What's for you, won't go by you by 2017StoryTeller2017
What's for you, won't go by you by 2017StoryTeller2017
The story takes place after the 'Touch my body' YouTube video has been released on KindaTV. It's just a bit of fun turning Natasha and Elise into characters for the purp...
  • natasha
  • natlise
  • negovanman
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Her Royal Pen Pal by Candle_Ice
Her Royal Pen Pal by Candle_Ice
When Elise Van Hastening got a request to chat with 'prince_charming01,' she never expected him to be the real Prince Charming!
  • king
  • royal
  • ball
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Becoming Queen [6] by FifthAngeI
Becoming Queen [6] by αℓℓу
Before I could even process what was happening, a large hand grabbed my mouth and pulled me back. My back hit the wall as two hands constricted around my neck, blocking...
  • alphafemale
  • enemiestolovers
  • guardian
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The Start of Something -A Naruto Story- by BeccaUzumaki
The Start of Something -A Naruto S... by Becca
A normal day in Konaha for Jiraiya turned upside down as he found a small, scared girl in the outside walls of Konoha. However after a lot of bonding at age 5 the girl w...
  • cute
  • weeb
  • anime
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His Sex Slave by ToriTBF
His Sex Slave by ToriTBF
Whats it like to be told what to do 24/7? Its hard to be fearful of a man that you have feelings for even if he does label you as His Sex Slave. You will do what it take...
  • elise
  • romance
  • scary
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Fire Emblem Fates x Reader Finished by Corrin_of_Nohr
Fire Emblem Fates x Reader Finished by Shepard
This book is at an end
  • takumi
  • fireemblem
  • conquest
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The long road. (Negovanman) by JessyKirina
The long road. (Negovanman) by Kirina
Hay veces que aunque todas las señales te digan que no, aunque parezca que el universo entero te está gritando que no puede ser, la esperanza y luchar por lo que deseas...
  • natasha
  • lesbian
  • hollstein
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The Elite (Where the King is Nice) by kimpa11173789
The Elite (Where the King is Nice) by Tris
This book is a sequel to my other book, The Selection (Where the King is Nice) Please read that book before you read this one. If you don't, this story probably won't ma...
  • prince
  • palace
  • guilt
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Unexpected Baby by dianounoune12
Unexpected Baby by DianeClexaHollstein
Laura got pregnant. Was it an accident or something evil?
  • karnstein
  • elise
  • hollis
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Unblooded by Onyx-98
Unblooded by Onyx-98
Elise Dwight was only five years old when a Yaujta Predator, ship landed on her family's farm. Her parents left to seek out the threat but did not return, so she takes m...
  • trial-by-pain
  • unknownworld
  • outcast
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Fire Emblem Fates || one-shots by Cinderanna
Fire Emblem Fates || one-shots by ♡ her♡
Who is your favorite fire emblem fates character? which ones make you faint, or squeal with glee? Which ones make you wish you could actually Be married with them? Well...
  • request
  • fire
  • oneshots
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Loveless Marriage by banana1825
Loveless Marriage by banana1825
"I hate you." Although deep down I knew I could never hate you, I loved you. I loved you with all my heart, I loved you until the ends of the Earth, and I coul...
  • ihateyou
  • heartbreak
  • damon
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Forever our Secret (GirlxGirl) by Fear_The_FWZZ
Forever our Secret (GirlxGirl) by Fear_The_FWZZ
The Creampuff fandom dream. A Negovanman Fan Fic. Sorry Role players. This is their story not in character XD. This will be the depiction of my messed up mind and how El...
  • negovanlis
  • fanfic
  • negovanman
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Till The End by Victoria_Alexa
Till The End by Ru_Jas
Taglish. Elisha Elizabeth Brien, Elise for short, 17 years old she's a billionaire's daughter she was very lonely because her Father don't want her to go in highschool...
  • romance
  • tilltheend
  • love
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The Selection Fanfiction (Editing) by Constellattions
The Selection Fanfiction (Editing) by Mars
"Just leave me alone." I say, pushing him away. "Why?" He pressed me. He wouldn't understand. You see, I'm only one in thirty five. He won't love m...
  • celeste
  • love
  • marlee
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Adopted by Lin Manuel Miranda by hamilton_trashh
Adopted by Lin Manuel Miranda by Hamilton trash
Hannah is going through the unimaginable. (yes that was a hamilton reference, there will be more where that came from) She grew up in the foster system. When she was 5 y...
  • lin
  • elise
  • lafayette
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Earth Song | FE Fates by kimcgray95
Earth Song | FE Fates by Kimiko
Five years after Anankos's War, Nohr is on the brink of financial ruin and political destabilization - Xander's new farming policies are not going over well with the pub...
  • fireemblemawakening
  • fireemblemfates
  • leo
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Kik(Negovanman) by hollsteingirlforever
Kik(Negovanman) by Raeeee(Vanson)
Elise-HAAAYYYY Negovanlis-Who's this? Elise was drunk one day and randomly found Natasha
  • negovanlis
  • negovanman
  • justin
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Millionaire Playboy - A Pokémon FanFic (Old) by reginamattdlp
Millionaire Playboy - A Pokémon Fa... by Nina <3
Ash Ketchum is a millionaire. He has it all; the looks, the money, the job, but something's missing. Love. Every time he meets a girl he takes her out on a date, but the...
  • love
  • ash
  • pokemonfanfic
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How I Lost You (J House Vlogs) by AriesAndFire
How I Lost You (J House Vlogs) by HayleyFan15
"Walking alone is not difficult but when we have walked a mile worth a thousand year's with someone then coming back alone is what is difficult" - Isla Riley J...
  • laura
  • elise
  • caleb
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