A Shattered Destiny( Pyrrha Nikos X Mreader) by timbum
A Shattered Destiny( Pyrrha Nikos... by tom parker Fanfiction
you are the younger brother of Yang Xiao Long and Ruby Rose but you are abused and neglected by your family what happens when you suddenly disappear from Remnant
Ichigo's Sister? In Naruto? (Kaka-baka Love Story) //DISCONTINUED// by yuki078
Ichigo's Sister? In Naruto? (Kaka... by Akane Fanfiction
Ichigo's twin sister ends up in naruto world and gets found out by the copy ninja. Her life turns a little more interesting as she continues her adventures through the n...
Different (Bleach Fanfiction) [Wattys2016] by UnicornPower234
Different (Bleach Fanfiction) [Wat... by Ana Banana Fanfiction
When a young Amaya moves to Karakura town with her mother, she starts her first year of high school. From there, she makes friends and starts to smile again. But, she wi...
My love is a drawing (Grimmjow x Reader's love story) by WildRose1996
My love is a drawing (Grimmjow x R... by DeeDee Colmenero Fanfiction
Fanfiction writers, what if the character you wrote about suddenly came from the pages of your novel and got stuck in your world? Well this writer summon the sixth espad...
Wanted [Grimmjow X OC story] by tepiiangel
Wanted [Grimmjow X OC story] by tepii Fanfiction
|| First Place in Grimmjow - Spring 2017 Bleach Watty Awards || He felt her small reiatsu in the distance. It was higher then everyone else's, but compared to the shinga...
Lamenting Enchantment (A Bleach/Ulquihime fic) by 0BloodRedRose0
Lamenting Enchantment (A Bleach/Ul... by Blood Red Rose Fanfiction
A portrayal of Inoue's time in Hueco Mundo and of the untold moments between she & the fourth Espada. "I was content in the simplicity of my emptiness," Ulqui...
Gloves, Stitches, and Kisses by Anatsu-Hime
Gloves, Stitches, and Kisses by Anatsu-Hime Romance
She never knew that he would disappear, but he never knew what he would come back to. In a place where fighting came first and love second, what happens when things come...
Indifferent (Ulquiorra x Reader) [Wattys 2017] by Ulquicifer
Indifferent (Ulquiorra x Reader) [... by Ulquicifer Fanfiction
You're a new espada trying to fulfill your duties to Lord Aizen and manage to survive amongst your fellow arrancars. It can be hard at times, especially since you're s...
Melt the ice by rebboo
Melt the ice by rebboo Fanfiction
Luci lives in the u.s., and she has no idea what world she's actualy in. She's a huge fan of bleach, and has watched all of it. Little does she know, she is in the bleac...
Doubled Soul ( Bleach ) by Kuroko_no_Miracle
Doubled Soul ( Bleach ) by Brianna Morris Random
He died. There, I said it. Ichigo Kurosaki has died. But, as you know, that's not the only strange thing. He is found about a month after his death in the Rukon district...
Bleach Lemon One shots by TheMorriganXIII
Bleach Lemon One shots by The Morrigan Fanfiction
A series of lemons with some of the male characters in Bleach. *this is not a request book*
Bleach: The Captain, Toshiro Hitsugaya x OC by WinryWieldsWrenches
Bleach: The Captain, Toshiro Hitsu... by WinryWieldsWrenches Fanfiction
In her first week as the head of the Fifth Division, Akira struggles to balance her personal demons with her duties as a captain. She soon finds herself at odds with the...
the fox espada by jordanschoepke
the fox espada by Jordan Schoepke Fanfiction
Naruto is killed in his fight with pein. He then transforms into a hollow. He thought he would forever be lost in the darkness, however, a savior appeared in the form of...
Bleach Fanfiction: Be My Fraccion? by MountainDewwa
Bleach Fanfiction: Be My Fraccion? by Della Rose Fanfiction
Brooke Morgan; an average, 16-years-old girl, is suddenly captured by Grimmjow Jeagerjaques; the sixth Espada in Aizen's Arrancar Army. Accepting her fate, Brooke becom...
Black Night, White Butterfly-A Bleach Fanfiction by Sosukana
Black Night, White Butterfly-A Ble... by Sosukana Fanfiction
Within the Espada and Quincy arcs, a new addition to the ever-twisting story of Bleach arrives; Khristalyn Dixon, a 15 year old girl with a rough life-but, it's about to...
Having Ichigo Kurosaki's Child X Reader by Its_Happy_Feet_Baby
Having Ichigo Kurosaki's Child X R... by Its_Happy_Feet_Baby Fanfiction
'How could this happen to me of all people' -Ichigo Don't own bleach or ichigo, just own the story.
100 Bleach Drabble Challenge! by xxcindaxx
100 Bleach Drabble Challenge! by ♠️ My husbando Tyki ♠️ Fanfiction
100 drabbles concentrated on the Bleach characters! Light-hearted drabbles! :) Reader X Various Bleach Characters!
This can't be happening: Aizen x reader by Strange_hispanic_21
This can't be happening: Aizen x r... by Spanish Whales Fanfiction
You're just an ordinary teenage girl that goes to school. Not so special, right. Or so you think. Your entire life changes one faithful day and nothing will ever be the...
My Wounded Espada~ Grimmjow Love Story by Lost_Fox
My Wounded Espada~ Grimmjow Love S... by L Fanfiction
Grimmjow had made a mistake, a terrible one. It infuriated Aizen, and left him with nearly fatal wounds. Collapsed on the forest floor, he was soon found by a curious in...
Triangles by Katzaklawdamus
Triangles by Sam L Fanfiction
Three Arrancar, three Espada. Follow the arrancar through their daily life and troubles with their master in the Espada. // Three Pairings