I Slapped Mr. Popular (Soon To Be Rewritten) by Accident_Prone16
I Slapped Mr. Popular (Soon To Be...by Mickey
Book 1 of the Mr. Popular Series: Braelyn Sawyer is the invisible little sister of Nick, Nathan, and Kyle Sawyer. Each of her brothers are popular, handsome, and players...
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Hidden Secrets by kindlove706
Hidden Secretsby kindlove706
(Sequel to My Brother's Best Friend) DISCLAIMER: YOU MUST READ THE FIRST BOOK FIRST Three years ago Bethany Carrington got pregnant at the age of 16 by Blake Matthews, h...
  • love
  • josh
  • romance
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A Hundred Weddings by GotxAxSecret
A Hundred Weddingsby Jessica Schreave
He merely stands there, not moving at all. "Um, I don't know where your room is" I tell him. Then he faces me, "Kim, I want to kiss you" "What...
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Instagram || Zach Herron by itzfirah
Instagram || Zach Herronby Firah•WDW
Where a boy n a girl found each other and fell in love (Sorry in advance. For the spelling error and all)
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As Told By Nerdy by Tsubame
As Told By Nerdyby Shim Simplina
As if life wasn't hard enough being bullied and treated like garbage all the time; my loathsome, insufferable seat mate just had to come with his "secrets" and...
  • painting
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His Bad Luck Charm by SuzyDaye
His Bad Luck Charmby Squishy
River Yates has his whole life set out. He lives by the rules and tries his absolute hardest to keep his slate clean. Azra Lydia Grace is the complete opposite. She live...
  • river
  • doctor
  • comedy
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The Carnival ⌁ Draco Malfoy [1] ✔ by _TomMarvoloRiddle_
The Carnival ⌁ Draco Malfoy [1] ✔by _TomMarvoloRiddle_
In which a wizard meets a witch in the Muggle world. Emma Baranov attends Hogwarts for the first time after her parents remarry, expecting to have a normal fifth-year...
  • magic
  • dracomalfoyfanfiction
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Brothers best friend by galexysparkle
Brothers best friendby galexysparkle
Emma Johnson wasn't one to do bad things. One day her life changes when she moves to her new school that her brother had been attending. The plus side is she made actual...
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Emery: A Prince's Adventure by athrhteera
Emery: A Prince's Adventureby Athirah
Destined together before they were even born. Is it possible? Emery France Van Allan, a well-known prince has to marry due to his father's sake. He has been e...
  • prince
  • lachowski
  • marriage
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My billionaire by love_yourself28
My billionaireby Keep It real
Emma is a journalist for True World Magazine who was never getting any interviews so her boss Jenna was about to fire her. But she told Jenna that she could land an impo...
  • bachelor
  • bwwm
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Se mi presti l'aria... by valeriarusso524596
Se mi presti l'aria...by Valee
"Non è necessario stare qui con me, ma ora resta."
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Babysitting One Direction by SunshineFace
Babysitting One Directionby Emma
All eighteen year old Anna Lee wanted was a summer babysitting job. That's exactly what she got when she received a call from someone named Simon requesting a babysitter...
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Jessie's Lil Sister|| Luke Ross by babygirl-dolan
Jessie's Lil Sister|| Luke Rossby c.i.t princess
"You had a crush on my older sister?" "It's a long story" [JESSIE- own story though and doesn't follow specific episodes] {LUKE ROSS X OC} (I don't o...
  • emma
  • romance
  • jessie
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My Best Friend || E.D by emma_dolan1003
My Best Friend || E.Dby Emma
Emma Jackson, and Ethan and Grayson Dolan have been best friends since they were 3 days old. Ethan and Grayson are the complete opposites of Emma. Ethan and Grayson are...
  • graysondolan
  • thedolantwins
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Desperation by Wings_of_Fate
Desperationby F A L L E N
Desperation is a state of despair, one that results in rash and extreme behaviour. It is what we resort to in the most precarious times in our lives. It is the year 19...
  • emma
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  • ron
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Roses Are Red ≫≫Killian Jones [COMPLETED ] by stand_with_cap
Roses Are Red ≫≫Killian Jones [COM...by her majesty
One night, Rumpelstiltskin and Regina, have a child together, Scarlett. On her 26th birthday the curse is complete, and dragged her and the rest of the characters from t...
  • snow
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Emma Gilbert (Pt1) by Halo_Angel13
Emma Gilbert (Pt1)by Angel
Pt1 of the Emma Gilbert series COMPLETED -- This is a fan-fiction of the vampire diaries. Emma Gilbert is what they call me. My name is Emmilia Gilbert. I live in Mys...
  • bonnie
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Cessation ⌁ Draco Malfoy [3] by _TomMarvoloRiddle_
Cessation ⌁ Draco Malfoy [3]by _TomMarvoloRiddle_
Dumbledore is dead, Snape takes over his position as Headmaster, Voldemort has taken over the Ministry, and the battle of Hogwarts is approaching. People are disappearin...
  • hogwarts
  • harrypotterfanfiction
  • witch
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Regretting Rejection (ON HOLD) by mishmash70
Regretting Rejection (ON HOLD)by Maisha Brooks
"I, Alpha Caden Peter Black, Reject you as a mate." He stated. His posture was proud and a small smirk played on his lips showing that he wasn't affected at al...
  • romance
  • emmett
  • zaleya
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Neverland's Little Princess (OUAT/Henry Mills love story) Book 1 by ELBrett1309
Neverland's Little Princess (OUAT...by Mad Hatter
(This is NOT a Peter Pan love story he only loves her as a little sister/daughter) *Under editing. Lesley is a little 5 year old girl who's parents have abused her whole...
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