Dragons' Sacrifice by EuphoricFaery
Dragons' Sacrificeby k.ahreum
"You are the Dragon's Sacrifice. You were picked, because you were one of the most beautiful, kindest, and had the purest mind of everyone. Call it 'Snow White' if...
  • fairytail
  • lalu
  • stinglu
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The Goblin's Crown by AllieSalone
The Goblin's Crownby Allie
The Goblin's Trilogy #1 After being raised by her three criminal brothers, Matilda is used to stealing what she wants. However, when she picks the wrong person's pocket...
  • goblinqueen
  • court
  • knut
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Dragon Mating Season  by MarissaMelody
Dragon Mating Season by MarissaMelody
It was the week where dragon season would affect our poor dragon slayers of fairytail, for they are influenced in the season too. In dragon season they will find and lov...
  • gale
  • lucy
  • rogura
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Netvor by RosesnWater
Netvorby RosesnWater
There is a story that tells of a monster who can slip into a crowd of people unseen, one that collects the souls of the tragic victims who step into the forest. ...
  • love
  • faerie
  • dark
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Mirajane's Shipping Book by FridayNight27
Mirajane's Shipping Bookby • Fia •
Mirajanes Shipping book. She is spying on EVERYONE. She Also has her own club: SHIPPING CLUB! She is the president and Lisanna is visepresident.
  • ships
  • zervis
  • genderbend
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Love of Thunder by anki-cuteee
Love of Thunderby Ankita
He's attracted to her. She wants him to stay away from her. He's in need of her. She's scared of him. When the synonyms of death and danger meets synonyms of innocenc...
  • obsession
  • protector
  • fairy
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Land of Smoke and Ashes by ELatimer
Land of Smoke and Ashesby Erin Latimer
When seventeen-year-old Natalie Porter finds a treasure chest belonging to her dead mother hidden away in the attic, she follows the clues inside and discovers her mothe...
  • fae
  • romance
  • fairy
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I'll Make You Mine (Sting x Reader) by NobleAuthorSenpai
I'll Make You Mine (Sting x Reader)by Author K
Book 1: I'll Make You Mine After 7 long years (Y/N) and the missing S-Class wizards have returned home only to find the Guild on the verge of nothing, deciding to enter...
  • nalu
  • anime
  • fanfiction
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Captured and Crowned by ElizabethNewsom
Captured and Crownedby Elizabeth Newsom
When Annette is captured and wed to the king of another world, she plans to escape anyway she can. Alaric is the immortal king of Torva. He's cold, brutal, and in need o...
  • fairy
  • captive
  • captured
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Wait...You're a Girl?!? [Wattys 2017 Entry] by FairyTail_Dani
Wait...You're a Girl?!? [Wattys 20...by Dani
Lucy Heatfilia, 17 years old, and a beautiful transfer student at Fiore Magic High School. Many students attend this high-end school for the magically gifted. But instea...
  • graylu
  • tail
  • wattys2017
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Fairy Tail Preferences  by DestinyErza
Fairy Tail Preferences by Jinyoung's ears
[REQUESTS: Open] - Natsu - Gray - Jellal - Loke - Laxus - Gajeel - Sting - Rogue - Lyon - DISCLAIMER- I don't own fairy tail or it's characters, I also don't own the cov...
  • pink
  • fairy
  • boyfriend
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The Hunted { old version } by TeaNHeartache
The Hunted { old version }by StrangerGranger
They call them enforcers-They are the ones that come in and clean up when laws have been broken. They are the most feared and strongest of us. They were the ones who cou...
  • wolf
  • rogue
  • humor
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Haunting (Karma x Reader) by FAIRY_MYTHS
Haunting (Karma x Reader)by FAIRY_MYTHS
(For my friend because she really wants Karma as her hubby...) "Come with me..." is words the voice says to you every night... this voice led you to your blood...
  • central
  • haunting
  • nagisa
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A Dragon's Burning Love [ Fairy Tail NaLu Fan Fiction <3 <3] by truth000
A Dragon's Burning Love [ Fairy Ta...by truth000
We've all known Lucy as the Celestial Wizard. But what if her parents hid a deep and dark secret from her, something that changes her life. And as feelings begin to deve...
  • gods
  • dragons
  • romance
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Not Cinderella's Type by JenniJames
Not Cinderella's Typeby Jenni James
Indy Zimmerman has a new stalker who won't leave her alone no matter what she says to him. Never mind the fact that he's one of the most popular guys at school, she's p...
  • modern
  • ballgown
  • clean
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Bad Blood {Completed} by TeaNHeartache
Bad Blood {Completed}by StrangerGranger
The Enforcers are up against a formidable foe who has more planned than just the elimination of some wolves. The whole supernatural and natural world is in jeopardy if t...
  • romance
  • demon
  • fairy
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My Mate Bought Me by _nevermore_x
My Mate Bought Meby Äsįå
Aurora Faye is fragile, just by her name shouts out innocent and sweet. Not to mention she is half fae (fairy) & and a pinch of angel. Her core and soul is the purest am...
  • fairy
  • werewolf
  • mate
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Fairy Tail Song Of The Fairies by monstergal31
Fairy Tail Song Of The Fairiesby monstergal31
Lucy Heartfilia is a new student at Fairy Tail High School Of Creative Arts. Everyone thinks that Lucy is just a nerdy girl who wears clothes that are too big for her. L...
  • school
  • tail
  • fairy
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The Alpha's Orphanage (#JustWriteIt) by AlexSho
The Alpha's Orphanage (#JustWriteI...by AlexSho
The Gaea Wolf Pack is small and not a threat. The Broken Wolf Pack is huge and fearless. When both packs meet on business and a soon to be Alpha finds his mate, what'll...
  • orphan
  • war
  • fairy
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Asami The Water Dragon Slayer by mei1524
Asami The Water Dragon Slayerby mei1524
Her blue eyes flickered over to her husband with a soft expression on her face, despite the bad things that had happened before, she knew that without a doubt she would...
  • anime
  • fairytail
  • fairy
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