Unloved, Married and Pregnant... at 18??? by Kimmeg13
Unloved, Married and Pregnant... a... by Kimmeg Teen Fiction
Kayleigh hasn't ever felt loved, nor has she ever felt like she belonged. Her father is a multi millionaire who has no time for her, and her mother is too caught up in...
Even Goody Two-Shoes Have Secrets by BraveNewWriter
Even Goody Two-Shoes Have Secrets by BraveNewWriter Romance
Her name is Melanie Clark and she’s a goody two-shoes. She’s always followed the rules. In fact, she’s a bit of a moralist. Never been kissed, never snuck out, and never...
The Bad Boy's Princess by Fangurlitis
The Bad Boy's Princess by Tabitha Teen Fiction
Arabella Smith is just like any other teenager. Except for one minor detail - she's a princess. What happens when she moves to Maddensville, New York, bumps into the ba...
An Ariella Story by oneandonlygabbs
An Ariella Story by Gabbs Teen Fiction
Ariella Scott is the modern-day Cinderella. After her parents are killed in a tragic car accident, it leaves nine year old Ariella an orphan. It doesn't take long for a...
Snake Eyes [boyxboy] by SkeneKidz
Snake Eyes [boyxboy] by Jen Romance
Mark Luce is a clueless, kind-hearted 17 year old. Having to deal with his perverted best friend Shaw, his vicious bully Joey, a grandpa that still thinks he’s in World...
Seeking Hope [BoyxBoy] by Deny_Fate
Seeking Hope [BoyxBoy] by Amy Romance
''You don't know me?'' he asked me with the same soft voice. ''How could I?'' I yelled, struggling even harder. ''Let m-me go!'' My voice started to crack. I was breathi...
Losing your virginity to a bad boy by paintedkisses
Losing your virginity to a bad boy by paintedkisses Short Story
Annie Brown is a seventeen year old virgin and all of her friends have had their cherry-popped, a Fourth of July party happens to make Tyler Johnson's and Annie's paths...
The Beginning by FKnight80
The Beginning by Felicity Knight ChickLit
Amelia struggles enough with her dad being gone and having to take care of her little brother, Danny, but it's worse still with her mother being a deadbeat, abusive, dru...
18 (Sequel to 15) Harry Styles by Soccer1D
18 (Sequel to 15) Harry Styles by Sam :) Fanfiction
It's been almost three years since I bumped- no sorry "tackled" Harry Styles. Ever since that day it's been crazy. I guess that comes with being associated wit...
Dark and Light - Book 1 of the Dark and Light Trilogy - Nico di Angelo by Hanly_Daws
Arranged Marriage to my Best Friend?!?! by SkaterGirl15
Demon's Height by SimpleTelly
Demon's Height by Chantelly Romance
Liorn, King of Fawn always wanted one thing. To have a family. One that would love him and cherish each other. He marries a neighboring kingdom's daughter. The enchantin...
✧ eighteen; e.d by luvindolan
✧ eighteen; e.d by kay Fanfiction
❝happy eighteenth, virgin.❞ ©luvindolan started ; septemebr 17th 2017 ended ;
Le Joker by Andie_AmericanPsycho
Le Joker by Andie_AmericanPsycho Fanfiction
Gotham is in ruins. Batman is no where to be found since the destruction. Jerome Valeska is still out there, capturing girls on the eve of their 18th birthdays. And no...
The Friendly Neighbour by SharonEtukudo
The Friendly Neighbour by I go by many names..Shetukudo... Teen Fiction
When John Hopmann becomes Annie's new neighbour she notices he acts strangely around her and is a little too "friendly". She dismisses any suspicions she has o...
eighteen • mgk x camila by weightlessmuke
eighteen • mgk x camila by - Fanfiction
where a girl dates a boy to piss off her parents, scare them, and show them she's all grown up. © weightlessmuke 2017
Kiss me again. [An All Time Low Fan- Fic.] by DrowningInSoundwaves
Kiss me again. [An All Time Low Fa... by DrowningInSoundwaves Fanfiction
Cameo is an 18 year old living on her own and exploring life. She's usually a lucky, outgoing girl, until she meets the guy of her dreams, in the least likely place, Ale...
Shawn's Side [Sequel] by SkeneKidz
Shawn's Side [Sequel] by Jen Teen Fiction
(Continuation of Twice The Love, Twice The Hate) With Shane and Luna together and happy, Shawn Jarvis seeks to find his own happiness with his romantic interest, a girl...
18 Years // A.I. by wolfieraeken
18 Years // A.I. by Chris Fanfiction
What would you do if you learned your mother was lying to you for the past 18 years and is really the one who abducted you?
Normel? by megsie2835
Normel? by ♡ ∞ ♡ Humor
I am not normal. I am normel. I am not human either. I am hooman. ⇜﹏⇜↯ Life for Zoe Axel is in a way normal and at the same time, not normal at all. She only just mov...