Edit like an Editor: A Wattpad Featured Guide | Taking Requests by jgfairytales
Edit like an Editor: A Wattpad Fea... by Jen
*A WATTPAD FEATURED GUIDE* *Highest Ranking #5 in Non-Fiction's HOT List* • Do you find yourself with too many typos? • Grammar and spelling tools don't always find your...
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instagram | jikook by MYGKOOK
instagram | jikook by ⠀⠀
in which jungkook has a fan account for model park jimin. [#347 ; complete.]
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Love just happens by Average-Fangirl-
Love just happens by Hopeless Romantic
He's that "nothing" when people ask me what i'm thinking about 💫
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| Cover Contest | by Tiana_425
| Cover Contest | by Tiana_425
| Cover Contest | (open) Hosted by Tiana_425 Read more below ↓ ...
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The Broken Luna by xXCobaltGalaxyXx
The Broken Luna by Jupiter
Then it hit me, that delicious smell was coming from him. I jumped up to my feet, my green eyes glued onto his icy blue ones. I wanted so badly to bury my face into his...
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My baby Mila by Nothingbutlove_21
My baby Mila by Nothingbutlove_21
Victoria. She just graduated from high school. Ready for whatever summer brings her. Excited to start college with her friends and boyfriend. What happens when she disco...
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CRACKSHIP GIF SHOP by itsdelicate
in which you request gifs, and i make them.
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On Set by eleutheromania99
On Set by eleutheromania99
I thought I was better alone. I knew I could make it alone and be fine. But when he came into the picture, maybe I didn't have to be alone. He could be the one that comp...
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Percy Jackson and The Avengers by emlove0
Percy Jackson and The Avengers by Emma Rose
Percy is heartbroken. Heartbroken and desolate. All he wants is his family (both blood and not) back. But he knows that all dead things should stay dead. The Avengers d...
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Princess  by toffytroll
Princess by abigail c.
Keep your head high princess, or your crown might fall off.
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[ O P E N ] Cover Contest by WonderWeirdWoman
[ O P E N ] Cover Contest by Nico-san🌟
[✔]Open [ ] Hiatus [ ] Close Wanna challenge yourself in editing? Or are you just looking for a cover contest with 'legitness' all over it. Pro or Noob everyone is W E L...
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My Only Creatively  by _MissC12_
My Only Creatively by (。┰ω┰。)❤
>> just some graphic book where I post my editing stuff maybe some random stuff to.
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Runaway Princess (Complete) by The_Vampire_Queen28
Runaway Princess (Complete) by The_Vampire_Queen28
Sadie used to dream of being a princess. Used to dream of being able to save her family. That is, until she was 10 and actually met the prince. Finding out that she was...
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Book Cover Tips 2 by -voidallison
Book Cover Tips 2 by ❝ TAYLORD ❞
Still need help with creating book covers or just editing in general? Then you're in the right place! [ cover contest winner @khylinrhambo ]
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Trials of True Love  by KayNilla
Trials of True Love by Kajal Haripersad
The song itself held so much meaning to our situation, so I committed it to memory, remembering each step and exactly how it felt to be in his arms for one last time. ...
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Cinematic Covers [OPEN] by spiderlingo
Cinematic Covers [OPEN] by ⅉay
making book cover dupes based on tv shows & movies!
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dopamine「a graphic portfolio 」 by -KAYLEIGH
dopamine「a graphic portfolio 」 by ℬ
cz/en welcome to my graphic portfolio. always read and respect my rules. - using photoshop cs6 - textures I used are always written under the picture on my deviantart...
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Graphics Gallery [Open] by XxSamairaxX
Graphics Gallery [Open] by SΔMΔIRΔ
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13 Reasons Why // Team 10 by duhitzcyn
13 Reasons Why // Team 10 by •-•
You can't stop the future.... You can't rewind the past.... The only way to learn the secret is.... To read the rest.... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Don'...
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Bad Luna by LostPrincess_
Bad Luna by Alpha Kay.❤️
Lilliana is seventeen years old. Daughter of the most strongest pack. The moon pack. Her brother is upcoming to be the alpha of there pack. Lilliana was raised getting w...
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