Grey Skies / Tate Langdon X Reader / AHS by xoxolustxoxo
Grey Skies / Tate Langdon X Reader... by xoxolustxoxo Fanfiction
(Set a year after the last episode season 1 of American Horror Story) After both of your parents die in an accident your aunt decides it's time for a change. You move f...
Celebrity Crush [Tom Holland] by seaofthings
Celebrity Crush [Tom Holland] by desmond hume is my constant Fanfiction
Freaks (Quicksilver X Reader)  by thecatgurl
Freaks (Quicksilver X Reader) by thecatgurl Fanfiction
I always knew something about me was odd. I always considered myself a freak until I found him, a boy who was just as odd as me. (Based off of X-men Marvel Comics and mo...
AHS Imagines by Yoyoanaria
Evan Peters Imagines  by abigail_ahs
Evan Peters Imagines by Abbie Fanfiction
Evan peters and character imagines. What more could you want? Have not and will not be updating in a while, sorry but life hasn't made the time.
A Beautifully Insane Four Letter Word ( Tate Langdon fanfic ) by Swiftly_Dreaming
A Beautifully Insane Four Letter W... by Emily Fanfiction
"Oh my god Tate, what did you do!" I yelled. "I'm sorry I wasn't thinking!" Tate yelled back. "Well obviously! Now it's gonna look like my mom...
gloves & glasses [j.d] {COMPLETED} by dandyscoven
gloves & glasses [j.d] {COMPLETED} by lex Fanfiction
my life was a permanent freakshow. ••••• heterochromia: a condition which causes the iris in both eyes to be different colors. LOWERCASE INTENDED ;; COMPLETED ;; [ AM...
FuckBoy G.B.D by Grethanswifey
FuckBoy G.B.D by ✦L✦ Fanfiction
"What do you want fuckboy?" I asked sitting on my bed "I want you babygirl" he said biteing his lip getting closer to me thats when I noticed that I...
Not Insanity// Kit Walker Fanfiction by its_an_AHS_thing
Not Insanity// Kit Walker Fanficti... by It's Just Tori💘 Fanfiction
"Please come with me, Opal, I cant leave you here!" Kit screamed down the tunnel. I shook my head. "Promise you'll come back for me." I said and a te...
Evan Peters Character Imagines/One Shots by AssbuttMeeMee
Evan Peters Character Imagines/One... by Kayla Fanfiction
[COMPLETED] A series of Imagines and One Shots of the amazing Evan Peters Character's and himself. Where I can express and write down ideas I have from time to time and...
Evan Peters Imagines & Preferences (ON HOLD) by random_fandom_trash_
Afraid {Evan Peters} by logan_logan
Afraid {Evan Peters} by Logan Fanfiction
Aurora is just another face in the halls. Evan is just another rebel in the blue. And when the two collide - anything could happen.
Evan Peters Preferences by -wwefreak
Evan Peters Preferences by aIIy Fanfiction
→ Evan → Tate → Kyle → Jimmy → James -template is not mine, creds to whoever made it tnx-
habits of my heart ✿ evan peters by -westucker-
habits of my heart ✿ evan peters by r a c h Fanfiction
@marleyjames hi my name's marley and i'm a hoe for evan peters @evanpeters you don't need to be a hoe to get my love honey or in which a famous actor and a normal girl...
innocence / kit walker by riggsnpeters
innocence / kit walker by lauren Fanfiction
❝innocent, until proven guilty. that's how the saying goes; but not at briarcliff asylum, at briarcliff, anything goes. innocent, or guilty.❞ © riggsnpeters // wattpad
He Made Me Stay// James March Fanfiction by its_an_AHS_thing
He Made Me Stay// James March Fanf... by It's Just Tori💘 Fanfiction
Mayella, a beautiful model, takes refuge in the Hotel Cortez. James Patrick March sees her and knows she must be his, little does he know she is hiding a secret, simila...
twelve hours. - evan peters by kateskane
twelve hours. - evan peters by g. Fanfiction
❝ where a girl meets a boy in an elevator they are stuck in for twelve hours ❞ EVAN PETERS FF 2014 © kateskane [COMPLETED]
Evan Peters Imagines by sidtay
Evan Peters Imagines by Sidney Fanfiction
A collection of imagines of Evan Peters and some of his characters. Some of these stories may be more mature than others. If you have any ideas for other imagines you wo...
Tattoos • Teen Wolf [complete] by supernaturalityy
Tattoos • Teen Wolf [complete] by supernaturalityy Fanfiction
"She's the terror in your nightmares, but also the blessing in your dreams." Serena Elah Michelson has always been different. Since the moment she was born, th...
Bloody Face and the Dark Mistress by Evilvillains777
Bloody Face and the Dark Mistress by Villains Fanfiction
Dr. Oliver Thredson shows up at Briarcliff set on framing Kit Walker. But when he is assigned a clever, ingenious killer he feels himself pulled towards this lady in hee...