Would You Rather // Emo Edition by -gaymikeyway
Would You Rather // Emo Edition by ˗ˏˋ festive ˊˎ-
The classic would you rather game, but with an emo band twist. Haven't seen one of these around here, so I decided to be the first. Highest rank - #320 in random (12/06...
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Middle Fingers // spam by -deathdance
Middle Fingers // spam by ♡electra heart♡
❝hate your loser lyrics, middle fingers in the air❞ Literally the only thing I talk about is Palaye Royale.
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Band Pictures and Trash Memes by TheEarthToTheMorgue
Band Pictures and Trash Memes by Tiff-182
(Ye)emo trash memes 《Cool pics of band members》 {Funny band gifs} [These memes aren't mine, and neither are the bands, sadly]
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Emo Trinity crack bible +Tøp by Readurfaceout
Emo Trinity crack bible +Tøp by RocketHead
This is memes. Lots of memes. It's memeingful. Actually it's memes and sad stuff : )
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BAND ROLEPLAYS by HollyJollyGigi
BAND ROLEPLAYS by 𝕛𝕠𝕝𝕝𝕪 g𝕚𝕘𝕚
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justemothings by -gaymikeyway
justemothings by ˗ˏˋ festive ˊˎ-
You've all heard of justgirlythings, a blog of some sort dedicated to girls and stuff. But what if we changed it up a bit... You won't be seeing pictures captioned "...
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Amazing Photos and Gifs the Fourth by TheUnicornIsAKilljoy
Amazing Photos and Gifs the Fourth by L击ttle Gay Gu击tar
THE FOURTH OF THESE SHITPOSTS any photo or gif posted in this book is not mine unless stated otherwise no copyright infringement intended keep comments PG-13 or lower pl...
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Only Youngbloods, Killjoys, and Sinners Understand by FOB_Is_Life91102
Only Youngbloods, Killjoys, and Si... by EmØ eMu
Stuff about Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, and My Chemical Romance. Sorry I'm just obsessed. Highest Rank: #71 in Random
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golden days; adopted by brendon urie by kaleidoscope-memes
golden days; adopted by brendon ur... by a relaxed gal
"you're my little girl, maya. always have been, always will be." - - - - - - major character death, relapse, drug and alcohol abuse, mild language [© kaleidos...
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Bless Our Emo Souls (Volume One) by ITSAGAHDEHAHREH
Bless Our Emo Souls (Volume One) by Allie_The_AwkwardEmo
I try to be funny in some ways. I hope you like it! This was inspired by @The_Criminal_N2 Sincerely, Allie The Awkward Emo (book two out now!!!!)
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Emo Quartet memes by That_weird_emo_nerd
Emo Quartet memes by That_weird_emo_nerd
Your fresh, dank, and daily emo memes to brighten your day! :)
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Songfics And Oneshots [Wattys 2017] ~requests open~ by TheUnicornIsAKilljoy
Songfics And Oneshots [Wattys 2017... by L击ttle Gay Gu击tar
Requests open! So I've done a couple of songfics already, and they will stay as seperate books but I've had a lot more ideas lately and don't want to end up with 20 work...
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Please Don't Bite by WrapUpMyBones
Please Don't Bite by gabe
the pain was immense, everything burned. insides to outsides. the sky seemed as if it was falling. falling. "stay away." the monster growled. taking one last...
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Adopted By My Chemical Romance  by FOBMCRXP
Adopted By My Chemical Romance by Fall Out Girl
^^Title says all
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Things You Don't Necessarily Need to Know - Useless Facts by JasperOnPeppered
Things You Don't Necessarily Need... by Quarks
Just a book with some random facts about anything and everything. (Formerly 'Factastic! - Random Facts') ✁_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ #779 Random - 08/04/16 #756 Random - 12/04...
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Meant to Bee (Tyler JosephxBarry Bee) by rosefiction
Meant to Bee (Tyler JosephxBarry B... by .::.:::Rose::.:..
Everything was going great for singer Tyler Joseph, until unexpected love tumbled-or buzzed-into his life, and in the form of a handsome blue-eyed bee. His world collap...
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A Constellation of The Emo Trinity ✭ Zodiac Signs by ScoutBoo
A Constellation of The Emo Trinity... by 🌈Beebo
Basically a book combining the two things we love most in the world... The Emo Trinity and Zodiac Signs!!! You can find out what person/band/album/song etc you are accor...
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Emo Zodiacs by -gaymikeyway
Emo Zodiacs by ˗ˏˋ festive ˊˎ-
>Completed< It's like your average zodiac book, with a touch of emo. This involves zodiacs concerning bands considered emo, along with Dan and Phil. Highest rank...
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Keep Running (Killjoy) by livluvlaugh13
Keep Running (Killjoy) by Liv
A Killjoy is an outsider fighting against social or corporate suffocation, a non-conformist, a rebel against BL/ind. A person who brings color back into the world fearle...
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100% My Chemical Romance by -gaymikeyway
100% My Chemical Romance by ˗ˏˋ festive ˊˎ-
>Completed< It's not a book, it's an idea. Highest rank: #118 in random 06/11/17
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