Omen by valblue1314
Omen by valblue1314 Fanfiction
Danny is an assassin and has a lot of secrets to hide from a group of young heroes he runs into. His name is Omen and he get's curious about the group, then things start...
Supernova (avengers x-reader) by Queen_of_Dragons
Supernova (avengers x-reader) by Cassidy Fanfiction
You are an orphan living on the streets of New York, blissfully ignorant of what makes you special. That is, until the day that Hydra grabs you off the street and begins...
Wings Of Freedom by Draxus04
Wings Of Freedom by Draxus04 Fantasy
Highest in Fantasy #305: Skyler York, a very intelligent high school student with almost perfect grades. She always scores the top of her class, until one day. One day s...
Demons That Haunt Me by xUnivxrse
Demons That Haunt Me by #weeblyfe Fanfiction
What if one of the conditions to let Rin live was not only that he pass the exorcist exam in six months, but that he would also have to spend two weeks with the Vatican...
The Phantoms by Crystal013
The Phantoms by Crystal013 Fanfiction
[REVISED VERSION OF THE PHANTOMS] (Danny Phantom & Young Justice crossover fanfic) Summary: Fate is a funny thing, isn't it? Unfortunately​, it is not as funny to a cer...
Loneliness by animeloveras
Loneliness by Okayo Rin Horror
Danny Phantom One-Shots cause all the others are Kakashi.
The Experiment by LovelyLittleLoser
The Experiment by LovelyLittleLoser Science Fiction
Scientists worked for years to combine the strands of DNA from animals who were completely incompatible, and for years they failed and failed again. Then they succeeded...
ASHES || s. harrington by giibee
ASHES || s. harrington by gissel Fanfiction
A pursuit for knowledge leads a bright intern on a trail of conspiracies of sadistic intentions. Reina Strand has dug too deep in the government's secrets and has uncove...
Yeti Ridge by Kehanni
Yeti Ridge by Kehanni Action
Who would you be if you had no one? Who would want you if you had nothing? Why did you keep going, I asked myself, when you left her behind? Her last fleeting screams st...
Hybrid by Clove_Thenardier
Hybrid by Clove Science Fiction
Any citizen shall hence forth have the option of donating the offspring to a registered scientific facility.
Et Tu, Brute? by camerado
Et Tu, Brute? by Christen Poetry
A convoluted tale told thrice over.
Reality Hurts by BlazinSalamander
Reality Hurts by blt Horror
A smile as bright as the sun and childish eyes turned into an emotionless face with no idea how to feel emotions. An amused smirk and someone too trusting turned into a...
The Heart of an Android by azurestorm333
The Heart of an Android by 2spicy Science Fiction
(This is a school assignment that I fell in love with. It is pretty much an AU with my current characters.) Emil is an Android that wants to feel love. He wants to feel...
The cause of the explosion by SaniyaMoosvi
The cause of the explosion by Saniya Moosvi Short Story
-COMPLETED-When I hear a loud explosion outside my house I was reluctant to go look.What I saw was the last thing I wanted to see .
Little Heroes by ACreekLegend
Little Heroes by H.M Carter Fanfiction
Heroes are everywhere, they can come from anywhere and anyone. They can even be you or me if we so choose to. There are no police, firefighters, detectives, or any form...
Patient #00 by shunderella
Patient #00 by shunderella Fanfiction
People with abilities are called wielders. Many of the best attend Teiko Academy, a prestigious school housing genius wielders. I suck at summaries. Many OCs. WARNING! P...
The Evolution Experiment by ellieisinherroom
The Evolution Experiment by Eleanor Dharamraj Science Fiction
You, are the chosen ones. You are the elite. You are our future. The world is a darker place than you know, than anyone does. It is far beyond human understanding no m...
SS: SCORPION [Tokyo Ghoul Fanfiction] by SecretKeepur
SS: SCORPION [Tokyo Ghoul Fanficti... by Claire Roberts Fanfiction
Hate, that's what I feel towards the world. A lot of people would mistake hate for dislike, but trust me when I say that what I am feeling is pure hate. Hate towards wha...