Life with Super Junior (A Kpop Fanfiction) by ShunnLover
Life with Super Junior (A Kpop Fan... by Ellen Fanfiction
Amanda lived with her grandparents after her parents' deaths. But when her grandparents send her off to Korea to live with a friend, she somehow ends up being roommates...
Ever Lasting Friend (Super Junior Fanfic) by exocity
Ever Lasting Friend (Super Junior... by exocity Fanfiction
Claire Johnson was Hollywood's famous American-Korean singer. Known as Claire Johnson in Hollywood and Park Eunjung in Korea. Despite all her years of hardwork, she was...
After a Minute (A Super Junior Fanfiction) by Shel_Kim
After a Minute (A Super Junior Fan... by Shel Kim Fanfiction
Leeteuk and Kangin are a couple who want to start a family. They adopt four teenage boys with troubled pasts; Donghae, Yesung, Heechul, and Sungmin. As the new brothers...
Coulple: HaeHyuk Thể loại: bá đạo lạnh lùng công, ngây thơ trong sáng si tình thụ, có ấm áp, ngược tâm, có H, HE Lee Donghae-Haris theo đuổi ý định trả thù mà lợi dụ...
EUNHAE Series: Fated To Love You (boyxboy) by Littleblueelf
EUNHAE Series: Fated To Love You (... by littleblueelf Random
Donghae is a new member of Super Junior, the most popular and the hottest idols. Everything..everyone was fine, but not one person. Eunhyuk hated the fact that he has to...
Pain Killer  [Completed] by EverLasting_EunHae
Pain Killer [Completed] by e u n h a e Fanfiction
Donghae thought he was in love with Siwon. But once Siwon engaged himself into a drinking addiction, he comes home drunk every night and beats and rapes Donghae, and ref...
Presiden's Sons by VieLoveLee
Presiden's Sons by VieLoveLee Fanfiction
Description :: Kim YoungWoon seorang presiden yang tentunya selalu menjadi sorotan utama di negeri itu. orang nomor satu dalam tajuk pemerintahan itu akan selalu diinc...
Clover by VieLoveLee
Clover by VieLoveLee Fanfiction
OneShoot series again. Warning : this is B_-_L_-_- but No Y_-_!!
Super Junior's Super Girl by Mizukiharu2
Super Junior's Super Girl by Dani Fanfiction
One day, a young singer named Minae was discovered by none other than Jung Hoon, the manager of Super Junior. Jung Hoon thinks that she is talented, so he talks to the S...
Super Junior Imagines 2(requests closed) by GalacticVampire
Super Maid & The 13 Dorks by N30Ndoll
Super Maid & The 13 Dorks by N30Ndoll Fanfiction
A normal girl living a normal life with her best friend, when all of a sudden... BAM! A job offer to take care of Korea's biggest superstars - the boys of Super Junior...
K-POP one shots by JessxD
K-POP one shots by JessxD Fanfiction
Different situations with Kpop idols - *-* i hope you like them. c: I ended this book so if you have a request please do it on my part two of this book. and THANK YOU...
Wrong by User_Bawel
Wrong by Dylan Fanfiction
Jungkook memenuhi misinya untuk membalaskan sebuah dendam masa lalu terkait keluarganya pada sosok Lalisa, gadis yang berusia sekitar tujuh tahun lebih muda darinya dan...
Teacher Love (SMUT/LEMON) by XxSatans_PuppyxX
Teacher Love (SMUT/LEMON) by XxInsanePrincexX Romance
"M-mr Ogasawara, please don't do this" He just smirked down at me even more. "Why shouldn't I? After all, I do have every right to do this to you, I'm an...
What's Left *sequel* by kpopper_1004
What's Left *sequel* by FanficWriter Teen Fiction
Eunji has joined Cube Entertainment to become a singer. She meets some interesting people and uncovers her past......... (This is the sequel to She Wolf)
[LongFic | HyukHae] Anh Họ Ta Là Hoàng Đế [M] - Aiden Lee by aidenlee293
[LongFic | HyukHae] Anh Họ Ta Là H... by Aiden Lee (Băng Sơn Hách Hải) Fanfiction
Author: Aiden - Sun (Aiden Lee) Pairings: EunHae - HyukHae - Hách Hải Length: LongFic Category: Xuyên không hai chiều, hiện đại - cổ trang, ngọt ngào, hài hước , hứa kh...
Unexpected Life (A Super Junior Fanfic) by Rhea_Rhapsodos
Unexpected Life (A Super Junior Fa... by Rhea_Rhapsodos Fanfiction
I'm sorry but I'm not very good at writing summaries! Please read this! This is my first fan fiction. It isn't really PG-13 but Wattpad won't let me change it unless...
I live with Super Junior? by _s_m_i_l_e_s
I live with Super Junior? by Haeya Fanfiction
Ever wondered how would it be like staying with Super Junior? Well let Gyuhae tell you. Gyuhae's family just died. Her father's mistress chased her out of the house. Sh...
I'm the Only Man for You by XinHae
I'm the Only Man for You by XinHae Romance
Warning: Contains same sex love so if you don't like that I recommend to move along. ;) Enjoy :)
The Love of Eunhae by XavierHazelwood
The Love of Eunhae by Xavier Hazelwood Fanfiction
The love of Super Junior members will be tested. Will they manage, or will they crash and burn?