My Teacher My Husband   -PCY by ellesa_park
My Teacher My Husband -PCY by Elsaxn Fanfiction
"Bapak itu Jodoh saya ya?" "Ternyata Jodoh saya bocah SMA" Dijodohin sama guru sendiri gimana perasaan lo? ⚠warn⚠ -🔞 -♋ -nonbaku
↝ TWINKIE IDOLS ↜                                         KPOP FF by -AVATAER-
↝ TWINKIE IDOLS ↜... by ~V's future wifeu~ Fanfiction
❝are we just some kind of game to you?❞ -Bad Grammer -Loads Of Spelling Mistakes
diJODOHin +Pcy by omfgyeoll
diJODOHin +Pcy by fel. Fanfiction
[PRIVATED on some chapter] Cantik, lumayan terkenal, hidup nya biasa biasa aja sebelum dijodohin sama ceo terkaya ke-2. Eh, pas udah mulai suka sama doi mantan balik. Un...
A DATE WITH EXO by TheWolfClaire
A DATE WITH EXO by Claire Fanfiction
As a model you never had the time to date anyone. Although you had many male admirers and you were undeniably beautiful, you just never had the time due to your demandin...
Hurt + Pcy by shill1212
Hurt + Pcy by shill1212 Random
Cinta sama sahabat sendiri ga haram kan?- pcy Receh. Garing. Renyah. Gurih. Nikmat💦 CAST : • Kim Yura • Park Chanyeol • Cho Kyuhyun • EXO Member WARNING⛔️ •akan ada ban...
Becoming a Kpop Idol❤ by Cherry_Milk_15
Becoming a Kpop Idol❤ by Cherry_Milk_15 Fanfiction
As (Y/N) moves to Korea and wants to become an Idol she meets new people. Will she meet her big love?... What will happen? ~This is my first book so please comment and...
EXO's Star | new member by kanyounghee
EXO's Star | new member by 킨 영 희 Fanfiction
After the departure of Kris, Luhan, and Tao SM has decided to add a new member to the missing void, but what if that missing piece was a girl? Come and visit Kim Eunji'...
EXO Imagines and Reactions  by toobadforaname
EXO Imagines and Reactions by just another girl Fanfiction
EXO reacts to certain problems/scenarios. EXO Imagines. OT12 i saw plenty of them on Tumblr, not on Wattpad so i decided to do it :)
EXONARIOS: Enjoy the Mayo [OPEN for REQUESTS] by senpoitato
EXONARIOS: Enjoy the Mayo [OPEN fo... by Felipe Fanfiction
AYO EXO-Ls ~ !! LISTEN!! (enjoy the mayo) Derpy, Funny, Dumb, Random or just Weird Exo's reaction to per scenarios is on Camdorkim's work. EXO SCENARIOS:"Enjoy th...
Take a Chance | Chanbaek by ParkBacon
Take a Chance | Chanbaek by Peanut Beakhyun Fanfiction
Chanyeol is the captain of the basketball team at Pyojun High School. Baekhyun is the new transfer student with scrawny limbs and a baby face. What happens when Baekhyun...
In A Relationship With Suho of Exo by thanks4dbrokenheart
In A Relationship With Suho of Exo by V. Fanfiction
You called me a slut. Now why are you taking me back? © All Rights Reserved @thanks4dbrokenheart
+ supernatural + {seventeen} by officiallytricia
+ supernatural + {seventeen} by trixia♡ Fanfiction
where seventeen meets a girl with powers. But what if one of them were just like her?
Claystane Oh by Xaverst
Claystane Oh by Sxovano Fanfiction
Oh shixun, rela memberikan adiknya pada kris, raja selatan wuslidragon demi tahta
[JUNGKOOK] Painful Regret  by exotaec
[JUNGKOOK] Painful Regret by exotic tae Fanfiction
"Hyung I hurt her." "Hyung, it was my mistake, I lied." "Hyung I can't survive longer." "Hyung I need to apologise." "Hyu...
You Hurt Me [Exo Ambw] by bjoiner123
You Hurt Me [Exo Ambw] by Breanna Fanfiction
"You Are The Key To Help Keep Your Planet Exo Planet Safe Dawn"
Küçük sürtük by ElifElifc
Küçük sürtük by ElifElifc Fanfiction
Hatta güzelim Birgün seni becermem için bana yalvaracaksın.
exposing kpop fanfics by rapshik
exposing kpop fanfics by jack Random
i expose the cringiest books on the planet have fun - oh also this is just for fun I'm not attacking anyone personally I'm just joking so if you're gonna get butt hurt...
[REWRITING] kinky little waitress || chanbaek smut by porkchanyur
[REWRITING] kinky little waitress... by wheein's dimple™ Fanfiction
'I love the way your body bends for me, baby boy.' In which Baekhyun meets a cold and handsome man with many kinks in the café he works in. this is NOT a gender swap fan...
Can't Forget You (Kai Ambw) by bjoiner123
Can't Forget You (Kai Ambw) by Breanna Fanfiction
"You remember me from that long ago" Nia a year ago was 17 on the brick of turning 18 with have lived in London her whole childhood at the time her friends wer...
•Just Do What I Tell You• by exolicious_wolf
•Just Do What I Tell You• by Baby Nyomi Fanfiction
WARNING: Kinky,BDSM,Sexual violence, explicit scenes, 18+ content , Vulgar language