Becoming Queen [6] by FifthAngeI
Becoming Queen [6] by αℓℓу Werewolf
Before I could even process what was happening, a large hand grabbed my mouth and pulled me back. My back hit the wall as two hands constricted around my neck, blocking...
Her Royal Pen Pal by Candle_Ice
Her Royal Pen Pal by Candle_Ice Teen Fiction
When Elise Van Hastening got a request to chat with 'prince_charming01,' she never expected him to be the real Prince Charming!
Devious: A Draco Malfoy Love Story *Finished* by ScareMeAway
The New Queen by maddyforauburn
The New Queen by maddyforauburn Fanfiction
What happens after Maxon and America get married? This starts at where The One leaves off. I don't own The Selection for it is owned by Kiera Cass. >>>>Conta...
Someday Soon by ughkaradanvers
Someday Soon by ˗ˏˋ MOLLY ˎˊ˗ Fanfiction
Its Elise's Birthday and every body has seemed to forgotten about it, or have they? Natasha and Elise have been spending a lot of time off the set of Carmilla an...
Kik (Negovanman Fanfic) by CamrenCamzLolo
Kik (Negovanman Fanfic) by CamrenShipper/Negovanman shi... Fanfiction
Natasha finds Elise on kik one night while drunk and drunk texts her
The Start of Something -A Naruto Story- by BeccaUzumaki
The Start of Something -A Naruto S... by Becca Fanfiction
A normal day in Konaha for Jiraiya turned upside down as he found a small, scared girl in the outside walls of Konoha. However after a lot of bonding at age 5 the girl w...
Fire Emblem Fates || one-shots by Cinderanna
Fire Emblem Fates || one-shots by ╳카메론╳ Fanfiction
Who is your favorite fire emblem fates character? which ones make you faint, or squeal with glee? Which ones make you wish you could actually Be married with them? Well...
Fire Emblem Fates x Reader Finished by Corrin_of_Nohr
Fearless Fiery Beauty by Kaytlyn_Hand
Fearless Fiery Beauty by Kaytlyn Ann Hand Action
How do you tell the difference between adventurous and life-threatening if you are impervious to fear? You could ask Edana Keelia Greenwood, a 17 year old girl that most...
Forever our Secret (GirlxGirl) by Fear_The_FWZZ
Forever our Secret (GirlxGirl) by Fear_The_FWZZ Fanfiction
The Creampuff fandom dream. A Negovanman Fan Fic. Sorry Role players. This is their story not in character XD. This will be the depiction of my messed up mind and how El...
Princess of the Secret Garden (On Hold) by ccarolxnee
Princess of the Secret Garden (On... by CAROLINE Fantasy
Elise's mother, Queen Evangeline, died when Elise was 15, due to a surprise attack on the kingdom. Thing is, Queen Evangeline was the mother of the Secret Garden. The o...
Protect Me ~Kyoya Ootori~ (OHSHC) WATTYS2017 by Elleefinity7
Protect Me ~Kyoya Ootori~ (OHSHC)... by Ellee-chan Fanfiction
Elise Kinowa, only daughter to the Kinowa family grew up with the Ootoris, and became especially close to their youngest son, Kyoya. When Elise was four, her families co...
The Elite (Where the King is Nice) by kimpa11173789
The Elite (Where the King is Nice) by Tris Fanfiction
This book is a sequel to my other book, The Selection (Where the King is Nice) Please read that book before you read this one. If you don't, this story probably won't ma...
Broken Dreams ( A Griffin Gluck Fan Fiction) by Dancerjbf1203
Broken Dreams ( A Griffin Gluck Fa... by Jennifer Frick Fanfiction
Masako Somer is a normal middle schooler that watches tv all day and gets in trouble, until one night her best friend, Elise Malloy, got here up late at night to get som...
Unblooded by Onyx-98
Unblooded by Onyx-98 Science Fiction
Elise Dwight was only five years old when a Yaujta Predator, ship landed on her family's farm. Her parents left to seek out the threat but did not return, so she takes m...
The School Of Illéa by _apink_highlight_
The School Of Illéa by _apink_highlight_ Random
A girl called America Singer got a letter to join a very expensive school for free! A boy called Maxon Schreave is the school owner's son. A lot of girls will gather aro...
Southern Belle by Springgirl101
Southern Belle by Springgirl101 Humor
Belle Wilkes is miserable living in her small town in the south. Unlike her family and friends, she actually wants to make something out of her self, and she isn't conte...
His Sex Slave by ToriTBF
His Sex Slave by ToriTBF Romance
Whats it like to be told what to do 24/7? Its hard to be fearful of a man that you have feelings for even if he does label you as His Sex Slave. You will do what it take...
5 Lives - 1 Soul by aquaamethyst2
5 Lives - 1 Soul by aquaamethyst2 Fantasy
Elise, Delilah, Adara, Colette and Mia live different lives, they don't even know each other exist until magic breaks through... When the diamonds of magic are released...