Graphic Shop by totgraphics
Graphic Shop by tater tots™
in which six girls make you wait a long time for graphics.
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zustin manips by resurrectionist
zustin manips by anna
i'm not too good at writing descriptions, but i make manips that feature justin bieber and zayn malik. hope you take the time to look at my work and enjoy them!!!
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˗ˏˋMomoGs Graphicsˎˊ˗ by MomoGordaShipper
˗ˏˋMomoGs Graphicsˎˊ˗ by ˗ˏˋнearт ѕнaĸerˎˊ˗
❝Donde te muestro mis ediciones basuras de TWICE.❞
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Cover Contests | Open  by Skipper_019
Cover Contests | Open by Skipper
Highest Ranking: #419 in Random Weekly cover making contests with prizes to be won. ~NOT TAKING REQUESTS FOR CONTESTS AT THIS TIME~
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Need A Cover? ||OPEN|| by thisgalwrites
Need A Cover? ||OPEN|| by ThisGalWrites💖
COVER BOOK SHOP ||OPEN|| [Highest Rank #41 in RANDOM] Need a Cover? I can make you one. Details are inside❤
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[✓] bts username ideas by 1C0N1C
[✓] bts username ideas by BAEKERY
highest rank; 320 in random
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graphic portfolio by jiminist-
graphic portfolio by ˗ˏˋ A L I C E ˎˊ˗
//alice's graphic portfolio; graphic edits and graphic entries ⁙ i am not accepting any kind of graphic request through pm ⁙ do not d...
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Fart's Graphics by fartette
Fart's Graphics by 앤디 andy
hello! i am andy and i make things. here lies a portfolio and cover shop. come on in, i don't bite! #92 in random; 11.11.17 #91 in random; 11...
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sophisticated artistry。 by aeyeonii
sophisticated artistry。 by shin ♡
❝second installment of my random craps & shits, also random graphics. my randomness are all here.❞ 1st book, aleatory graphics. ✔ 102417
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Perpetual Snow » Graphics V3 [TEMP. CLOSED] by obsidianix
Perpetual Snow » Graphics V3 [TEMP... by 「 snow 」
❛And it doesn't look like the snow'll ever let up.❜ ••• Hello! Welcome to the land of perpetual snow, where the white wonderland is all the eye beholds! It can get a...
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ᭂ࿐Uρα by Mayvshii
ᭂ࿐Uρα by -`ℳαyυrι͜͡❀´-
⌈❁⌋ ⇝Aᴇsᴛʜᴇᴛɪᴄs ⌈❃⌋ ⇝Mᴏᴏᴅʙᴏᴀʀᴅs ⌈♡⌋ ⇝Cᴏᴠᴇʀs
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Nightfall graphics by CHOGIOUT
Nightfall graphics by ☾
Nightfall graphics。 ❝Nightfall graphics serves you Tumblr-ish, manipulated covers and mood boards!❞ Second batch officially open!! First instalment of chogiout graph...
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soft edits | bts by KITTENSEOK
soft edits | bts by ㅤ
❝i'm soft, don't fucking touch me.❞
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666 edits. by moxns-
666 edits. by christmas.♡
No finjas una sonrisa ahr
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Urban Trailers || Open by loyallyric
Urban Trailers || Open by Jo
Welcome to Loyallyric's Productions! Here anyone can request a trailer or ad for their books. Videos can be created for stories to awards books! *Closed for catch up bu...
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Varying styles of covers including: AESTHETIC, MINIMALISM, SCI-FI, and ANIME (not as much, I've deleted most anime cover attempts!) ▫️these are all entries ✔️ ▫️request...
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SINFUL by malankova
SINFUL by malankova
[NOT WILLING TO TAKE REQUESTS] Well, well, well, if things aren't getting exciting...
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Black Mass [Graphic Shop / Corner] by WWEAmbrophobia
Black Mass [Graphic Shop / Corner] by FTRR~Get it?
In which, a 20 year old psychology student makes people a sort-of awesome covers as well as icons for their awesome stories and/or profile. Requests are only entertained...
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Book Covers by kkerend
Book Covers by -
Examples of some premades I designed. PM me if you want a costumized cover. I may not accept all cover requests and I only consider requests that have been PMed to me. I...
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Cover Shop by bcdwolf by bcdwolf
Cover Shop by bcdwolf by ℒin
[ status: hiatus ] you need a cover for your fanfiction? feel free to request! ©bcdwolf
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