In Their Eyes by 2bulletsandadream
In Their Eyesby Sky
For there's a whole world in the eyes of men Just short descriptions of different people's eyes
  • wattys2017
  • eyes
  • gray
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Hanging in the Balance by grm345
Hanging in the Balanceby Grace MacPherson
When your world crumbles around you it seems that all hope is lost. Some don't even realize the situation until it's coming down upon them. In this futuristic novel th...
  • adventure
  • family
  • future
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Elementals [Book Two] by WolfLover660
Elementals [Book Two]by ♡Winter♡
"W-Where are all the monsters coming from? Like the Seatreded and now the Cyclops'? They shouldn't have been there..." Asked Arella once we were stopped at a g...
  • monsters
  • werewolf
  • fire
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The Elemental Seven: Nature Lives by Gazza-G
The Elemental Seven: Nature Livesby Gareth Metcalf
The world around us can be diverse in so many ways, but sometimes the most diverse way is a way we may never have known possible. And that is a secret that will soon be...
  • friendship
  • elementalmagic
  • electricity
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Hetalia Randomness by MKai28
Hetalia Randomnessby Meg
HETALIA RANDOMNESSS RANDOM CRAP DONE WITH THE HETALIA GANGGG sort of a sequal to the death note randomness books, meaning there will be a few references to what happened...
  • hetalia
  • anime
  • italy
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secret society (Aliens at the earth's core) by duck1a
secret society (Aliens at the Donald Duck
The scientist Robert Peterson wants robots to go beneath mount Kilauea to explore the underworld but aliens underneath the earth are about to be discovered...
  • earth
  • underworld
  • alien
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2199 Days by EmmisonsStories
2199 Daysby Emmison’s stories
So this is my take of season 5. It will be in both Clarke's and Bellamys pov. I'm not an experienced writer so please do not hate on this. 17K READS HOW IS THAT EVEN BLO...
  • earth
  • bellarke
  • thebunker
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Forgotten Kingdom [COMPLETED] by DaYeon_EXO
Forgotten Kingdom [COMPLETED]by Da Yeon
Yuki is not just a regular girl. Her mother and father are of mixed bloods. Meaning she has the rare ability to control all four elements. Even among the rare she is rar...
  • king
  • wattys2016
  • ice
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Dragon Riders: Rise From The Ashes (Book 2)  by Elliemay97
Dragon Riders: Rise From The Ellie-May
With triplets on the way and the battle that seemed to have happened a eternity ago,has all been put behind Ophelia and Hyuk. All is as it seems,or is it? This is the ri...
  • earth
  • fire
  • fantasy
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The Long Lost Powerful Princess And The Elite's Princes And Princesses  by LIS_MEYOO1221
The Long Lost Powerful Princess JEON KOOKIE
  • ice
  • traitors
  • fantasy
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Hollow Earth: The Untold Secret That Is Meant To Unfold by CrypticWordSmith
Hollow Earth: The Untold Secret Cry
"Hindi lahat ng pinaniniwalaan natin ay totoo, minsan ay puro lamang ito pagtatakip sa katotohanan." Discover the real Earth. Do not believe your belief. Enter...
  • survive
  • seasons
  • cats
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Elemental Wars: Not As It Seems by ElementalWars
Elemental Wars: Not As It Seemsby ElementalWars
A young girl finds out things she never knew were real, but only a fairy tale. When she learns she is part of another world, not just part of it, but the most important...
  • earth
  • light
  • boys
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The War Across Dimensions by farrellhenderi
The War Across Dimensionsby B E Y O N D
A group of scientists found a beacon-like artifact in the Gulf of Mexico. 2 years later, they turned on the beacon, hoping to find other sources of life. Unknown to them...
  • sci-fi
  • aliens
  • dimensions
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STORM by pencilartistry
STORMby the happy shark
Everyone is born into an element. Water, Fire, Air, or Earth. At 15, you get to learn your element and meet your spirit animal. There's a special ceremony,blah blah blah...
  • adventure
  • fire
  • spiritanimals
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The Element Five  by thedork6
The Element Five by Nmarg
I'm really horrible at descriptions just but I can tell you it's inspired by Voltron Legendary Defender on Netflix's and Avatar: The Last Airbender soooo
  • plants
  • water
  • fights
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Supernatural  by UnrealisticStudios
Supernatural by Lauren D
Ever isn't normal. She and her four best friends have been blessed with the power of 5 elements: Wind, Water, Fire, Earth, and Darkness . But, why? Why does Ever have th...
  • elements
  • mature
  • fantasy
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Fairytale endings • HOO by candidshots-
Fairytale endings • HOOby CHEETO
  • pjo
  • camphalfblood
  • earth
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Elementals by TaylorTot46
Elementalsby Taylor
In the world of Erakain, there are magical beings called the Elementals, who control the elements and everything else that keeps the world in balance. Years ago, they al...
  • dakotahdarknessmolder
  • water
  • nature
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Astronomy Angel by GoldenScriptWriter
Astronomy Angelby Golden Script Writer
An angel who wants to learn about astronomy. A child who has her whole life ahead of her is living in heaven as an angel. She studies by herself the subject of astronomy...
  • acting
  • youngadult
  • heavenandhell
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NASA by sugarscheeks
NASAby Sugar
Ketika NASA gagal menyelamatkan krunya yang tertinggal diruang angkasa. River harus bertahan hidup disuatu planet tanpa oksigen. Mars. Planet tak berpenghuni kini menj...
  • planet
  • indonesiamembaca
  • sci-fi
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