His Maimed Wife by Miss_Acyl
His Maimed Wifeby Miss_Acyl
Mahal na mahal ko ang asawa ko kahit saktan pa niya ako. Mahal ko ang asawa ko kahit hindi niya ako magawang pagkatiwalaan. Mahal ko ang asawa ko kahit marami siyang bab...
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BDSM by shycyote
  • information
  • explanation
  • bdsm
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S T U F F S by CerealCookie
S T U F F Sby Annimeme
Kill me please my friends are now reading this
  • ocs
  • explanations
  • xsomeone
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Lies in Loyalty by asiraphenomena
Lies in Loyaltyby asiraphenomena
Private investigator Idunn Bengtsdotter is trying to move on with her life. Choosing practice over prestige, she had taken the opportunity to restore her esteem in the m...
  • shifter
  • secrets
  • abduction
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Wish I could by alexandragrace03
Wish I couldby Alex.G.D
"i love you" "no you don't"
  • explanation
  • sadness
  • love
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The Bad Boys My Ex Best Friend by michaela-serena
The Bad Boys My Ex Best Friendby michaela-serena
Bella Mathews and Tyler Bradley were best friends 7years ago that's until Tyler disappeared without saying goodbye to Bella. 7 years later Bella's in high school the po...
  • popular
  • teen
  • badboy
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Explanation of The Paranormal by Demon_Angel_Riptide
Explanation of The Paranormalby Joshua Rairdon
I see a lot of people not understanding the true paranormal mysteries of our time. If you want an indept explanation of the paranormal, tell me in the comments of my new...
  • explanations
  • horror
  • paranormal
Shots: Explanation by MistyScarlet9
Shots: Explanationby Misty Scarlet
just to explain the story my friend Lizzie is making
  • explanation
  • lizthepotato
  • shots
101 Tips for Writing by wolfspirit2865
101 Tips for Writingby Wolfy
Everyone's stories need to improve. Especially mine, but I thought I could help others before I helped myself. Without further ado, I present to you: 101 Tips for Writin...
  • writing
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What is a little? by Daddyishereforyou112
What is a little?by Daddy looking for little (DDL...
Here is just short explanation to what an DDLG little is :) Many people dont know or they have the wrong idea about it.
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Brian's OC Abilities and Powers by Grape_Soda_Brian
Brian's OC Abilities and Powersby GrapeSoda Bri-Catu
Just sorta in depth detail of my powers!
  • brian
  • explanation
  • abilities
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In Between Pages: My Opinions and Tips by PhoenixPhase
In Between Pages: My Opinions and...by PhoenixPhase
I love writing. I have for years. Sometimes, my pen can't stop jotting down ideas, and the ink runs out. Other times, I find myself slamming my head against a table, try...
  • tips
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Life at Dream Island explanations and origins by -MasterJared
Life at Dream Island explanations...by I love pugs!
This is some explanations about Life at Dream Island. Please read it first before reading this one because there are some major and minor spoiler alerts here about the...
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Claimed ~ (Why I Haven't Updated) by justinavengers
Claimed ~ (Why I Haven't Updated)by read bio
Hello everyone. Explanation that I haven't been updating "claimed" these past few months. STOP WITH THE HURTFUL COMMMENTS! YOU DONT KNOW WHAT I HAVE BEEN THROU...
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My Own Jimin*Bobby iKon* by suga_cakes
My Own Jimin*Bobby iKon*by bts armycrew
gets cheated on faces debut and life is chaos but she always wanted a guy like park jimin but fell in love for her bestfriend Bobby
  • explanation
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Okay so this will be deleted but I'm just gonna explain what happened with my story
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Authors Note/Random  by H2OVanessGaming101
Authors Note/Random by Vaness
pls....just add this to your library cause this book is important including some story updates or shits.(P.S if you are my Follower)
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Every Fandom (That I know) Explained by Me (In a Nutshell Sort Of) by Allygirl34
Every Fandom (That I know) Explain...by Allygirl34
Like the title says
  • fandoms
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Break My Heart [sequel to Break The Rules] by -thewaitingroom
Break My Heart [sequel to Break Th...by -
"...then that was over too, and so were they, but let's not discuss that now... let's just leave it with the happy family they wish they could had stayed as..."...
  • daddy
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The Anime Neighborhood! by ShariganStories
The Anime Neighborhood!by
Hey guys Sharigan here soooo this is a story that i want to last for a long time now im going to try and do some thing thats gonna be very hard on me im gonna Update thi...
  • maturecontent
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