In Disguise♡➶✏︎[j.j.k] ff by tokkii-
In Disguise♡➶✏︎[j.j.k] ff by —♡chikin♡— Fanfiction
Y/n is a nerdy and rich girl but behind those glasses is a beautiful woman only her true friends saw her without her glasses. Everyone would bully her since she was a ne...
My Half Brother [Revising] by redkrystal
My Half Brother [Revising] by redkrystal Fanfiction
As a young rebel, would you make it treating him as a real member of the family? Or... more than that? [BTS SUGA FANFICTION] Note: Thank you so much for choosing my sto...
[YOONGI] Painful Love  by exotaec
[YOONGI] Painful Love by exotic tae Fanfiction
"He's hurt.." "I can help him" "I won't ever leave him" "He's mine" "I hope he trusts me.." "He's been throug...
exposing kpop fanfics by rapshik
exposing kpop fanfics by jack Random
i expose the cringiest books on the planet have fun - oh also this is just for fun I'm not attacking anyone personally I'm just joking so if you're gonna get butt hurt...
The Descendant's Tamer by ThatsMyDerp
The Descendant's Tamer by .bea. Fanfiction
Lynx Reinhardt is a normal human being... Or so she tried to convince herself.
Heart Struck! (idol reader ×bts×exo×got7xmonsta x,etc by skyer_high
Heart Struck! (idol reader ×bts×ex... by keep dreaming Random
Better love story then Twilight- lee y/n (No offense) and how many kpop boy group is there to fall 4 me? Plz don't steal my story or ideas Story belong to me everythin...
Fanboy ! [bbh.pcy] | #Wattys2017 by bcdwolf
Fanboy ! [bbh.pcy] | #Wattys2017 by LIN Fanfiction
The nerdy Byun Baekhyun has a huge crush on the famous actor and singer Park Chanyeol but unfortunately he would never notice him.. or would he?
EXO's Star | new member | #WATTYS2017 by kanyounghee
EXO's Star | new member | #WATTYS2... by Ann Louise Kim or Younghee Kim Fanfiction
After the departure of Kris, Luhan, and Tao SM has decided to add a new member to the missing void, but what if that missing piece was a girl? Come and visit Kim Eunji'...
[4] Cabestagram by homoluya
[4] Cabestagram by Deva Fanfiction
Baca book yang ini jangan lupa banyak banyak istigfar yaa readers-nim Diposting tgl 9 Agt 2k17
Teach Me To Dance (A BTS Fanfiction) by TheWinterSawsbuck
Teach Me To Dance (A BTS Fanfictio... by 冬鹿 Fanfiction
For Rona, making it into the highest level dance class offered was her most prized honor. It stayed that way until a dancer of the popular band in town asked her to help...
Love For Rent [CHANBAEK] ||COMPLETED||#Wattys2017 by HHCB_Aeri12
Love For Rent [CHANBAEK] ||COMPLET... by Su Myat Yadanar Fanfiction
Pairing : Chanbaek Genre : Yaoi, Romance, Rated M, Marriage Summary : Baekhyun loved money and Chanyeol had it. They made a deal and get married. But they had to divor...
⇨ kpop zodiacs by prkjisng
⇨ kpop zodiacs by ♡ P.JS ♡ Random
zodiacs for some of the main kpop boy bands. [COMPLETED]
| SEX TAPE | by o_bolor
| SEX TAPE | by OBLR Fanfiction
Нэг л өдөр хайртай дуучины чинь секс бичлэг тарвал яах вэ? Өдөр хоног өнгөрөх тусам өөр олон бичлэгүүд тархсаар л байх болно. Энэ бүхний ард хэн байгаа бол? Хэн эдгээр д...
Remade (BTS × Reader × GOT7 × EXO) by MissJennica
Remade (BTS × Reader × GOT7 × EXO) by ~||⊙👄⊙||~ Fanfiction
(NEW STORY): There's girl named Lee (Y/N). Everytime she go to school...The most popular boys & girls seemed to bully her alot..Bangtan & Kyla's group. Depression alway...
Cliches in Kpop {Requests Open} by KathyPTX
Cliches in Kpop {Requests Open} by n o p e Random
The many cliches in the wonderful world of Kpop Requests are open! Either write a cliche you don't see in the comments or send a private message! ______________________...
❛kinky little waitress❜ ↭ chanbaek smut by porkchanyur
❛kinky little waitress❜ ↭ chanbaek... by on a break rn. Fanfiction
'I love the way your body bends for me, baby boy.' In which Baekhyun meets a cold and handsome man with many kinks in the café he works in. this is NOT a gender swap fan...
[WARNING] Don't Fall In Love With Him by Nutellappa
[WARNING] Don't Fall In Love With... by ≈ Tenuk & Typo ≈ Fanfiction
※ A gayboy and an emotional girl ※ ••••• Apa akan terjadi jika seorang gayboy dan seorang gadis emosional bertemu? Dan paling tahinya, apabila mereka terpaksa menjalin...
ARRANGED by _mochimin
ARRANGED by 서별태🌟 Fanfiction
"I love him." "But i don't love her." "I'm nice to him." "I'm rude to her." "I know he doesn't like me." "She know...
✿KPOP ZODIAC✿ by paradiseproject
✿KPOP ZODIAC✿ by 🌸라라 제인🌸 Random
So I've been wanting to write a Kpop Zodiac book for a while. Now I have 😂 I hope you enjoy and get your bias x ❤️😊
The gambling man  : Exo mafia fanfiction by toxicnovocaine_
The gambling man : Exo mafia fanf... by anonymous Fanfiction
There is a underworld of sinful activities beneath the mundane world, no matter where you are. The dark parts of humanity always seem to find you, threatening to pull yo...