Sentimental Memories  by NatalieMccarthy1982
Sentimental Memories by Natalie Mccarthy Fanfiction
It's been 10 years since the glee kids have seen eachother . Now as the glee club is at its demise the original kids are coming home . Now things are different though, w...
LOVE STORY ▷ FINN HUDSON [1] by alecsstiles
( in progress ) ❝why can't you just shrink already?❞ ❝uh, liv, I don't think that's how it works.❞ WHERE FINN HUDSON FINDS HIMSELF FALLING FOR THE GIRL OF H...
Hidden Hearts (Faberry) by ellienerd14
Hidden Hearts (Faberry) by Ellie :D Fanfiction
Quinn places a kiss on both my cheeks, then a peck on my lips before grabbing her coat. 'We'll practise tomorrow. I have dates to plan.' When Quinn Fabray joins the last...
What Doors May Open by TheSummerPhoenix
What Doors May Open by The Summer Phoenix Fanfiction
Love. That's all we need, although sometimes it is hard to come to terms with who we are in order to fully love the other person who loves us. This is the story of Rache...
( in progress ) ❝stop staring at me, and do your work.❞ ❝psh, what? me staring at you, no way!❞ WHERE SANTANA LOPEZ FALLS IN LOVE WITH HER BEST FRIEND. [...
The Running Back by carmonizer
The Running Back by Harmonizer Fanfiction
By: LovelyMagickUnicorn on Fanfiction Quinn Fabray is the popular cheerleader, and the thing with cheerleaders is that they only date jocks. That's a bit of a problem, b...
I hate that I want you ~Faberry  by Faberry9804
I hate that I want you ~Faberry by Faberry9804 Fanfiction
Quinn Fabray may have it all she's head cheerleader at WMHS, dating star quarter back Finn Hudson, but what happens one day when new student Rachel berry moves to town...
Lies don't Lie by brittanaheya
Lies don't Lie by gay for naya Fanfiction
"Do I know you?" Brittany mumbled her hand sweating like a river as she look at the Latina in front of her, the memories of the past came flashing back like sh...
BETWEEN OUR LOVE ▷ SAM EVANS [1] by alecsstiles
( in progress ) ❝your lips are really big, but they're attractive.❞ ❝uh, thank you?❞ WHERE SAME EVANS FALLS FOR HIS BEST FRIENDS SIST...
My Secret Love by NatalieMccarthy1982
My Secret Love by Natalie Mccarthy Fanfiction
Rachel Berry is a shy 17 year old with a crush on the one and only Quinn Fabray. Quinn Fabray is the most popular girl in school with a secret she wants no one to know...
Forever & Always (Achele love story) by boyfriendlernjergi
Forever & Always (Achele love stor... by ssweet-dispositionn Fanfiction
Dianna Agron and Lea Michele (of Glee) have a secret relationship that no one (except their close one's) knows about, Will they make this journey? Or will they break up...
My Best Friend by NatalieMccarthy1982
Because I Knew You  by NatalieMccarthy1982
Because I Knew You by Natalie Mccarthy Fanfiction
In their senior year at McKinley Finn, Rachel, Quinn, Puck, Santana , Brittney , and Kurt face the challenges of their last year and saying goodbye to 3 years of friends...
Irresistible-Faberry by Donald2345
The Impossible Connection by littlefxndoms
The Impossible Connection by Krystal Spencer Fanfiction
Rachel Berry goes to school everyday being called names and gets slushied. When she gets paired up with her worst enemy Quinn Fabray in Glee Club, The only thing Rachel...
I hate you so much I wanna kiss you by treedynimight
I hate you so much I wanna kiss you by Tree Gleek Fanfiction
Season one but Quinn isn't preagnet instead she has a crush on Rachel but to protect her reputation she has never told anyone and pretends to hate Rachel. Rachel likes h...
Twist in the Story (Faberry/Dantana) by pluto_suxk
Twist in the Story (Faberry/Dantan... by Quentin Fanfiction
Rachel Berry never thought she meet another openly gay teen in Lima, Ohio. That's until she met Quinn Fabary, the smart, courageous, stunning girl. Oh and lead vocalist...
Gleek to Fleek by XxAverageFangirlinxX
Gleek to Fleek by XxAverage_FangirlxX Fanfiction
•"How many times do you make the same mistake to realize it's not gonna work out?" -Quinn Fabray •Rachel: "Can I ask you guys something?" Santana...
The day I met my Soulmate by Vall0309
The day I met my Soulmate by Valquiria Fanfiction
Rachel Berry, a normal teenage girl and Quinn fabray, a famous superstar. What could possibly go wrong when they meet?
Love Is Easy-Faberry by Donald2345