Lutin, the kingdom of Fays. by BooksWishii
Lutin, the kingdom of Fays.by BooksWishii
The title says it all. This is a roleplay, though.
  • kingdom
  • rping
  • vampire
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Astray by BayyMaaxx
Astrayby A. G. Gumandoy
MORE PLOT-POLISHED AND STORY-FLOW MODIFIED VERSION OF LOST IN NETHERWORLD! (This is a tagalog book! Maniwala po kayo hehe) If you guys wanna check that one out, I'll lea...
  • killing
  • magic
  • brutal
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Liz's Book of Sarcasm and Rants by DaddyWuvsMe
Liz's Book of Sarcasm and Rantsby Daddy’s Little One
  • reversefalls
  • dipper
  • willcipher
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Book 8 by chirikosan
Book 8by Nancy Foster
After defeating Gulraj, Spaulding realizes something is wrong. Everytime he uses sorcery, he is ravaged by devastating pain in his chest that had been wounded by a stray...
  • ya
  • fantasy
  • adventure
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Life As If It Was A Roleplay  by -ombrexithedadsuki-
Life As If It Was A Roleplay by DADSUKI
Trapped by her vampire cravings, Ashley goes to a school for magic and mythical creatures. Her dark magic, water, ice, and nature powers have been hidden away for a whil...
  • bird
  • powers
  • giftedschool
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Of Captivating Power by StoryInTheMaking
Of Captivating Powerby StoryInTheMaking
It wasn't supposed to be this way. I wasn't supposed to be alone. I had so many dreams. Dreams with my family. Dreams of magic. Of happiness. But, dreaming is what brok...
  • prophecy
  • light
  • war
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Moonbreeze (Legolas x OC) by InariKiri
Moonbreeze (Legolas x OC)by InariKiri
Ithilae is never alone. Her ancestor, an elf known by many is haunting her with his presence, always by her side because of the guilt he carries for not being able to st...
  • legolas
  • boromir
  • ring
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Dragons, Death, and Day Drinking by ChrisBauer4
Dragons, Death, and Day Drinkingby Chris Bauer
On the way home from her mother's funeral, Jean Turnbull meets a mysterious man on the airplane. Things escalate pretty quickly.
  • magic
  • modernfairytale
  • elf
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مفر by cx_cy61
مفرby bx_cy61
عندما يثور الخيال على الواقع ليصبح كل ما هو واقعي محظ خيال، ويبدأ شخصٍ يدعى كيو باللعب بعرائس تجسدت لبشر، حينها باتت الأرض حُجرة وهو من يملكُ مفتاح النجاه!!!
  • kyungsoo
  • دونغهي
  • romans
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• niebieski miód |eldarya| by ritsuoka
• niebieski miód |eldarya|by invisible hands ~
Aileann, która przebywa w Eldaryi już od kilku tygodni, nie poddaje się w kwestii swojego powrotu na Ziemię. Mimo szybkiego zaklimatyzowania się w magicznym otoczeniu, w...
  • ewelein
  • elf
  • akcja
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Song of Talons by Sebust
Song of Talonsby Sebust
Visael is a young boy trained in the arts of the bladesingers, warriors of peace in the land. After his trials, he is placed under the apprenticeship of one of the great...
  • assassination
  • adventure
  • elf
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The Shifter |The Hobbit| by SpaceWalkingTyler
The Shifter |The Hobbit|by SpaceWalkingTyler
(This is a Legolas fanfic) Eilra Murion was the last of her kind. A shifter, much like a changeling, only much more dangerous. Eilra grew up with the elves of Rivendell...
  • legolas
  • frodo
  • dwarves
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Adventures Spirt  by BeeQuizGamer
Adventures Spirt by ~ChubbyPanda~
An adventure isn't just for one person...
  • fairy
  • demon
  • adventure
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Fight for Justice by KKat203
Fight for Justiceby The Archer
How did Frodo really save the ring? True, it was Aragorn and Gandalf who helped, but the real secret was hidden away in parchment long ago, and now, it is found. This is...
  • sauron
  • gollum
  • sam
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Cultists in Locktuse by TheBauta
Cultists in Locktuseby The Bauta
After finding a book on harvesting necrotic energies to fuel the return of a powerful necromancer, the Adventurers seek out the island of Locktuse. There, they find a pr...
  • cultist
  • nox
  • dnd
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Old and Beautiful( A Thranduil love story) by yfLOTRfan
Old and Beautiful( A Thranduil lov...by Yana
A story set in ' the Hobbit' . I decided to call this story ; Old and Beautiful ' because the title resembled an elf/elleth , Elves can live to thousands of years but ca...
  • friendship
  • hobbit
  • love
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Breaking the Elven King by EllenSweetPotato
Breaking the Elven Kingby .
Caiden felt like somebody had punched all the air out of him. His heart was pounding in his chest and he was sure his jaw was lying on ground. He could not believe it. H...
  • king
  • war
  • badboy
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Just A Maid by swords_and_shields
Just A Maidby Hopeless Romantic
When Gwen's father was killed in Haven, she decided to join up with the Inquisition to take down the bastard that killed her father. Little did she know, she would find...
  • rutherford
  • romance
  • thedas
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Sealed: Hana's Story by ima_pandachu
Sealed: Hana's Storyby fangirling
What happens to a summoning animal that isn't exactly in animal? Well Hana has been through it and has been forced to move out of her home into man's territory. There sh...
  • sorcerer
  • magic
  • summoningbeast
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Finding Love by kbanan
Finding Loveby kj/lee
June, a 19 year old girl, leaves her home and her family to escape the embarrassments and deceit that she has been through. She can't understand her own feelings and wan...
  • mystery
  • runawayprincess
  • elf
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