Beauty and the Pharaoh by luckycharms
Beauty and the Pharaohby Thannujah Mathiy
May Khan's life was always pretty normal, but with final exams, prom and graduation looming around the corner, she didn't care much for anything except for getting out o...
  • love
  • prince
  • egypt
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Pharaoh's Bride by Hijabi-Soldier
Pharaoh's Brideby Tara Jadestone
Aneksi, known as Neferkempi to her beloved, is the most recent addition to the Pharaoh's harem. Inexperienced in politics and life in court, Aneksi finds herself in the...
  • featured
  • nobility
  • wife
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The Pharaoh's Dancer by Tic_Tok
The Pharaoh's Dancerby Tic_Tok
"Do you know what to do, Amunet?" A voice as sweet as silk whispered into the young girl's ear. Amunet didn't look over her shoulder, but shifted uncomfortably...
  • dancing
  • gods
  • harem
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His Queen  by Randomgirlwithasmile
His Queen by Rain
She was his from the moment her pathetic mother begged for life... She was his from the hair on her head to the toes on her feet... She was his woman. His. Because he...
  • love
  • fantasy
  • anubis
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Over The Nile (BoyxBoy) by Cynning
Over The Nile (BoyxBoy)by Cynthia Ugwudike
Milah is a slave in the royal palace of Egypt, works at a brothel to make up for the debt his father left him in. He has been waiting for the love of his life to return...
  • wattys2016
  • poc
  • humor
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The Pharaoh's Soul (Slow Updates) by Artemis_Twyla
The Pharaoh's Soul (Slow Updates)by Marie Gidney
'One day when the world has recreated itself a woman with hair uncommon and the skin of Ra shall be reunited with her one true love the Pharaoh. Her eyes shall be amber...
  • pharaoh
  • hate
  • school
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The Egyptian and His Sister Wife (18+) by 1107YoMomma
The Egyptian and His Sister Wife ( 1107YoMomma
Hasukalon has more to deal with now that his soon-to-be wife's virginity has been taken. Thank Ra that their father is rich.
  • mother
  • ancient
  • egyptian
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Queen Of Egypt, {Book One}. by ayomitolewa
Queen Of Egypt, {Book One}.by Adewumi Ayomikun Hannah
Egypt was her name,The gods choose her for greatness, sharpened and spawned her in the golden buds of shellfish. Destined to do the impossible,Egypt desired her like the...
  • heir
  • jealousy
  • ancient
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Hidden Secrets {Bill Weasley} by IzzyBella3
Hidden Secrets {Bill Weasley}by Izzy
Harley Lupin is a curse-breaker working for Gringotts bank in Egypt. After many years, a boy- or should I say- man, she went to school with get's transferred from the ba...
  • egypt
  • bluebelle
  • bill
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My Pharaoh {Zarry} by Esi-jenny
My Pharaoh {Zarry}by Esi-jenny
Harry and his best friend Niall were part of a school trip to Egypt, organized by their history teacher and their school for them to get the opportunity to learn more ab...
  • zarry
  • niam
  • femniall
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The Golden Queen by OliviaFallyn
The Golden Queenby Olivia Fallyn
After an enchanted artifact lures Kara Walker three thousand years back in time, she finds herself in the perilous world of ancient Egypt, an era when everyone fears-and...
  • fiction
  • ancient
  • wattys2016
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The Flames of Hathor by LadyRowyn
The Flames of Hathorby Rowyn
"She wanted to save them all, to heal their ailing world. Then they killed her. Suddenly, peace no longer mattered. " Not many worlds can pinpoint the exact mo...
  • villain
  • set
  • humor
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As Fate Dictates by kingperera
As Fate Dictatesby Nusrah Perera
The story of a girl, chosen by the gods and by fate, to save Egypt. To save the world's greatest civilization in the race against time. Plucked from her 21st century lif...
  • love
  • avanjogia
  • merge
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The Morning Sun by CorinneBell1
The Morning Sunby Corinne Bell
A story set in Ancient Egypt in the time of Ramesses the great. A young girl called Khepri ( meaning the morning sun) is brought up in the palace alongside the Pharaoh...
  • passion
  • romance
  • historical
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The Light of Egypt by FlukeyThunder74
The Light of Egyptby FlukeyThunder74
FlukeyThunder74 has found himself in the world of ancient Egypt after a strange artifact sends him there. Because of his unnatural attire, he's captured by guards and ta...
  • farah
  • osira
  • god
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Warrior's Princess by Unwritten_Angel
Warrior's Princessby Little Sun
Rick has a sister, who happens to be betrothed to Ardeth . But she has some secrets of her own, what happens if she goes back to that cursed place again with her brother...
  • movie
  • love
  • themummy
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War Of Egypt II • The Persians by DaughtersOfHorus
War Of Egypt II • The Persiansby DaughtersOfHorus
When the tale of Egypt ended, the only problem that existed was the seeming threat of Ametis's son Atenosis and how he awakened his father back from the dead. It was an...
  • evil
  • war
  • light
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Life in the Past - Yu-Gi-Oh Fanfic [Finished] by SmolMight
Life in the Past - Yu-Gi-Oh Smol Cinnamon Roll
Yugi, a young boy who was a servant for the royal family in Egypt, had stumbled upon the young prince with one of his teachers in the garden. Yugi was not allowed to bef...
  • egypt
  • atem
  • yu-gi-oh
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Arch Enemy » Supernatural by assguard
Arch Enemy » Supernaturalby h a d e s
o. ARCH ENEMY ❝she wore the smell of blood and death like perfume❞ (supernatural) (season 13) (plot by @ralijah) (cover by @pietrhoe)
  • history
  • empty
  • satan
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How you met Atem (Atem X Reader FanFic) by DemiDaWeeb
How you met Atem (Atem X Reader DDA
This is about you, when you meet Atem for the first time, does it go well, maybe, does it begin to fit together with the pharaoh's past? I wouldn't have said so if it di...
  • atemxreader
  • duelmonsters
  • egypt
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