FE: Fates x Reader [One-shots] ON HOLD by Ruruki-Chan
FE: Fates x Reader [One-shots] ON...by R U R U K I
[Fire Emblem Fates x Reader One shots] Status: writing requests. "The third person point of view is reading a life from a different body, yet sharing a same mindse...
  • emblem
  • hoshido
  • leo
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Camilla x Male Reader Fire Emblem Fates Lemon by Xtra_Plot
Camilla x Male Reader Fire Emblem...by Xtra_Plot
Camilla From Fire Emblem Fates Lemon story
  • nohr
  • fire
  • camilla
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Fire Emblem Fates || one-shots by Cinderanna
Fire Emblem Fates || one-shotsby ♡ her♡
Who is your favorite fire emblem fates character? which ones make you faint, or squeal with glee? Which ones make you wish you could actually Be married with them? Well...
  • makoto
  • leo
  • chrom
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The Girl With The Red Lipstick by Guardiian_Angel
The Girl With The Red Lipstickby @/sparkydooodle
Hailey Pierce has never understood the appeal of One Direction. On the other hand, her best friend Kiara is obsessed with them, especially one boy in particular. But wha...
  • ill
  • tomlinson
  • jiminycricket
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Fire Emblem: Fates x Reader (Requests  CLOSED!) by dragonsveins
Fire Emblem: Fates x Reader (Reque...by so was I
Fates x Reader oneshots! (will add more parts to them if wanted.) You are ___, the royal child of both Nohr and Hoshido. Which side have you chosen? Well, that's up to y...
  • xreader
  • xander
  • fire
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You've Given Me A Reason (Emblem3/Wesley Stromberg Fan-fic) by emblemsx
You've Given Me A Reason (Emblem3...by -
Wes and Caroline really don't get along. He picks on her, and she really gets angry by his immature acts. But when Caroline's father takes a month long business trip and...
  • new
  • party
  • heart
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Curious - A Wesley Stromberg fan fiction by Michelle_MMann
Curious - A Wesley Stromberg fan f...by Michelle_MMann
When Sabrina gets tickets to an Xfactor live show, will she be able to keep herself contained when she sees her ex boyfriend Wesley Stromberg? Or will she fall for him o...
  • wesleystromberg
  • xfactor
  • curious
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A WHALE OF AZURA by oborokun
A WHALE OF AZURAby oborokun
Took me since november but i wrote this story. None of the art is mine
  • emblem
  • scat
  • bbw
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Tangled by Fate [Fire Emblem Awakening] by Vague_Cookie
Tangled by Fate [Fire Emblem Awake...by Jesse
As a girl I wandered, not knowing anything. As a warrior I wandered, not killing anything. As a mage I wandered, not questioning anything. As a creature I wandered, kno...
  • henry
  • lissa
  • maribelle
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Fire Emblem Quiz: Which Character are You? (Awakening Edition) by Sisters-Grimm
Fire Emblem Quiz: Which Character...by Sisters Grimm
A 20 question quiz to find out which FE: Awakening character you are! The options are: Chrom, Lucina, Robin, GV (Girl Version of Robin), Frederick, Lissa, and Emmeryn. B...
  • fire
  • lucina
  • quiz
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My Fe Art by RaynSakamoto
My Fe Artby ......
I LOVE fire emblem so much! I enjoy drawing people. Requests are open XD!
  • fireemblem
  • fire
  • art
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More Than Just A Sister (Takumi X Azura Lemon) by Emilinie95
More Than Just A Sister (Takumi X...by Emilinie~
I don't know if I will update this, I literally have no free time :( I've been play FE Fates so much lately and this is honestly my favourite pairing! Their support is h...
  • takumi
  • kiragi
  • azura
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My trashy edits by VYNinaianKamukura
My trashy editsby Ninaian
Title Also, some of them just have text included with the picture but I still count it. If you have a problem with it, I don't care, this is my book.
  • fun
  • opinions
  • random
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Song of the Empire by -wingless
Song of the Empireby J. R. Sorna
A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY HIGHEST RANKING: #805 IN FANTASY 1/2/18 In a magical empire built on wonder and light, darkness threatens to consume everything its inhabitants...
  • disagreement
  • witches
  • royalty
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As Strong As My Father by AlmCelica
As Strong As My Fatherby AlmCelica
"I want to be as strong as my father, but you know... I can't accomplish it without you. I am striving to become just like him! He was my star and still is my star...
  • soleil
  • fir
  • lucina
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Emblem by FreddyXx
Emblemby Farida Kroush
For the past sixteen years, Scarlett Adams has been dreaming about the day she'll wake up and find her emblem to discover what defines her. But now that she had seen him...
  • drawing
  • sister
  • depressed
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A E S T H E T I C + S T O R I E S by Trash_Bag_
A E S T H E T I C + S T O R I E Sby TrashBag
Greetings and Salutations! I'm TrashBag. Today I've made a new story so that I can practice aesthetic writing. You can request anyone and I will provide. (lowercase inte...
  • aesthetic
  • anime
  • trash
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Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon One-Shots by solarkittygirl
Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon One-Shotsby solarkittygirl
Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragons Oneshots!
  • fire
  • dragon
  • marth
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Fervor Discourse (Male Robin x Reader) by MadcapRiflette
Fervor Discourse (Male Robin x Rea...by Riflette
Set on Super Smash Bros 4. With the Arrival of two new Fire Emblem characters, the mansion has been more lively. Meanwhile, a certain female is stuck on the memories of...
  • emblem
  • reader
  • robin
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Betrayal by dragonslayer70
Betrayalby Dragonslayer
Robin has always given his everything to the Shepherds. But when they find out that he is to become Grima and kill them, they betray him. Now Robin is on a mission to se...
  • chrom
  • grima
  • robin
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