Adopted by Kakashi and Guy (naruto fanfiction) by Galactic_Line
Adopted by Kakashi and Guy (naruto...by Galactic_Line
Yuki is a half demon girl from a clan that is know for being related to the 10 tail beast, but her clan was assassinated when she was just a few months old. The Akatsuki...
  • naruto
  • tailed
  • hinata
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N. E. N. [ H U N T E R   X   H U N T E R ] by goliath419
N. E. N. [ H U N T E R X H U N...by Hunter X hunter fan
Nen. What is nen? What if it was a person? Nori Emiko Nui. I am the incarnation of nen. You'll discover trough this story everything about me. N. E. N. *Will contain f...
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A New Fairy Tail Member (ANFTM Series) - Volume 1 by silverstars97
A New Fairy Tail Member (ANFTM Ser...by ♥♥ Crystal ♥♥
Melanie Ayame is a 17 year old girl whos parents are powerful mages. One day, she stumbles upon the most famous guild: Fairy Tail. There she meets Lucy Heartfilia, Natsu...
  • exam
  • erza
  • claire
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Good Golly My Little Lolly (Shikamaru Fanfic) by Kaisa-Chan
Good Golly My Little Lolly (Shikam...by Kaisa-Chan
Well, it's a Shikamaru fanfic. I'm not going to explain it for those who are really interested know of the Naruto world and it's characters. Read if you like, if you don...
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hey duckbutt, i like your hair. (sasuke love story) by HeartlessPebbles
hey duckbutt, i like your hair. (s...by Maddy
she was a girl who could walk through walls and people, either then that an average ninja. then she meets sasuke, or as sge calls him duckbutt, (and a few other nickname...
  • issues
  • tenten
  • shaving
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Selected (Book 2 of the Immune Series) by AmyJohnson895
Selected (Book 2 of the Immune Ser...by Amy J.
"As far back as I can remember, I've been surrounded by water. The salt in the air even now makes it hard to breath, forcing me to squint. Sand clings to every inch...
  • compound
  • zombie
  • virus
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I Wasn't Supposed To Fall For You by JessicaCMadden
I Wasn't Supposed To Fall For Youby Jessica Madden
MK is a straight A's student and studies hard. Everyone excepts her to do well. But when the principal asks her to tutor Jordan, the bad boy of the school who is failing...
  • bullying
  • boy
  • nerd
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Vampire knight-Lost Brother by Artictundra
Vampire knight-Lost Brotherby Akira Dasctlash
This is a vampire knight story where Akira's family is killed by a vampire -Suckish description i know. BUT READ THE STORY PAST THE INFO PAGE PLEASE- I DO NOT OWN VAMPI...
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The Leaf? by High5sgoaround
The Leaf?by Somethin
Ida Ayumin is now 11. She left her old clan when she was 6. Feeling alone, and exhausted she is discovered outside the Leaf village. Ida usally doesn't get mad that m...
  • telekenisis
  • humor
  • jutsu
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Reckless by ItsPrettyReckless
Recklessby ItsPrettyReckless
Some things are just unintended... like bumping into a conceited vampire at a party, hating his guts then - against all your better judgement and frequent protests - ine...
  • murder
  • itsprettyreckless
  • teen
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Studying and Revision by DarthDeathSticks
Studying and Revisionby Unreasonably Greasy
This is where I'm putting my revision for my GCSEs. It's more to motivate me to study, but if anyone needs anything to help, be my guest. I'll have a couple of chapters...
  • business
  • student
  • studying
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My Bed And Exams  by noorulameera
My Bed And Exams by noorulameera
As our physics class ended we heard an announcement made through the speakers - " sorry for the interruption. There is an assembly for class 9 to 12 in the audito...
  • bed
  • exam
  • dominoes
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Chasing Hisoka > HXH by stellaswan13
Chasing Hisoka > HXHby obsessed
Akira's life is chaotic to say the least. Her only family member alive is her mysterious but overprotective brother Ren, whom is always running off on an "errand&q...
  • phantom
  • hunterxhunter
  • heavens
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(Killua X Reader/OC) (Killugon) My will came true [CURRENTLY UNDER EDITING] by goliath419
(Killua X Reader/OC) (Killugon) My...by Hunter X hunter fan
I am [Y/n] [L/n], a Hunter X Hunter fan like another. That is... until I die. Yup. I die. Just like that. What will happen next? Will my last will come true? Find out...
  • exam
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Eleutheromania by budakpotato
Eleutheromaniaby budakpotato
Kalau hang rasa kehidupan ni terlalu hambaq, jangan risau. Hang masih ada kematian.
  • typikal
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Faded Memories (A Justin Bieber Love Story) by kissandkill
Faded Memories (A Justin Bieber Lo...by Mekal †
Justin...Lauren...The town's favorite sweethearts. They were always together, so much people believed that they were more than just friends. All of that starts to fade a...
  • haha
  • cute
  • crazy
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What the Hell?! by Aayushi2400
What the Hell?!by x_Aayushi_x
Meet Anne Smith A girl with a bold attitude, golden smile,great family and a good reputation at school. Having the fortune of being with a good company of people,she nev...
  • happy
  • firstboyfriend
  • readatyourownrisk
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Females X In The X Exam? [Hunter X Hunter Fanfic] by AnEternityAway
Females X In The X Exam? [Hunter X...by AnEternityAway
A Hunter X Hunter Fanfiction. Mika and Katalina wish to be hunters. Mika wants to find her father. Katalina just wants money. What will happen when they meet Gon and Kil...
  • gon
  • females
  • exam
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