I was a Mistake by AbbyDi23ner
I was a Mistake by Abby General Fiction
Best Ranking: #33 in General Fiction! Eden's mother considers her the ruin of a perfect family. When the only father she's ever known leaves her and her family behind a...
eden ➡ james f. potter by KayleighCParsons
eden ➡ james f. potter by KC Parsons Fanfiction
❝You could have anyone, mate.❞ ❝Yeah, but I want her.❞ or in which Hogwarts is his garden and she's the forbidden...
Fall by SamMaze
Fall by Sam Maze Adventure
The battle may be over, but the war has just begun. Four weeks after Piper's daring conclusion to the combined East-West threat, she finds Reine has secretly discovered...
Finding Eden by foaled
Finding Eden by madison Romance
After the death of her parents, Eden does everything she can to recover from the blow. Little does she know that Cade, the boy she meets during the very first week, will...
Forever with His Edith  by AbbyDi23ner
Forever with His Edith by Abby Romance
A collection of one-shots of my characters from I was a Mistake. Eden, Noah and More! One-shots as well as a view into their lives together. This is not a stand alone...
My Guardian Angel by Lee_Marie24
My Guardian Angel by Lee Fantasy
I unwrapped the scarf from my neck and threw it to the rock. I took one more step to the rocks edge and saw below. Not that far of a drop. But it didn't matter how far o...
XO by celliem
XO by C E L L I E Teen Fiction
"ѕнe'ѕ ιn love wιтн тнe concepт, aѕ ιғ we are all jυѕт нow ѕнe ιмagιned" ______________________________ Eden Zaveri is in a rela...
EDEN & Stuff  by jonestly
EDEN & Stuff by —honourjoe ♡ Random
jonathon ng. that's all i have to say. jokes he's not that well known and it aggravates me on a spiritual level memes, gifs, videos and pictures of the king of sad songs...
After Champion (Complete) by sydney111222
After Champion (Complete) by Syd nay nay (or just Sydney) Fanfiction
After reading the whole Legend series by Marie Lu I was so sad the way the story ending. I wanted to see how June and Day ended up together and if they got married, and...
Reminisce  by millianna_ohwode
Reminisce by Millianna Ohwode Romance
They were childhood sweethearts until Cassandra cut all connections from him. The universe has brought them back. Past memories are rekindling a lost love. But Cassandra...
Sense • Eden Hazard •  by Nolove_11
Sense • Eden Hazard • by FoolsGold Fanfiction
He knows what he wants, he gets what he wants. That's simply how it works when you're the Prince of Belgium, even if what he wants could cost him everything.
the narry project ☪ hes plus njh by ezraroses
the narry project ☪ hes plus njh by bea Fanfiction
One-shots baseadas nas músicas do cantor Jonathon Ng (EDEN). © 2017 bea.
river walks as we flow | SM by palecszonowy
Ablackwing (Wattys2017) by lovelesslbh
Ablackwing (Wattys2017) by loveless Fantasy
Eve used to have dreams of a boy who grew wings and flew inside the clouds... One day, she saw angels falling from the sky. Among them was the black winged angel who fe...
The Island of Utopia (Assassin's Creed 3 Fanfiction) by AssassinChibiNora
The Island of Utopia (Assassin's C... by Squishy Baby Nora Fanfiction
Just when Connor thinks the war is over for him, he and his crew of sailors decide to help out the homestead by going out into the sea to create a fair commerce with one...
Undead - The Walking Dead Fanfiction by Freya_Unpublished
Undead - The Walking Dead Fanficti... by Freya Fanfiction
Eden Hollister is a loner. She's had a tough childhood, and finally feels welcome when the zombie apocalypse happens. She doesn't spend a lot of time with groups, howeve...
The Descent of the Gods by JacobMooney3
The Descent of the Gods by Jacob Mooney Spiritual
The Bible also tells of gods and monsters.... Before the great flood, angels take on human form and descend to earth to put an end to the evil spreading among men. But w...
The Heinous Prodigies Book One: The Lost Dreamer by SEscuadro
The Heinous Prodigies Book One: Th... by SEscuadro Fantasy
When fifteen-year-old Eden Paris discovers that not only is she not human but rather, a descendant of gods and angels, a demiangel, she is plunged into the world of the...
[E D E N°]The Secret Survivors by HttpBusan
[E D E N°]The Secret Survivors by UnnieBusan Adventure
~Original deleted book of @DreamNumul~ ~Continue by @HttpBusan~ Back in year 「×48」the first group of 5 teenage children roamed around earth, the 4 females of Eden. And t...