Dirty Lying Faeries (Complete) by SabrinaBlackburry
Dirty Lying Faeries (Complete)by Sabrina Blackburry
"What?" I breathed, still panting from the change. My skin prickled with electricity as I looked down at my foreign hands. Slender, paler, glowing softly like...
  • romance
  • faeries
  • possessive
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Arms of the Ocean | A Collaboration by druidrose
Arms of the Ocean | A Collaborationby MB | M.Dalto
*WATTPAD PICKS - HIDDEN GEM* Nineteen year old Tristaine lived a life of bitterness. When her mother abandoned her family and her father began drinking instead of carin...
  • fantasy
  • faeries
  • magic
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Blind Beauty by _nessiex3
Blind Beautyby Vanessa
[COMPLETED|EXTREMELY UNEDITED|WITH BAD SENTENCES & BRUTAL DESCRIPTIONS.** YOU'VE BEEN WARNED.] Have you ever heard of girls who were blind to love? Well, Arlette is phy...
  • palace
  • curse
  • village
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The Faery Vow by saturn137
The Faery Vowby Mel-Belle
Being Half-Fae Laila, has always avoided the fae like the plague, hating them for taking her father from her. Now a chance has come to get him back. The deal? Pretend t...
  • fantasy
  • paranormal
  • faerie
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Mask by TASseDeTea
Maskby تَسْنِيْم
A special girl. A girl who hasn't seen her own face in ten years. The girl in the Mask. --- The sons of some of the most powerful beings: Son of Cupid Son of the...
  • erlking
  • school
  • eros
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Saving the King of the Underworld | Book 2 by _lovepenny
Saving the King of the Underworld...by _lovepenny
Emmy never thought she was special - she was perfectly happy living out her days finishing college and building her career. It was her best friend Damien that was destin...
  • paranormal
  • dark
  • paranormalromance
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Queen of the Dragons by b00klover09
Queen of the Dragonsby Mel
👑#2 in Queen series 👑 "Estelle, I will kill any man who stands in my way of having you. I will kill one to one thousand men!" I snarled, anger getting the be...
  • dragonshifter
  • royalty
  • mates
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Loving Ashlynn (#Wattys2016) by roxann_season
Loving Ashlynn (#Wattys2016)by roxann
"Her name isn't Sophie, I lied, her name is Fatima Safiya Ashlynn - I thought she would die where I left her."
  • wattys2016
  • love
  • fae
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The Goblin's Crown by AllieSalone
The Goblin's Crownby Allie
The Goblin's Trilogy #1 After being raised by her three criminal brothers, Matilda is used to stealing what she wants. However, when she picks the wrong person's pocket...
  • goblins
  • king
  • fantasy
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He's My Fae || OSH by sy_aqilah
He's My Fae || OSHby Elide Salvaterre
[FANTASY GENRE] Oh Sehun fanfiction "I know who you are" I said, looking up to his brown eyes. His bruised cheek starts to turn purple and blood flows down fro...
  • fantasy
  • romance
  • fiction
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Bound To Isabella by AngieWrght
Bound To Isabellaby Angela Wright
#33 IN VAMPIRE!! 11/06/17 #47 in vampire!!! 10/13/17!!! #61 in Vampire 10/2/17! Isabella is a broken young woman, living in a small town where nothing happens. After a l...
  • bond
  • vampire
  • slave
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Burden by csdreamer
Burdenby Cristal Sieberhagen
Hi, I am Catherine Mills and I have a secret...
  • action
  • curses
  • fae
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The Mute Alpha by JDHoward_Official
The Mute Alphaby J. D. Howard
A ball is a traditional celebration for werewolves that signify the alliance of two packs. But for the socially awkward Kaylynn, a ball seemed like a waste of time. How...
  • friendship
  • romance
  • love
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Land of Smoke and Ashes by ELatimer
Land of Smoke and Ashesby Erin Latimer
When seventeen-year-old Natalie Porter finds a treasure chest belonging to her dead mother hidden away in the attic, she follows the clues inside and discovers her mothe...
  • fairy
  • magic
  • fae
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Til Death Do Us Part by firelipz
Til Death Do Us Partby Nuria
(ManxMan Harem) Noah Kismet had fallen in love once with a Witch whose impulsiveness would guarantee his demise. He fell in love again with a Nymph whose attitude put t...
  • boyxboy
  • fae
  • manxman
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The Haven High Book Series (Wattys2017) by DebAMacD
The Haven High Book Series (Wattys...by Deborah MacDonald
Winner of Best New Story of the Year 2017. The Haven High Series: Book 1: Enlightened; Book 2: Addicted; Book 3: Despaired; Book 4: Protected; Book 5: Abducted; Bo...
  • half-breed
  • alpha
  • supernatural
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Sunk into Depression of Abuse and Rejection by HavenAudrey1
Sunk into Depression of Abuse and...by Jaycee Gunville
Daisy Jenkins is a werewolf who gets abused and ignored by her brother, the alpha, and pack. when it comes to her 17th birthday she finds her mate and her mate is the sc...
  • goodvs
  • hybrid
  • evil
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Across Acheron by Sepherene
Across Acheronby kirah
Nobody knew where Jack came from. Nobody knew when he’d ever leave. From the moment he arrived at Saint Dymphna Asylum, Jack hadn’t uttered a word. He stayed voi...
  • insane
  • generalfiction
  • fae
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The Darkest Night. (The Dark Prince. Book 4) by LaDameBlanche
The Darkest Night. (The Dark Princ...by Emma Leech
The War has begun. Prince Corin and Prince Laen, united against the light fae, are battling their way to the capital, Aos Sï­, where Corin will claim the Kingdom for hi...
  • friendship
  • battle
  • wattys2014
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Satan's Wrath by XXrogueXlucyXX
Satan's Wrathby A.L Rogue
Defeating a shtriga. There's one thing off the bucket list. Now the hybrids. Isabella Knight is now shtriga free. Now she's dealing with an upcoming war. Not to mention...
  • action
  • lycan
  • vessel
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