Adopted by Kakashi and Guy (naruto fanfiction) by Galactic_Line
Adopted by Kakashi and Guy (naruto... by Galactic_Line
Yuki is a half demon girl from a clan that is know for being related to the 10 tail beast, but her clan was assassinated when she was just a few months old. The Akatsuki...
  • kiba
  • kakagai
  • adopted
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The Leaf? by High5sgoaround
The Leaf? by Somethin
Ida Ayumin is now 11. She left her old clan when she was 6. Feeling alone, and exhausted she is discovered outside the Leaf village. Ida usally doesn't get mad that m...
  • leaf
  • naruto
  • kobuto
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N. E. N. [ H U N T E R   X   H U N T E R ] by goliath419
N. E. N. [ H U N T E R X H U N... by Hunter X hunter fan
Nen. What is nen? What if it was a person? Nori Emiko Nui. I am the incarnation of nen. You'll discover trough this story everything about me. N. E. N. *Will contain f...
  • hxh
  • hisoka
  • gon
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Twin Devil by KkLabyrinth
Twin Devil by Kkyaw
two twins are participating in the hunter exam one blind and the other mute and both seemed to have caught Hisoka's attention. one thing they don't know is that the twin...
  • hunters
  • neterio
  • gin
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Hatake Kakashi: Fascination by DirectionOfTime
Hatake Kakashi: Fascination by DirectionOfTime
Kakashi thinks he's in for a nice break, free from students, after Naruto's recent departure with Jiraiya, but he hadn't counted on a beautiful stranger turning up in Ko...
  • rain
  • rice
  • skill
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Chasing Hisoka > HXH by stellaswan13
Chasing Hisoka > HXH by obsessed
Akira's life is chaotic to say the least. Her only family member alive is her mysterious but overprotective brother Ren, whom is always running off on an "errand&q...
  • killua
  • fanfic
  • arena
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A's_Quotes by jelly_MinionLover
A's_Quotes by Allysha Lee
You can find Quotes for friendship, love, exams etc....Feel free to read it gals!
  • life
  • exam
  • love
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Selected (Book 2 of the Immune Series) by AmyJohnson895
Selected (Book 2 of the Immune Ser... by Amy J.
"As far back as I can remember, I've been surrounded by water. The salt in the air even now makes it hard to breath, forcing me to squint. Sand clings to every inch...
  • featured
  • exam
  • sequel
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Eleutheromania by budakpotato
Eleutheromania by budakpotato
Kalau hang rasa kehidupan ni terlalu hambaq, jangan risau. Hang masih ada kematian.
  • cerpen
  • teens
  • pelajar
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Fascination: Sequel by DirectionOfTime
Fascination: Sequel by DirectionOfTime
Its been about year since Kakashi and Oriko got together and their relationship is going strong - Oriko's still on her personal journey to become the best shinobi that s...
  • hatake
  • year
  • marriage
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Tectonic - A My Hero Academia Story by CovertDeku
Tectonic - A My Hero Academia Story by Coveku
Tectonic is a story set in the My Hero Academia or Boku No Hero Academia universe, 5 years before the events of the anime and manga. It follows a 15 year old boy named D...
  • anime
  • mha
  • tectonic
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The Exam Between Us by SamSugCruz
The Exam Between Us by SamSugCruz
These 2 students from Domismola are best friends (they say only friends). This is their journey.....
  • exam
  • bestfriends
  • between
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How do you love someone -hunterxhunter fan fic by 2004dc11
How do you love someone -hunterxhu... by HappyLittleSushi
I was a neko from the last village in existence, but before i knew it... my life was taken from me. Ps, i do not own hunter x hunter.
  • whitehunterxhunter
  • phantom-troup
  • killua
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A New Fairy Tail Member (ANFTM Series) - Volume 1 by silverstars97
A New Fairy Tail Member (ANFTM Ser... by ♥♥ Crystal ♥♥
Melanie Ayame is a 17 year old girl whos parents are powerful mages. One day, she stumbles upon the most famous guild: Fairy Tail. There she meets Lucy Heartfilia, Natsu...
  • friend
  • arc
  • characters
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One Shots by BlakeyBoy
One Shots by Blaze
Just my oneshots. Some are sad. some are happy. some are down right sexy. enjoy and tell me what you think!
  • original
  • beach
  • girl
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Oraysia's Tale by De_xerete_mou
Oraysia's Tale by De_xerete_mou
Isang dalaga na nakulong mula pagkabata dahil sa kasalanan na nagawa umano ng kanyang ama kaya naman pinagbabayaran ito ng buo nilang pamilya, at sila ay makakalaya lama...
  • marieantonettesyndrome
  • royalguard
  • choker
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Gaara's twin angel by ipie2000
Gaara's twin angel by ipie2000
Gaara has a twin sister, who was kept away from him. She wasn't born with Chakra making it so she wasn't able to become a ninja like the rest of her siblings Even so sh...
  • leaf
  • sasuke
  • village
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Good Golly My Little Lolly (Shikamaru Fanfic) by Kaisa-Chan
Good Golly My Little Lolly (Shikam... by Kaisa-Chan
Well, it's a Shikamaru fanfic. I'm not going to explain it for those who are really interested know of the Naruto world and it's characters. Read if you like, if you don...
  • granny
  • fanfic
  • over
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Smoke (Short Story) by DarthDeathSticks
Smoke (Short Story) by Unreasonably Greasy
My name is Johnny and there is smoke on my hands.
  • exam
  • oneshot
  • failure
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Dragio [Naruto Fanfic] by XxMeWxX4444
Dragio [Naruto Fanfic] by Yo, I'm Mew.
In this story you meet Dragio. Her real name is unknown to you and everyone around here. Anyway, what happens when, one night, after a day running from her old gang with...
  • fire
  • konohamaru
  • sakura
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