Tree Bros & Boyf Riends One Shots by Makattack1984
Tree Bros & Boyf Riends One Shots by 🌹Rose🌹
Evan Hansen X Connor Murphy, along with Jeremy Heere X Michael Mell. If you message me, I'll gladly do Jared X Evan! #39 in fan fiction (12/8) I take requests! Feel free...
  • jeremy
  • evan
  • michael
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Evan's Rose by MissR12
Evan's Rose by Nilza
[Mature Content] : All that religious and innocent Rosaline Jacobs ever did was apply for a job at Carter Industries. Then how did Rosaline become Evan's Rose? "...
  • passionate
  • revenge
  • mature
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Milk and Vine by RosieNoodle
Milk and Vine by Merry Chrysler
Vines that keep me from ending it all
  • vine
  • funny
  • rip
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Dear Crush! | A Dear Evan Hansen Fanfiction | by DanmakuExpress
Dear Crush! | A Dear Evan Hansen F... by DanmakuExpress
This is a fanfiction of Evan and Connor from Dear Evan Hansen. Treebros, correct? Connor Murphy starts to hang out with Evan Hansen. He was mostly intrigued by his exist...
  • fanfic
  • connorxevan
  • broadway
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Down // TreeBros ·· Soulmate AU by Abiluvsdogs
Down // TreeBros ·· Soulmate AU by Sherlock Watson.
The world was always black and white. You always felt empty. They would always promise you that there's someone for you. All you have to do is kiss them and the world wi...
  • covan
  • evanhansen
  • treebros
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Dear Evan Hansen One Shots by plungingintoinsanity
Dear Evan Hansen One Shots by Kermit Stan
Hehehhehehhe X reader or not Specify plz
  • dear
  • shots
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Colors {tree bros} by Fallin_in_a_forest
Colors {tree bros} by Kevin Price
Connor was grey. everything about him was grey: his smoke, his hair, his dreams. He lost all his color. Evan was blue. everything about him was blue: his pills, his hand...
  • hansen
  • deh
  • dearevanhansen
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Jared Kleinman x Reader by Dear_Megan_Jade
Jared Kleinman x Reader by Megan Jade
Jared Kleinman x reader cuz the other one I made wasnt that good.
  • jared
  • dearevanhansen
  • hansen
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The Boss has a Master (H2Ovanoss) by andreazuj
The Boss has a Master (H2Ovanoss) by Bottom! Vanoss
[continuing] Bottom Evan and Top Delirious H2ovanoss!!!! I am a boss myself, I do paperwork and go to meetings like a normal boss. I work always day and night almost eve...
  • ddlb
  • vanoss
  • dominant
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Fong 「 H2OVanoss 」 by bubblebites
Fong 「 H2OVanoss 」 by 🍑
❝ Maybe I shouldn't have responded to him at that party. ❞ ❝ Who? ❞ ❝ Fong. ❞ [√] Ongoing [√] Mature 〔 started: 10.24.17 〕 〔 ended: 〕 © bubblebites (me)
  • daithidenogla
  • h2odelirious
  • luicalibre
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My Wattpad Love✔️ by cold_lady19
My Wattpad Love✔️ by Ariana Godoy
Julie has always been the shy type. Her world changes when she finds wattpad, a very popular ebook community. She becomes addicted to it and even starts posting her own...
  • evan
  • submit2sourcebooks
  • jules
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Ten Reasons Not To Die by RiceLover
Ten Reasons Not To Die by Vanessa
"Give me ten days, and I can give you ten reasons not to die." Evan paused. "And if I can't change your mind by then, you can go jump off that cliff."
  • awards
  • 2012
  • fiction
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The Reaper (girlxgirl) by Amarisa162
The Reaper (girlxgirl) by Amaris
"Stella," my voice softened, as her name played on my lips. She tilted her head to the side, as she studied me with curious eyes. But, there was also something...
  • dark
  • gxg
  • sciencfiction
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Growing up (MWL's sequel)✔️ by cold_lady19
Growing up (MWL's sequel)✔️ by Ariana Godoy
"I want to grow up" Did you say it when you were a kid? I know I did. Have you regretted growing up at some point in your life? Have you wished you could be a...
  • sequel
  • mywattpadlove
  • jules
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ALLESA (complete) by ArlenLangit
ALLESA (complete) by ArlenLangit
[Diprivate acak, harap follow sebelum membaca] ▪Series 1▪Cerita Saling Terkait▪ Aku terbangun di pagi hari yang entah hari apa dan tanggal berapa. Aku mencari Evan...
  • love
  • aliya
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For Forever (Evan X Connor) by ImARisingStar
For Forever (Evan X Connor) by Makenna
Hi, I love Dear Evan Hansen. I'm a musical theatre performer and I think it's just absolutely gorgeous and I really wanted to write something for it to kind of help with...
  • boys
  • boyxboy
  • sad
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King of Blue | H2O Delirious  by H2ODeliriousYT
King of Blue | H2O Delirious by Santalirious
King Jonathan is a young King that is hated by everyone in the Kingdom for his brutal ways and awfaul Personality. The villagers despised his act of Violance and never t...
  • ohmwrecker
  • h2odelirious
  • bbs
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Take Me Out Of The Jocks' Game by deadheart115
Take Me Out Of The Jocks' Game by renny
Sick of getting dumped by too-charming jocks, closet-Einstein Charley Thomson decides to cease dating the deceiving miscreants for good. When she finally meets the perfe...
  • fire
  • evan
  • summer
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Trust. // Vanoss x Reader by Littlee_Onee
Trust. // Vanoss x Reader by Littlee_Onee
(Y/n) works as a nurse. She was just going on about her day until strange things were happening around her. Next thing she knew, her world was turned around for the wors...
  • evan
  • iamwildcat
  • vanossgaming
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Instagram- Logan and Lydia by elifcakmak22333
Instagram- Logan and Lydia by Elif Cakmak
A new love created ... can it last forever or is it a sensation.
  • erika
  • logan
  • lydia
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