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A student who is struggling between health, studies, story writing and FOOD😝
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Love to write and write to be appreciated.
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I love anime! I also love KPOP!❤️❤️ From the Philippines! my Bias in bigbang is T.O.P and G-Dragon, my Bias in EXO is Chanyeol❤️ my bias in Bts is Jimin, V and j-hope❤️❤️ Don't hesitate to follow me on my social accounts! Instagram: Emereine_discaya_14
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I. my pen name is leigh. II. i am 14 years of age. III. my favorite book is the great gatsby. a small town girl who loves sipping tea while reading a good book, writing the occasional book, and listening to alternative music. welcome to her profile.
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I am a very bubbly and vivacious girl, who is very out spoken, I speak whatever comes to my heart. My online friends call me sweet but my offline friends speak just the opposite of it. There was a time I used to read like maniacs but now I rarely read anything. I landed here on Wattpad because of some issues happened with other websites where I write. Oops! I forgot to mention that I write on India-Forums and Facebook groups. My User-ID on forums is Samridhigoodiez and on Facebook is Sammy's writeups. You can send me buddy/friend Request. Also, I don't write for myself as writing has never given me happiness, the works which give me happiness, I never make them public. I write for my readers, count doesn't matter to me. There are some people who don't like this aspect of mine, they try pester me that I should write for myself and blah! blah! I never paid any heeds to them. I find them weird, I mean how can you decide by what things I should become happy? Burrr!!! If anyone who may dislike this aspect of mine then I am sorry, I am not the one you should be following. Anyway, I am a working woman, so, I get less time to write and update my stuff. That automatically means that I post my works late and readers have to wait for my stories. You need to be patient. I welcome all my readers with whole of my heart whether you comment/Vote on my stuff or not. I always appreciate all sorts of constructive criticism. Also, if you are reviewing my works, please its my humble request that please be honest with it. I appreciate honesty not modesty. So everyone welcome to my scribblings. Hope you all have a good time with my stories.
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\\•"We're all in the same game; just different levels. Dealing with the same hell; just different devils."•\\ Love is patient, love is kind• Please check out my books:) I hope you like them
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мy ғavoυrιтe aυтнorѕ and ѕerιeѕ, noт goιng тo aттмepт ғavoυrιтe мυѕιc вecaυѕe тнere ιѕ jυѕт noт enoυgн ѕpace! ~ ♥ נαиє αуя ♥ иιgнт ωσяℓ∂ ♥ נσ∂ι ρι¢συℓт ♥ ѕє¢яєт ¢ιя¢ℓє ♥ נαиє αυѕтєи ♥ нσυѕє σf иιgнт ♥ ℓєαѕℓєу ρєαяѕє ♥ ναмριяє ∂αιяιєѕ ♥ тнє ρяιναтє ѕєяιєѕ ♥ ναмριяє α¢¢α∂єму ♥ נαмєѕ ραттєяѕσи ♥ αитнσиу нσяσωιтz ♥ мσяgαиνιℓℓє ѕєяιєѕ ♥ мσятαℓ ιиѕтяυмєит ♥ fℓσωєяѕ ιи тнє αттι¢ ♥ иσυgнтѕ αи∂ ¢яσѕѕєѕ ♥ тнє ιммσятαℓѕ ѕєяιєєѕ ♥ °•˚ AAA Time °•˚ aмazιng aυтнorѕ alerт! ♥~cυтepoιѕon18~♥~тwιѕтed_love~♥~ĸтιgaa1894~♥~cυттιegυrl~ ♥~нoυѕeoғnιgнт~♥~jeмѕparĸle~♥~oх_zoe~♥~tєrєsα343~ ♥~мarĸopolo~♥~ѕιdneyarden~♥~epιcreвelѕ~♥~ѕweeтlιly~ ♥rυqayyaн~♥~paιge569~♥~Susie0990~♥ Leave a Comment or a Personal Message & i will always reply Love to read others works because it shows you PEOPLE are better than you hehe, so also ask & i shall read.
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A fan of fantasy, unfortunately, for those who like the modern world, even though I like the modern world also, but I like writing about the historical fiction, all the fighting and the action is so cool!
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I'm funny, crazy, and have no filter on my mouth so if it comes out it just comes out. I love to write. My books are listed below. Will Someone Ever series: 1.Will Someone Ever Love Me (Completed) 2. Will Someone Ever Save Me (Ongoing) Hidden series: 1. Hidden Love (Completed) 2. Found Love (Ongoing) Random: 1. Troubled (Ongoing) 2. Can A Broken Hearted Girl Fall In Love (Ongoing) 3. You Will Forever Be My Lil Mama 4. To Love? Or To Be Loved? (Coming Soon) And I love me some YG, Migos, August Alsina, and Snootie Wild!!! But I mainly love Takeoff as Yall can see but anyways.... Plez read my books and comment on them!!!! And follow me!! Also follow my joined account I have with my friend. The name is @Mia_ChiChi00. Feel free to read our books, when we post them. Lol! Any way....... Vote, and Comment plez!!!!