The Commute | ✓ by awishgrantingfactory
The Commute | ✓by awishgrantingfactory
⌈ It was the 7:58AM commuter train, that brought a timid writer and an opinionated business man together. ⌋ Book #1 - Love On Public Transport Series Copyright © 2017 b...
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[Templates For Covers] by o_kay71
[Templates For Covers]by Guéna
(Random Book) •[Templates] •[Collages] •[Pictures || Wallpapers] •[Portraits] •[Textures || Graphics // Overlays] •[Fonts] •[Apps] •[PnGs] ...
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The Company | ✓ by awishgrantingfactory
The Company | ✓by awishgrantingfactory
⌈ The timid writer and the opinionated business man became each other's company, both at work and at home. ⌋ Book #2 - Love On Public Transport Series Copyright © 2017...
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Tra le righe by MaddieLys
Tra le righeby Madison Alyssa Johnson
Volete sapere tutto del mondo editoriale? Vi servono consigli per migliorare il vostro romanzo? State editando la prima stesura e non sapete che pesci prendere? Questo...
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Absolutely Random: Cover Entries by Ei_Daisuki
Absolutely Random: Cover Entriesby renei⤴
◽◽◽contest entries◽◽◽ ▶Anime cover ▶Real face claims cover (This is not really a 'graphics portfolio' because I stack most of my works (i. e. Cover requests) in my devia...
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The Fan and The Editor- A CrankGameplays X Reader Fan Fiction by JessieIsNotOnFire91
The Fan and The Editor- A CrankGam...by Xx_Doragon_Kasai_xX
What will happen when your older brother Mark introduces you to his new editor, Ethan, also know as the one and only CrankGameplays. Let's see if you can start a new cha...
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My Roommate's Boyfriend [A Wesley Johnson/Wes The Editor Fanfic] by iGetsCrazi
My Roommate's Boyfriend [A Wesley...by Nayuh!
What happens when a girl falls for her co-worker, who turns out to be her Roommate's boyfriend? Read & Find Out. (This is a story about Wesley Johnson/Wes The Editor/Wes...
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callous ► a graphic shop by autumnicity
callous ► a graphic shopby 〔tumiel〕
〝 callous 〞► a graphic shop ❍ status: open
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Luna Lovegood by meeko228
Luna Lovegoodby Suzanne
[BOOK ONE] Loony Lovegood--the girl everyone made fun of. The girl with more to her than what meets the eye. She's different, you know (although I presume you already...
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Cover to Cover | Graphic Shop & Tutorials | CLOSED by justlyd
Cover to Cover | Graphic Shop & Tu...by @hennwick
A book in which I share tips and take cover requests
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Tythan Au's by Marvelgirly
Tythan Au'sby SlushieWithAnEmail
Tyler x ethan Au's for all you lovelies! No smut though, I do take requests!
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Cover Book by CaffinatedSoul
Cover Bookby Muskaan 🔥
welcome to my edited world with a pinch of filters in them. covers are solely made by me.
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70 Deadly Wattpad Sins (The Book Of Evil Advice!) by Tyro31
70 Deadly Wattpad Sins (The Book O...by Tyro31
We all know exactly what we should be doing, in order to make it big on Wattpad... but what about the stuff we're not supposed to do? This book will cover 70 of Wattpad...
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UnknownWriterM Creations (GRAPHIC SHOP) by myra_1
UnknownWriterM Creations (GRAPHIC...by UnknownWriterM
• STATUS - CLOSED • Highest Rank: #36 on 03/02/2018 in Random Hey, I've just started trying my hands in editing. So, here is my first cover book. I am an immature edito...
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Complexity is the Majestic by koovus
Complexity is the Majesticby koovus
Parker Evans, picks up where he left off- dazed and confused working with entrepreneurs and his new found duality wrestling with the feelings he's acquired for a strippe...
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The Editor by Shelby_l15
The Editorby Shelby/Smosh_Lover15
Shelby Harrison is 25 years old and has just graduated from Fowler University with a bachelors degree in IT and a double major in videography and editing. Shelby has bee...
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Watty Editors by WattyEditingService
Watty Editorsby Watty Editor Volunteers
Are you in need of an editor to help with your current story? Or are you someone who enjoys helping others in their writing? Well, this is the WRITE place for you! Auth...
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Red Maple Leaf by AMMPEDU
Red Maple Leafby Alice
Mercy Rubio doesn't like being in second place. Especially after Louis Anson took her exam and claimed first place. Years later, Mercy and Louis are now fighting...
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Heteroclite   ◦  tutorials  by autumnicity
Heteroclite ◦ tutorials by 〔tumiel〕
Heteroclite ◦ tutorials ✧ in which an amateur teaches you about different editing and filter / effect apps in mobile with additional tutorials related in editing ✧ pola...
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Little Infinity • Hatfilms Book 2 ✔️ by SierraOwls
Little Infinity • Hatfilms Book 2...by Natelley
The Editor of the gaming channel: Hat Films is back, a little worn down from too much childish men despite bringing her closer to a family of friends. Stephanie Rees can...
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