That would be enough (Lams) by KiRafunE
That would be enough (Lams) by potato
John Laurens was a normal orphan boy who lived a normal life. That is, until the owner of the orphanage died because of sickness. Now the orphans is at the brink of gett...
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  • marliza
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One shots? {Jamilton} by checkers65
One shots? {Jamilton} by Angelica!
They're one shots... and they're Jamilton... do i have to keep writing this summary or do you guys already know what this is? ⚠️most of these one shots are very angsty ⚠...
  • schuyler
  • madison
  • thomasjefferson
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Thicker than Blood - Book One (Watty Awards 2012) by thethornsofmylife
Thicker than Blood - Book One (Wat... by Ruth
Book One in the Soul Seeker Series. At fifteen Amelia is forced to move in with her birthfather when her mother passes away. A man she's never met before in her life, st...
  • sell
  • tense
  • moving
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Hamilton reacts to Musicals by -Froggy_Chi-
Hamilton reacts to Musicals by -Froggy_Chi-
The peeps from Hamilton react to musicals and maybe other stuff. I will add other characters from other musicals that they react to and some might stay and others will...
  • eliza
  • washington
  • hamilton
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The Forgotten Schuyler - John Laurens x Schuyler!Reader by RealMariaReynolds
The Forgotten Schuyler - John Laur... by Maria Reynolds
"I don't care what they say. You're not invisible." "Really?" "Really." Y/N Schuyler. Ever heard of her? No. You know the others, Angelica...
  • peggy
  • johnlaurens
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Hamilton Oneshots by Sammy_is_obsessed
Hamilton Oneshots by 🌈Sammy Sam🌈
A classic bunch of Hamilton oneshots with several different ships. So far I've included Jamilton, Lams, Mullette, Jeffmads, Burrmadds, Jaurens, and Laurmads. Most are fl...
  • mullette
  • hamilton
  • jeffmads
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Love Without Fear (Philip Hamilton x Reader) by Koocie-Monster
Love Without Fear (Philip Hamilton... by Koocie Monster
"Love me without fear." (F/n) (L/n) is a high school senior in King's High School, a performing arts school. She's friend with her childhood best friend and fa...
  • elizaschulyer
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HAMILTON PUNS (Made By Yours Truley) by BelleAshleigh
HAMILTON PUNS (Made By Yours Trule... by ☆Bęľle
Book of lovely hamilton puns made by yours truly ;3 Are you Broadway trash and happen to love hamilton a much as I do? Well mosy on down to hamilton pun town! Oh yikes...
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Hamilton RP {Not Accepting Any More Forms} by lucewoodismyship5
Hamilton RP {Not Accepting Any Mor... by rEVOLution
whatdaya think?
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King's College (Sequel to Too Young and Blind) by Shazzlin
King's College (Sequel to Too Youn... by Llama Goddess
Straight from high school Alexander and his friends head to college, unaware how everything they'd grown so used to and the relationships they'd learned would shift, cha...
  • peggy
  • schuyler
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Hamilton Watches Hamilton!!  by Jjjemma
Hamilton Watches Hamilton!! by Jemma❤️
Hamilton and other people are watching a musical about themselves created hundreds of years in the future! - - - - - - - - I hope you all like it!
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His Princess by AwayWithWriting
His Princess by Amelia Chorlton
A Bellarke Fanfiction. Haunted by the faces of those she killed in Mount Weather, Clarke wants to run from Camp. Bellamy however isn't going to let this happen and as th...
  • sifi
  • the100
  • future
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one last time || jamilton - slow updates by december_moon
one last time || jamilton - slow u... by December Moon
College/Soulmate AU Alexander was able to move to America when he was fourteen years old, and due to his age, he was requires to go to high-school, so he was sent to a b...
  • jefferson
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Hamilton Imagines by Imagine--Buddies
Hamilton Imagines by Peggy and Eliza
This is kind of Archive for our imagines that we post on Hamilton-ImagineBuddies on Tumblr! These imagines cover everyone from Hamilton! Keep in mind we're still adding...
  • jefferson
  • madsion
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Yellow (A Hamilton (Jeggy) Fanfiction) by Cocoa11121
Yellow (A Hamilton (Jeggy) Fanfict... by Cocoa
I gave up saying "And Peggy" A long time ago. Let's be real, it hadn't worked. Nobody noticed the middle sister, even when I wore yellow 24/7. But something ch...
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Critical --Jamilton-- by WhizzerMyMan
Critical --Jamilton-- by that guy
Six years later, Thomas thinks he's finally ready to move on, to let go. He's ready to get on with life and leave the past where it is. That is until something from the...
  • thomas
  • jefferson
  • jamilton
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Hamilton Memes by PippaLovesTurtles
Hamilton Memes by Pippa 💜🐢
a bunch of hamilton stuff I found. nothing special. I don't own most of this stuff, just found it online. only a few are mine
  • eliza
  • burr
  • hamilton
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The Third Pevensie Sister ᯽ Narnia by -trashmouthrichie
The Third Pevensie Sister ᯽ Narnia by -trashmouthrichie
eliza pevensie is in desperate need for a break from reality. her family is being torn apart, because of a war which her dad happens to be fighting in, and her twin bro...
  • edmund
  • aslan
  • mrtumnus
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Weird Indeed (A Hamilton Reader Insert Fanfiction) (COMPLETED)  by jollyolejorge
Weird Indeed (A Hamilton Reader In... by Gotta be soft
(This is the sequel/part two to How Weird is This? so read that before coming here) Y/n is finally situated in her new home, and is ready to raise her son. With shenan...
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Our long distance story - Alycia/You by bravesalycia
Our long distance story - Alycia/Y... by c,,
Social media started it all and it will keep like this. How long can it lasts? Different social medias: Instagram Twitter imessages enjoy..;)
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