The Catch-Up (Natsu x Reader) by abc863
The Catch-Up (Natsu x Reader)by abc yo
(Y/N) (L/N) has always had a crush on Natsu Dragneel, the Fire Dragon Slayer. Even though she's only 10 years old and Natsu is 18. But when he and the other strongest wi...
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Dragon Mating season|natsu x reader| by wow_loveit
Dragon Mating season|natsu x Lemon head
⚠️ warning!there will be lots of lemons in this story,Im mean alot!like in every chapter⚠️ "Ever thought of natsu falling in love?" "No,why?" "...
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Stronger Than You Think (Fairytail) by Duck_Ninja
Stronger Than You Think (Fairytail)by Adorbz_Cinnamon_roll
Lucy Heartfilia was never the strongest. She always knew she wasn't as strong as Erza, Natsu or Gray. Even little Wendy was more capable in a fight. She had always ignor...
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Saber Queen ( Sting X Lucy ) by appine
Saber Queen ( Sting X Lucy )by appine
After Lisanna Stauss return from Edolas, everything is still the same just like the day when Lucy first joined in Fairy Tail. Not until Lisanna got jealous that Natsu i...
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Celestial Wolf-Slayer [Fairy Tail FF] by Tokki020
Celestial Wolf-Slayer [Fairy I love potatoes
After getting beaten up by her own guild who thought they already killed her, Lucy strode in the forest, only to be found by the wolf king himself. Been taught wolf-sla...
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Team L.M.W by zodiaclover246
Team L.M.Wby zodiaclover246
What happens when Erza, Natsu and Grey start to forget about the team because they are busy with their relationships? What will wendy, charla and lucy do? Well they ma...
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You're My Everything by kirariidol
You're My Everythingby kirariidol
She was never born to be loved and she herself knew that. As far back as she could remember, there wasn't a single time where she had been loved; even now, she wasn't. H...
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A White Dragon Slayer's Mate by AnimeFanfac
A White Dragon Slayer's Mateby Madi (◡﹏◕✿)
Y/N Dragneel is Natsu's twin sister she's about two minutes younger than Natsu. They were both raised by Igneel and have Fire dragon slaying magic. Both of them were on...
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Melting his Icy heart ( Lyon x Reader ) by hannahadams1000
Melting his Icy heart ( Lyon x Hannah of FairyTail
Completed "I'm sorry (y/n), but I haven't got time to waste on children like you." "Lyon Vastia! I hate you, and your dumb frozen heart!" ~~~~~~~~~~...
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Dragon slayer Mating Season  by KaylaArachnid
Dragon slayer Mating Season by Jade Arachnid
It was a normal day like no other in Magnolia. The birds were chirping, the bee's where buzzing, and a loud obnoxious fight was rumbling out of Magnolias top guild, Fair...
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A fairy in naruto by silent-booklover
A fairy in narutoby silent-booklover
Mizuki is the water dragon slayer of the guild Fairy Tail but one day she suddenly gets teleported to the naruto world. There, she will go on all kinds of adventures and...
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Why? by CutieOtakuKikay
Why?by Kikay
Lucy has been called weak by her guild and kicked out of Team Natsu. She is always bullied by everyone. No one talks to her, not even Mira,Levy,Wendy,Master, nor the Exc...
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A Different Mage- Fairy Tail x reader by eowyn_cheney
A Different Mage- Fairy Tail x Yuukio
Fairy Tail various x oc(My own character) "Eyes of the deepest shade of sapphire, Combined with a smile no one can match, She is simply charming" This story fo...
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The Divine Empress by kirariidol
The Divine Empressby kirariidol
It was her dream to be able to join Fairy Tail, the strongest guild in all of Fiore. But now, was she really all that joyful that she joined that guild? She was now 16 a...
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Sabertooth's Princess by silverkatana
Sabertooth's Princessby silv
Natsu Dragneel and Lisanna Strauss kick Lucy out of Team Natsu. The heartbroken girl trains hard, fueled by the rejection and joins Sabertooth. Who is this 'Sabertooth P...
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Weak? ✔️ by NaLu4Lyfe03
Weak? ✔️by anxious Pineapples
"Crybaby!" "Naïve!" "Snobby!" "Weak." Three celestial mages are bullied by friends and foes only to find each other with the sam...
  • justice
  • hurt
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Tale of the Dragon Queen by SparkleQuack
Tale of the Dragon Queenby ManduDimsum
Lisanna came back from the so called dead and everyone has been treating her like she's an angel, and they have been treating Lucy like she's a demon of some sort, and o...
  • dragonslaying
  • revenge
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Dragon Mating Season by NurseWhirlwind
Dragon Mating Seasonby Whirlwind
Lucy, Levy, Romeo, Kagura, Kinana, Yukino and Mirajane have no idea what kind of hell that has been released. Will they be able to escape All characters belong to Hiro...
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His Secret (NaLu) by 666reddog
His Secret (NaLu)by Red
Natsu Dragneel was in his last year in college about to take over his fathers company, Dragon Inc. Everyone thought Natsu was a cold hearted person, he was harsh to his...
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New Celestial Spirit by W0lf_Ang3l
New Celestial Spiritby 🥀Wolf Angel🥀
You died. You see stars. You're given a second chance to live, but with a catch. You have to be a Celestial Spirit. You are granted powers beyond what you could do when...
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