It's a cold day (Jasper Hale F.F)  by Falling_In_R3verse
It's a cold day (Jasper Hale F.F) by LetThemF@ll Fanfiction
Dahlia Maria Rouge, an abused and wondrous soul. Moves from England to Forks, Washington. There she believes change to be possible, just not for her. Especially due to...
When She Came Home by ClaryWeasley-Jackson
When She Came Home by That One Girl Fanfiction
Evelyn Swan was the only Swan child in Forks for twelve years, other than Bella's yearly visits in the summers, that consisted of time down at the Rez and mud pies. At e...
Heart of Rose |Rosalie Hale| by Alysea0608
Heart of Rose |Rosalie Hale| by Alysea0608 Romance
Eve Holland lost her father-she never knew her mother. With this loss, she was forced to move in with her grandmother. That meant leaving the city life to join the ever...
Charlie's sister  by bluebird411
Charlie's sister by bluebird411 Fanfiction
A month before Bella's graduation, Charlie's little sister comes home from being deployed overseas. She has his colleagues organize a Chief Appreciation party at the hig...
Another Chance (E.C. Love Story) by beautyndisaster
Another Chance (E.C. Love Story) by wallflower Fanfiction
Anastasia the daughter of both Zeus and Hera. Goddess of purity and light. Mated to Edward Cullen from the Olympic Coven by Lady Aphrodite and mother to Angelina Nova Cu...
Two Mates by beautyndisaster
Two Mates by wallflower Fanfiction
In the Supernatural world having two mates can be better than one. <<Edward and Bella love story>>
The Unusual Cullen by bluebird411
The Unusual Cullen by bluebird411 Fanfiction
When Bella met the Cullens, she's instantly entranced by their looks. But when a previously unmentioned member of the coven returns from a trip, how will Bella react? Mo...
Bella's cousin (Paul Lahote) by stevendamon
Bella's cousin (Paul Lahote) by Steven Damon Fanfiction
When Bella's cousin Mayella Swan comes to her wedding. Mayella meets a certain hot head. What will happen?
Bones /R. Hale/ [1] by BaileyScott1
Bones /R. Hale/ [1] by Bailey Scott Fanfiction
Schuyler McCall is struggling to get over the loss of her first love, Allison Argent. Schuyler decides that its a good idea to go live up with her Uncle Charlie in Forks...
Elissa Cullen (Twilight fan fiction) by BrandiLewis0
Elissa Cullen (Twilight fan fictio... by Brandi Lewis Fanfiction
~Everyone knew Bella was pregnant. But what they didn't know was the she was having twins. Look into the life of Elissa Tatum Cullen, Renesmee Carlie Cullen's twin siste...
Goddess by california_trash
Goddess by Kara Marie Fanfiction
"Well we can't all be heroes.."
Ice Skater Girl           Edward Cullen by CaityShy
Ice Skater Girl Edward C... by Penny Bennet Fanfiction
I pick all my skirts to be a little too sexy Just like all of my thoughts they always get a bit naughty When I'm out with my girls I always play a bit bitchy Can't chang...
Fix You [RENESMEE CULLEN] by keepfaithbaby
Fix You [RENESMEE CULLEN] by Maya Fanfiction
❝And I will try t o f i x y o u . ❞ In which Renesmee falls in love with the bullied one.
When Night Becomes Day (Jasper Hale FF) by lostforestboy
When Night Becomes Day (Jasper Hal... by 🤷🏼‍♂️ Fanfiction
"Trying to make a lifetime worth it but I worry it'll bleed me dry." Miles was torn between being grateful for a new chance to change who he was and regretting...
Unforgettable >> A Twilight Saga Fanfiction by plaastictxwn
Unforgettable >> A Twilight Saga F... by Ur hot. Fanfiction
Unforgettable in every way, And forever more, that's how you'll stay That's why darling it's incredible That someone so unforgettable Thinks that I am unforgettable too ...
cold| j.hale by uni_clark
cold| j.hale by unicorn clark Fanfiction
"You don't like cold things, yet you distance yourself away from everyone and you fell in love with me." "There's something different about you, Jasper Wh...
had enough jasper Whitlock hale by cherishfallenangel
had enough jasper Whitlock hale by cherishfallenangel Fanfiction
this is a different jasper Whitlock hale book. I do not own the twilight saga or the characters that's all Stephanie myers Moon swan hasn't seen her family members in f...
Im No Monster by LyricHegg
Im No Monster by AlphaGirl:) Fanfiction
Lunima White is a Hybrid. Half Vampire half wolf. She use to be only a wolf, but that was back in Romania on 1698. One winter night she was bit on the hip by a vampire...
JUSTICE ☓ P. LAHOTE by Gollum098
JUSTICE ☓ P. LAHOTE by ⋆ Ana ⋆ Fanfiction
" HE SAW THE DARKNESS IN HER BEAUTY SHE SAW THE BEAUTY IN HIS DARKNESS " in which a warrior of Justice who used to fight for humanity meets a werewolf wit...
FROZEN HEARTBEATS ➸ J.HALE by scorchedsweven
T W I L I G H T S A G A ❝Until our hearts stops beating.❞ ( jasper hale x cassandra cullen ) scorchedsweven ( 2017 )