (Just The Way You Are). It was beautiful & the plot stayed close to the book. It's amazing how God works. He fulfilled His promise to me, and I believe that He will never fail me. Because of God's faithfulness, and the people who support me, reality is finally better than my dreams. I know there are more bright things in the future. ;) Wattpad is my safe haven, and my readers are my inspiration.* You can find me here: Facebook group: Twitter/Instagram: kimjvillanueva E-mail: Thank you very much! =)
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️️️️️️Create, Share, and Inspire.. Stand Alone Story 1. Deal (One shot) ✔ Best Friends Series 1. He's Possessive and Selfish Jerk!! ✔ 2. Becoming the Seducer ✔ 3. Tonight, I'll make you Mine (OG) 4. Danger of Love (OH) Secret Circle (The Altarico Series) 1. Dlake Altarico: Assassin's Heart ✔ --- Update? Every Free time. Thank you :)
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Books by Leigh: (Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, and Smashwords!) Steamy YA/NA beach romance series: -DRAGONFLY (1) -UNDERTOW (2) -WATERCOLOR (3) Sweet Bestseller: -THE TRUTH ABOUT FAKING (YA romantic comedy) *Also available as audiobook on! Top 5 Finalist "Best Indie Book" Awards, Kindle Book Review (2013): -THE TRUTH ABOUT LETTING GO (NA romance/coming of age) Quarter Finalist, Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award (2013): -ROUGE (historical, romantic suspense) *Also available as audiobook on! * * * For all the latest, visit my Amazon Author Page at Be the first to know about New Releases! Sign up to get my New Release Newsletter: Or follow my Blog: “That’s Write” at AUTHOR BIO: I live with my husband and two children in the Midwest, far, far from my Southern home. Before I wrote novels, my writing appeared in newspapers across the southeast U.S. region, and for two years I was the editor for "Baldwin County Parent" magazine and "Baldwin County Living" magazine in south Alabama. My features have also appeared in the Indianapolis-based independent news magazine NUVO and in Res Gestae, the journal of the Indiana Bar Association. Thanks for visiting!!! <3
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بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ •Certainly not on here anymore :) • Finding love:{ Completed} #3 in spiritual 8/31/15 Muslimah next door: {Completed} #3 in spiritual 9/2/ 16. Falling for my bully: #8 in spiritual 7/27/16 (\ (\ ( '' ) <--- That's mine >_< O (") (") I love my readers for the sake of Allah❤️ My Instagram is on the link below Make sure you give a me follow ❤️
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I'm a random girl who likes to read books and loves to watch different anime series. I also like to express my thoughts by writing my own stories...... Soooo I kinda' like to insert my own character in my fanfics. But I'll try to make my own stories.... Mostly beyond imagination to make twists, but nevertheless, I'll try to make simple-yet-heart-fluttering love stories. ALSO, THE HORROR ONES!! Love dem~~
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I personally have loved writing since I was in 6th grade. I'm 22 years old living with my grandparents. I currently help take care of my grandma, she is disabled and needs help with things around the house. I also work full time at a convenience store in the area. I love my job because of my regulars. They make work fun. I love writing romance novels. Most of them start off on paper and some how make it on to here. Enjoy!!!! XOXOXO
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How did the Rose ever open its heart. And give this world All its Beauty? It felt the encouragement of Light against its Being. Otherwise, we all remain too Frightened. -Unknown. I write stories that only 4 years olds will like. Yeah. Please Remember the opressed in your dua'as. Assalamu Alaykum. Instagram: @flowerbloodx
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"Saving People. Hunting Things. The Family Business"-Dean❤️ ⚠️cartile trebuie editate asa ca: "Shut The Fuck Up"⚠️ ↪️Sanp: OanaMx ↪️1,60 m ↪️Sunt inchisa in sine si gandurile mele gălăgioase. ↪️Ador filmele Horror , Crima , Politiste , de Actiune si Drama. ↪️Forver Alone. ↪️Indepartez oameni din jurul meu cu neglijența mea. ↪️Sunt o scriitoare amatoare. ↪️Bipolara. ↪️Capricorn (06.01.2000) ↪️Mate-Info ↪️Uneori imi doresc moartea ...dar imi aduc amine ca am prieteni si persoane pe care nu vreau sa le vad triste vreau sa simtă ce simt eu zilnic. ↪️Toti m-a cunosc nimeni nu stie ce gandesc. @LauraClarkson - Unicornul meu preferat , cea mai minunata persoana pe care o cunosc.❤️❤️ @moldo6969 - Celalalt unicorn preferat.❤️❤️ "Linistea este atat de gălăgioasă cand toti incep sa tacă." "Monștri exista ...ei nu se alfa sub pat sau in dulap ...ei se afla in interiorul nostru si cand nu mai avem control asupra noastra ei iti fura identitatea." "My mind is killing me." "The devil is real and he isn't a little red man with horns and a tail. He can be beautiful because he's a fallen angel and he used to be God's Favourite" -AHS-