colby brock imagines  by SuggSquad25
colby brock imagines by holly
a series of imagines based on Colby Brock!. 💜 I decided to try something new
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Dreamspace by scriblodeau
Dreamspaceby nevarah
~ My description of this work will probably change as it progresses. For now, though, think of it as an exploration of inner and outer space, a foray into the realm of s...
  • space
  • journey
  • mission
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Adventures of the curious Breton by Shizuka_Nekoutsu
Adventures of the curious Bretonby Odhora Ratri
An adventure exploration story of player character, Artemia Valtieri, throughout the province of Skyrim in the Tamriel continent in Mundus. The story takes place during...
  • fanfiction
  • adventure
  • skyrimfanfiction
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Wanderlust by inkandthrills
Wanderlustby Isabella T.
The world has several species, all with their own qualities. All of them have been more or less separated since the war that helped them win the world they all call home...
  • humans
  • exploration
  • journey
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Wanderings by Prince-Cappy
Wanderingsby CAPtivating!
Hi, I'm Cappy, an author who- ... No, no, that's too formal... Hiya! ... Too casual... er... OK, I got this. Hi! I'm Cappy, a Bonnetor who likes travelling the globe! I...
  • exploitation
  • mario
  • exploration
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Elton Castee by tiffyos
Elton Casteeby tiffy-o's
"No, I didn't mean to hurt you. I just, I don't know"
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  • amandaswearingen
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YouTube Love by EmoCrackHeather
YouTube Loveby Heather Biersack
Thus is a story about old friends and new friends that fall in love but it might have to be a secret amongst their peers. *I'm fully aware the Corey isn't single and I...
  • colby
  • corey
  • samandcolby
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Teddy's Gay Boyfriend by DiscreetKitty
Teddy's Gay Boyfriendby DiscreetKitty
Set in S3 E12. After Teddy discovers that Spencer is cheating on her again, Teddy has to decide if she wants to stay with Spencer or let him go.
  • fanfiction
  • lgbtq
  • comingoutofthecloset
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Le Zoo des accablés by Dadaorum
Le Zoo des accablésby Dada au Rhum
Bienvenue, bienvenue au zoo des accablés ! Zoo des créatures étranges et biscornues, déformées, parfois effrayantes, il y en a pour tous les goûts, nous garantissons que...
  • zoo
  • fantastique
  • animaux
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A Bird's Breath by Oxyrome
A Bird's Breathby Oxyrome
The poetic journey of a girl following a sublime red bird.
  • exploration
  • simple
  • introspection
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Naive Joy's Exploration Team! by Reaka-Chan
Naive Joy's Exploration Team!by Reader Reaka
Naive Joy is a 5ft green skinned Winged Maiden girl with messy long emerald hair. She wears a orangey green shirt with an orange simple skirt. She's never seen without h...
  • fantasy
  • originalcharacter
  • exploration
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Dear Reader; A collection of short stories by GMTheBean
Dear Reader; A collection of short...by GMTheBean
A series of entries by explorer Gwell Heltrope depicting the worlds and people they come across on their travels.
  • travel
  • worlds
  • exploration
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The Explorer by ZekeLeonard
The Explorerby Zeke Leonard
  • exploration
  • space
  • war
Remember to Breathe by ificouldspeak
Remember to Breatheby Kara Booo
Short narrative essay on one of my personal experiences of anxiety. Fun fact, sometimes I forget how to breathe. Thank you for reading
  • listen
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  • opinions
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The Trials by NijeRenee
The Trialsby Nije' Renee
Five very unlikely teens come together to try and stop an evil force from taking control over the world. Very cliche, they know. But how can they come to trust these tot...
  • fun
  • brooks
  • tula
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Beta Aquila by PaulFcoCruz
Beta Aquilaby PaulFcoCruz
I don't really know what to put here yet, I've been working on my own Sci Fi fantasy and have finally decided to give it a shot. Any tips or advice is GREATLY appreciate...
  • sciencefiction
  • exploration
  • maturethemes
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The Story Of Cookie The Cat by BoxTheEevee
The Story Of Cookie The Catby BoxTheEevee
Cookie and his best friend Licky went to the forest away from home to play and chase, Only to encounter something that wooken them
  • clans
  • cats
  • fighting
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La Voila by nataliejan77
La Voilaby nataliejan77
La Voilalavendar- My Aura Personalities Journey I'm lavender and violet. An interesting combo for me. Meeting with Staci Albrechtsen Sadler is extremely liberating, in p...
  • exploration
  • aurapersonalities
  • personalities
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Lost in space by Brenill
Lost in spaceby Brenill
Cosmo, Everest, Ayla et Nomi et vous êtes cinq astronautes partis en exploration à bord d'Aeria-24. Votre but, trouver la nouvelle planète qui remplacera Terre. Les tech...
  • sciencefiction
  • space
  • exploration
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STARGAZERS by SquidneyTheQueen
STARGAZERSby Sydney Bell
What would it be like to sail on one of those massive ships? The ones that traverse the endless galaxies in search of wonders only fantasized about within the pages of a...
  • past
  • travel
  • drama
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