Only Forever by SamanthaJayne_x
Only Foreverby Samantha Jayne
Alaya Halliwell was just 18 when she left her mate, Cole Stone, it wasn't the fairytale she had dreamt when they found each other at 16. In fact, it was destructive and...
  • love
  • destructive
  • luna
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Cod zombies! +Reader! X RWBY by Cloudwalker123
Cod zombies! +Reader! X RWBYby Cloudwalker123
Tank, Nikolai, Edward, Takeo, and Y/N are almost taken down by the undead horde, but something happens when a strange bright light appears, Nikolai I don't think we're i...
  • rwby
  • takeo
  • ozpin
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A Bear Temptation (Book 2) by Livetodreamx
A Bear Temptation (Book 2)by livetodreamx
A Bear Temptation Book 2 in the Lonely Bears Series Zeke was broken. In a fight for his Clan's survival he has lost the one thing that meant the most to him - his bear...
  • chicklit
  • sexy
  • zeke
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This is the sequel to ; TOXIC and I hope you love it! Anyway. It's been ten years since the traumatic events of Alexandra's senior year. Ten years since she's spoken to...
  • whoa
  • femaleness
  • fun
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Futari No Musuko Ni Nerawarete Imasu by YolySalgado
Futari No Musuko Ni Nerawarete Ima...by YolySalgado
⚠️Caution this manga is only 18 years and older are allowed to read this manga⚠️ Keiichi is raising his two twin sons, Ren and Takumi, who are not connected with him by...
  • familia
  • explosivo
  • triangular
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Bio by my_sweetest_sin
Bioby Pain is Real
I wuv......cuddles and kittens...explosions are cool too
  • weirdness
  • adorkable
  • colors
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Baby Boy! | A roadrat fan fiction by damhoweel
Baby Boy! | A roadrat fan fictionby damhoweel
FULL ARTISTIC CREDIT TO 'IMAGINETHEENDING' ON DEVIANT ART https://imaginetheending.deviantart.com/art/Junkrat-and-Roadhog-612002489 "Jamie? we need to go, now&quot...
  • overwatch
  • explosives
  • roadhog
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