The Dark Witch: The Nox Haven Series by RowenaBlack
The Dark Witch: The Nox Haven Seri... by RowenaBlack Paranormal
I'd Like to think I was a good person, before it all began. I didn't cheat on tests, or steal. But throughout my entire life, I was treated if I were a monster. At the...
Enlightened: Haven High Book One (Wattys2017) by DebAMacD
Enlightened: Haven High Book One (... by Deborah MacDonald Paranormal
Winner of the Hopeful Awards 2017 "Not all angels are peaceful; some were meant to battle." Zachary's an ordinary teen going to a regular high school. At lea...
Queen of Night by lisha_f
Queen of Night by lisha_f Werewolf
Book 2 of King of Alphas. Elizabeth has managed to escape Ameria's grasp with an unlikely ally. After the fall of Wolf Colony and Ameria's rule increasing, Elizabeth ha...
Unite (Broken World Trilogy) [Regular Updates!] Wattpad Featured! by lionobsession
Unite (Broken World Trilogy) [Regu... by P J Lynch Fantasy
Anohi is a world divided by hate; a world which Ithemia, a human girl taken from Earth, knows little about until she meets Aferilon, the determined leader of a small tri...
The Lost Queen (Book 1) by ssmith314
The Lost Queen (Book 1) by Stephanie Smith Fantasy
||A Wattpad Featured Story|| A human seer and an Elven Prince have one thing in common: a missing sister. Seraiah's dreams have a habit of coming true, but when all her...
Mask by TasneemiBunny
Mask by Tasneem Paranormal
A special girl. A girl who hasn't seen her own face in ten years. The girl in the Mask. --- The sons of some of the most powerful beings: Son of Cupid Son of the...
Arms of the Ocean 🌊 | A Collaboration by druidrose
Arms of the Ocean 🌊 | A Collabora... by MB Fantasy
Nineteen year old Tristaine lived a life of bitterness. When her mother abandoned her family and her father began drinking instead of caring for anything else, Tris dis...
Wystwood by kaonnette
Wystwood by Holly A. Forden Fantasy
Gaze into a wishing well, one sleepy spring evening, with Adalyn Kavanagh and fall into a world where faeries dwell and adventure awaits. Fantasy // A...
Loving Ashlynn (#Wattys2016) by roxann_season
Loving Ashlynn (#Wattys2016) by roxann Werewolf
"Her name isn't Sophie, I lied, her name is Fatima Safiya Ashlynn - I thought she would die where I left her."
Saving Him by ClariceGrimes
Saving Him by ClariceGrimes Vampire
Highest ranked #1 in vampire *** "Leave." It was weak and held no demand. Irritation, filled me giving some strength to continue looking a those eyes defiantly...
Restless In Hiding (Boyxboyxboy) by WriterrAttHeartt
Restless In Hiding (Boyxboyxboy) by Wanderlust Writer Werewolf
In the realm of the human world, there has been arising suspicion of the authenticity of mythical creatures that have been told through a variety of myths for centuries...
Beyond The Iron Gate (The Faery Meadow Book 1) by lumtrexa
Beyond The Iron Gate (The Faery Me... by Lumtrexa Paranormal
Elaine is a lonely girl who will discover something extraordinary. She hears voices in her head, surely they are just her imagination, at least that's what her parents s...
I Didn't Know I'm a Rogue by nelinor
I Didn't Know I'm a Rogue by Nelly Werewolf
Tyler has been kept in the dark. She knows virtually nothing about werewolves and she rarely ever gets to shift. Then, men break into her house, slaughter her parents, a...
Satan's Ascension by XXrogueXlucyXX
Satan's Ascension by A.L Rogue Werewolf
Only a few weeks ago did Isabella defeat an ancient hellhound. Well sorta. But no one has seen him giving Isabella some relief to plan for college. And life. And down to...
The Goblin's Crown by AllieSalone
The Goblin's Crown by Allie Fantasy
After being raised by her three criminal brothers, Matilda is used to stealing what she wants. However, when she picks the wrong person's pocket, she, unfortunately, win...
Fighting Fate 🏗[Under Construction]🏗 by ElannaMarie
Fighting Fate 🏗[Under Constructio... by E. Marie Werewolf
**Second book of Fighting Blind** "Choose, Kei. Ryker or your kingdom?" I stared at the man before me stoically, calling him every vile name under the sun. &qu...
I Know Places: Aiden [Teen Wolf]✓ by WildFireHeartx
I Know Places: Aiden [Teen Wolf]✓ by Nancy Fanfiction
"Baby I know places, we won't be found. And they'll be chasing their tails trying to track us down." [Season 3a&3b] Lone Book in the Bliss Finnstock series.
The Kingdom's Fall (The Faery Meadow Book 4) by lumtrexa
The Kingdom's Fall (The Faery Mead... by Lumtrexa Paranormal
The kingdom of Aeringdal will meet its end and a new era will begin. Elaine is determined to find her son, but when she gets separated from her alleged brother, she must...
The Treasured Vale ~ Book 2 by Squeaks7
The Treasured Vale ~ Book 2 by SJ Moquin Fantasy
Book 2 of The Vale Series... A beautiful, runaway princess... a reluctant king... a twist of fate that brought them together... Riven has spent the majority of her life...
Til Death Do Us Part by firelipz
Til Death Do Us Part by Nuria Romance
(ManxMan Harem) Noah Kismet had fallen in love once with a Witch whose impulsiveness would guarantee his demise. He fell in love again with a Nymph whose attitude put t...