A night with Dracula by kissmybff
A night with Dracula by ♡¸.•°*”˜Sarah ˜”*°•.¸♡
"I wanna kill you.." He whispered huskily. "I dare you" I said. Seventeen year old Sonee rave win's a contest to go stay at Dracula's castle for two...
  • whit
  • intense
  • secrets
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Music To My Ears ~ Bucky x Reader ~ SLOW UPDATES by fandom-slut
Music To My Ears ~ Bucky x Reader... by JJ
[Y/N] is a telepathic/telekinetic assassin. She finally decided to use her powers and skills with a gun to help the avengers and clear her bad name. But that turns out t...
  • ears
  • captainamerica
  • music
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rare»muke hybrid by dipshidiot
rare»muke hybrid by madi
"do you wanna come home with me bud?" "y-yes please"
  • hood
  • ears
  • hybrid
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seashell ears | park jimin by EnchantedSeouls
seashell ears | park jimin by 이 끔이
"why do you hold my hand and listen to another girl?" - short chapters, short story started/finished: 17/07/14
  • listen
  • love
  • ears
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My Life as a Teenage Neko by Kyubei
My Life as a Teenage Neko by Ky
Hello. My name is Sara Hawkins and i am a fifteen year old girl. I used to be a regular highschool student, but that was before I woke up one morning as a neko. Now I ha...
  • transformation
  • fantasy
  • spirit
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Bored? Check This Out! by ThatCat
Bored? Check This Out! by ThatCat
Hey! Are you bored and have absolutely nothing else to do? Me too! I have something that could solve that problem. A quick little question to spark a no brain-er answer...
  • hair
  • moms
  • kidding
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The Puppy and The Wolf (Boy x Boy) by HannahTennyson
The Puppy and The Wolf (Boy x Boy) by Hannah Tennyson
This is the second book. The first one is Puppy Lovin'. One night, Germany finds a plate of wurst on the table. Also a mug of Beer. "Italy can be really thoughtful...
  • tail
  • side-pairings
  • prucan
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Kakashi's daughter by fallen_nightmare132
Kakashi's daughter by Vamp_Lover
Kisa has been treated like a monster her whole life just because she was born with cat ears and a tail. Her twin sister Hina was born normal as you can get. Kisa's vill...
  • tails
  • ears
  • naruto
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Just a Fan ✧ Ariana Grande by damnxlester
Just a Fan ✧ Ariana Grande by ✨
"I'm just a fan to you anyways." What's worse than being friendzoned is being fanzoned. All Rights Reserved Copyright © 2016 damnxlester
  • homo
  • grande
  • lesbian
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Moe Moe no Jutsu by YukinaSacho
Moe Moe no Jutsu by Reira
The short stories/drabbles in this group is about Moe= a cute-ness in a personality of one's character, such as pout/blushing/flushed cheeks, tears, puppy eyes and etc O...
  • yamamoto
  • cream
  • tsunayoshi
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Neko Girl by fallenangel253
Neko Girl by Skylar Wolf
You'll read about it. So why spoil it!
  • tail
  • girl
  • ears
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The Onslaught-Pagan Church by Nagato
The Onslaught-Pagan Church by Koranteng Joshua Yaw
Jeremiah 2:10-11 Has it ever been heard that a nation has changed it's gods, even though they are not gods. Friends for 6months since April 2011 i have kept silent hopin...
  • 19-20that
  • answer
  • realities
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Charming Kitty (Anime Story) On Hold by MajesticWifi
Melancholia Billet-Doux by spiderwebbed
Melancholia Billet-Doux by parker
Everything I could never tell you.
  • little
  • think
  • movies
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the meating by oliviat443
the meating by oliviat443
it all started with a simple meating
  • swag
  • teenmom
  • yolo
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Red by Tarny96
Red by Tarny96
"I have always thought that the big bad wolf is angry because he is lonely," I teased, Seff threw his bow and arrow on the ground. I had incensed him. His obs...
  • twins
  • enemies
  • climax
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Why Is She Covering Her Ears? by Pizzaloverdude
Why Is She Covering Her Ears? by William
Jackie Tucker has autism and has some sensitivity to certain noises. Whenever she hears something that bothers her, she would cover her ears and pretend that nothing is...
  • girl
  • autistic
  • noises
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The Love Illusion (a Malfoy fanfic) by Crazybibliophile
The Love Illusion (a Malfoy fanfic) by Mikey
Maya, has always been pretty average, but when Draco Malfoy comes to her MUGGLE school she'll find out she is completely unique. The only problem is she finds out too la...
  • edge
  • ears
  • harry
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Kitten by lameasfuck
Kitten by Hello Friend
Ddlg Teacherxstudent Kitten play Daddy dom is her teacher Melody is in a predicament. She accidentally called her history teacher, Mr. Alexander, Daddy. This may l...
  • domsub
  • ddlg
  • ears
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