The Dark Deceit (The Dark Prince. Book 3) by LaDameBlanche
The Dark Deceit (The Dark Prince...by Emma Leech
A dangerous secret lies at the heart of the Fae Lands. A secret that could save three kingdoms - or burn them all to the ground. The secret is Prince Corin's to bear al...
  • war
  • romance
  • elf
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Beyond The Iron Gate (The Faery Meadow Book 1) by lumtrexa
Beyond The Iron Gate (The Faery Me...by Lumtrexa
Hearing strange voices in her head, Elaine begins to question her sanity. It does not help either that she and her stepmom don't exactly get along. So when a strange boy...
  • teen
  • paranormalromance
  • fae
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The Darkest Night. (The Dark Prince. Book 4) by LaDameBlanche
The Darkest Night. (The Dark Princ...by Emma Leech
The War has begun. Prince Corin and Prince Laen, united against the light fae, are battling their way to the capital, Aos Sï­, where Corin will claim the Kingdom for hi...
  • fae
  • honour
  • fear
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Fantasy Names by maplefoot
Fantasy Namesby maplefoot
Probably the biggest list on Wattpad of Fantasy Names. You should go check out the Girl Names and Boy Names book as well as Designing Your Character & Other Handy Things...
  • elves
  • girl
  • knight
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Wystwood by kaonnette
Wystwoodby Holly A. Forden
Gaze into a wishing well, one sleepy spring evening, with Adalyn Kavanagh and fall into a world where faeries dwell and adventure awaits. Fantasy // A...
  • action
  • fae
  • fairy
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Back to the 90's | ongoing by coolfaria
Back to the 90's | ongoingby faria
The past is the key to the future. © 2017 Faria Qureshi #179 TF Wattpad featured story
  • 1993
  • timetravel
  • richkids
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Dark Moon ~ Blackwater Series  book 2 by DominaAlexandra
Dark Moon ~ Blackwater Series boo...by Domina Alexandra
Zara is alive. Her daughter, Kaliska is alive. The love of her life, Lucian is not. After her escape from the vampire, Monarch the only thing Sara wants is to make it ba...
  • hybrid
  • lesbianfiction
  • fantasy
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The Dark Bloom (The Faery Meadow Book 2) by lumtrexa
The Dark Bloom (The Faery Meadow B...by Lumtrexa
Elaine is now turning 18 years old, months have passed since she became reunited with her real parents in Hunrel. Enduring betrayal and deceit Elaine will venture furthe...
  • faery
  • darkfantasy
  • darkbloom
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Lost And Lonely - A Labyrinth Fanfic [UPDATED VERSION] by SpaceInvaderBowie
Lost And Lonely - A Labyrinth Fanf...by Goblin Queen Raven
[COMPLETED] This is an UPDATED version of the first original book under the same title. Same story, better writing! ~~~ Jareth is a grumpy, broody, lonely Goblin King, s...
  • raven
  • jareth
  • goblins
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The Kingdom's Fall (The Faery Meadow Book 4) by lumtrexa
The Kingdom's Fall (The Faery Mead...by Lumtrexa
The kingdom of Aeringdal will meet its end and a new era will begin. Elaine is determined to find her son, but when she gets separated from her alleged brother, she must...
  • faery
  • romance
  • fairy
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Between The Depths(The Faery Meadow Book 3) by lumtrexa
Between The Depths(The Faery Meado...by Lumtrexa
When Elaine's town is forced to abandon their homes, she is forced to leave along with Viktor-much to her dismay. After time passes, Elaine believes that Viktor is reall...
  • elaine
  • faeries
  • faery
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The Emery Chronicles: The Red King's Romance (THIRD BOOK) by _lovestoriesrmylife_
The Emery Chronicles: The Red King...by _lovestoriesrmylife_
(THIRD BOOK) As war begins to brew in the lands of Emery, King Roux of the Red Autumn Kingdom of Aspentia decides it is time he strengthens his army as well. Invited to...
  • series
  • nymph
  • war
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Treachery Queen (The Callistra Chronicles #1) by ChloeFairchild
Treachery Queen (The Callistra Chr...by Chloe Fairchild
It is two thousand long years into the future. There is no more Earth. There is only Callistra. Since the conclusion of the fae civil war that decimated the human popula...
  • royal
  • futuristic
  • paranormal
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Do you really love me Alpha King? by Theycallme7
Do you really love me Alpha King?by Jordy
Irisa Charing. Nothing interesting, nothing exciting, nothing familiar about the name. A good girl. Apart from in Oregon. After a drastic accident, Irisa must face her w...
  • vampires
  • romance
  • twins
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Facing the Fae [BOOK TWO] by Littlemissflawed
Facing the Fae [BOOK TWO]by Dani
[SEQUEL TO 'WAKING THE FAE'] The Dark Fae are gone. The Queen is back on her throne where she belongs. But with no one to trust and the threats closer to home, Rebecca i...
  • fae
  • teen
  • fantasy
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The Veil by Elfinrose525
The Veilby B. Clayton
Phoebe Moore is lost... waaay lost. Luckily Death finds her and takes her home (He's just got to run a few errands first.) A short story with fae and dragons and Death...
  • dragonkin
  • shifter
  • night
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Vengeance Throne (The Callistra Chronicles #2) by ChloeFairchild
Vengeance Throne (The Callistra Ch...by Chloe Fairchild
In the sequel to Treachery Queen, the Seelie Court has declared its war on the world, and nothing will ever be the same. It has only been a week since Pasiphae of Eo en...
  • war
  • youngadult
  • witch
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Queen of the Fae by saintevieve
Queen of the Faeby Geneviève
The Faerie King takes her to be his consort and bride.
  • faery
  • war
  • shortstory
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Niema sympatia //Eldarya by Tasia9898
Niema sympatia //Eldaryaby Pree
Huang Hua, wierna przyjaciółka Miiko, ma zamiar powierzyć swojej przyjaciółce, zarówno jak i całej Straży Eel niezwykle ważną misję. Co z tego wyniknie? Zobaczcie sami...
  • romans
  • wróżka
  • faery
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Touch of Tainted Love (The Faery Meadow Book 5) by lumtrexa
Touch of Tainted Love (The Faery M...by Lumtrexa
When a certain demon woman, Piper, comes proclaiming she is the true mayor of Hegley Hallow and that Viktor is her mate, things only get more complicated. However, when...
  • young
  • thefaerymeadowseries
  • demon
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