The Bad Boy Kissed Me by caraandnat
The Bad Boy Kissed Me by Lola
"His hand cupped my face and I felt tingles in my cheek. His head started leaning closer to mine and his other hand slid round my waist. My heart was beating quicke...
  • badboy
  • emily
  • romantic
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My Brother's Best Friend by knightsrachel
My Brother's Best Friend by Rachel
Completed. Emily Winston has returned back home after spending a year in London. She comes home to her shared apartment with her twin brother, Emmett, to find that Emmet...
  • completed
  • teen
  • teenagers
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The Alpha's Daughter by krazykatgurl
The Alpha's Daughter by krazykatgurl
"I, Cole Greystone, reject you, Morgan Mayor, as my mate." As soon as those words left his mouth, I felt my whole world, shatter into a million pieces. He lef...
  • family
  • love
  • morgan
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Hoodie Girl by rlynbaterina
Hoodie Girl by Mrs. Styles💕
Hi I'm Emily Rose, 17 years old. I study at jefferson highschool. I don't have a perfect life, neither do I have a good life, well I have a miserable one. Ever since my...
  • badboy
  • hoodie
  • highschool
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Pretty Little Liars Imagines. by Jenbob_xo
Pretty Little Liars Imagines. by Jen’bob🙊
I write stories, imagines and references, you can also follow me on Instagram. @prettylittleliarsreference
  • caleb
  • ezra
  • toby
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The Alphas Short Curvy Mate(Rewriting) by denisselovesbooks101
The Alphas Short Curvy Mate(Rewrit... by denisselovesbooks101
Alpha Blaze is a hybrid he is half vampire and half werewolf. He has the biggest pack of werewolfs and vampires the world has ever known and of course he is super hot an...
  • were-lions
  • blaze
  • parties
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Emison:True Love by pllsalt
Emison:True Love by pllsalt
Emily has always loved Alison and it turns out Alison loves Emily she just hasnt told her. It's about time she does. Even with her biggest secret ever. Will she tell Emi...
  • emilyfields
  • hannamarin
  • hanna
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He Found Me  by Tahstar
He Found Me by Tahstar
Highest Rank: #3 in Vampire (24th September 2016) *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ We all heard the story about when soul mates love each other deeply, they can never separate, right? ...
  • wattys2017
  • emily
  • runaway
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Emison: Roommates by slaymitchell15
Emison: Roommates by shannonm
Emison Fanfiction "And the final roommate rule... Try not to fall in love with me" Alison Di'Laurentis, the beautiful blonde queen bee, in her Freshman year of...
  • emily
  • little
  • pll
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Bad Boy Asher | ✓ by -eclipseiss
Bad Boy Asher | ✓ by bri
"he was dangerous but I couldn't stay away, even when someone else's life was in danger."
  • girl
  • emily
  • fiction
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Changed Fate by esoteric918
Changed Fate by Vicky C
Emily is a mother of triplets with an upcoming first birthday! She couldn't have been busier if she tried. That was until the werewolf father of her triplets comes home...
  • mikko
  • werewolf
  • emily
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The Seat Filler (Wattys 2015 Winner - HQ Love) by steffy_t
The Seat Filler (Wattys 2015 Winne... by steff
Lincoln Parker worked as a seat-filler, you know, those people that fill the seats when celebrities need to go to the bathroom during award ceremonies? Life as a seat-f...
  • lincoln
  • london
  • america
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The school for the gifted: Emison  by HarmonyInDark5
The school for the gifted: Emison by HarmonyInDark
Emily and Alison, high school sweethearts. They get into Americas prestigious school of the arts in two different subjects. New friends come and it's hard to find time f...
  • emison
  • emilydilaurentis
  • intersex
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The Game Changer by steffy_t
The Game Changer by steff
What is life without a little bit of complicated fun? The Game Changer by Steffanie Sequel to The Seat Filler #1 general fiction 04/06/2015
  • theseatfiller
  • emily
  • lincoln
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Emily Potter- Book 4 - Goblet Of Fire by IAmTheChildOfHades
Emily Potter- Book 4 - Goblet Of F... by IAmTheChildOfHades
Another year, another chance of dying the most gruesome way wizardly possible. That's how Harry & Emily Potter's life is at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft & Wizardry. A l...
  • emily
  • malfoy
  • tournament
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Morgan's Daughter  by glwithausername
Morgan's Daughter by glwithausername
Derek Morgan is an FBI agent. When Derek was 18 he got a girl pregnant. Once the girl found out she was pregnant she left Derek and moved far away from him. 13 years lat...
  • hotchner
  • jareau
  • family
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❤️Spencer Reid x Reader❤️ by MrsSpencerReid1012
❤️Spencer Reid x Reader❤️ by Mrs. Cailyn Reid 💙
This is a fanfic u should read if u love Spencer Reid and I mean u obviously do 😂 Requests r open!!! Thanks for reading! 👍 Slow updates cause I'm currently fighting L...
  • criminalminds
  • spencerreid
  • penelopegarcia
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Choosing Wrong by humanitis
Choosing Wrong by Human
***** My words were cut off and I was suddenly backed up into a wall, facing a very angry Logan. He looked me down in fury, making my size shrink even more with the way...
  • runaway
  • enemies
  • love
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Tied for Testing [A TBDL story] by SubLGJess
Tied for Testing [A TBDL story] by Jessie
Emily needs to find a summer job. She replies to an internet posting as a product tester.
  • abdl
  • tied
  • emily
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Everything I've Needed (A Jacob Black Love Story) by Asnowfallkindoflove
Everything I've Needed (A Jacob Bl... by Asnowfallkindoflove
Lucy Clearwater was born and raised in LaPush, but had to leave it all behind when she was fourteen to go to a fashion design internship in New York. Three years later s...
  • black
  • thanksgiving
  • uley
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