Just a Fan ✧ Ariana Grande by damnxlester
Just a Fan ✧ Ariana Grandeby 💋
"I'm just a fan to you anyways." What's worse than being friendzoned is being fanzoned. All Rights Reserved Copyright © 2016 damnxlester
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Music To My Ears ~ Bucky x Reader ~ SLOW UPDATES by fandom-slut
Music To My Ears ~ Bucky x Reader...by ✨
[Y/N] is a telepathic/telekinetic assassin. She finally decided to use her powers and skills with a gun to help the avengers and clear her bad name. But that turns out t...
  • buckybarnes
  • captainamerica
  • bucky
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Kakashi's daughter by fallen_nightmare132
Kakashi's daughterby Vamp_Lover
Kisa has been treated like a monster her whole life just because she was born with cat ears and a tail. Her twin sister Hina was born normal as you can get. Kisa's vill...
  • tails
  • kakashi
  • naruto
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I'm His Kitty by MaggieeWritess
I'm His Kittyby ~ Follow Backs ~
Kitty is not a normal girl. She lost her memories at a young age and now lives with a teen named Shito Shakinz. Their life together is strict, scary sometimes, and confu...
  • abuse
  • amnesia
  • captive
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rare»muke hybrid by dipshidiot
rare»muke hybridby madi
"do you wanna come home with me bud?" "y-yes please"
  • michael
  • irwin
  • hemmings
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Wild Wolf  by Crazy_Child_777
Wild Wolf by The Little Witch †
Vixen Moon adopted by the Silvers Who have 6 sons who will she fare
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Animal Ears amv by FairyMariaTale
Animal Ears amvby FairyMariaTale
It is all girls with animal ears and please be teenier or older I hope you like😉On Youtube
  • amv
  • music
  • girls
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The New Girl by Analise_thefox
The New Girlby Fox Lover
Annalise is a new student at a school called Ears and Tail high school. She was always weird and shy . She almost always travels at night. She is shy and weird because s...
  • tail
  • lizzy
  • school
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What He Hears | A Zane~Chan FF by my_ships_
What He Hears | A Zane~Chan FFby Ro Po/tato
Meif'was vs Humans. Misunderstandings. Love. "Kawaii~Chan is not a Meif'wa! Kawaii~Chan swears, so don't recruit her to your stupid army!" "Hey, Zane's na...
  • meifwa
  • traitor
  • hybrid
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seashell ears | park jimin by EnchantedSeouls
seashell ears | park jiminby 이 끔이 • 김 종현
"why do you hold my hand and listen to another girl?" - short chapters, short story started/finished: 17/07/14
  • parkjimin
  • beach
  • romance
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Neko Girl by fallenangel253
Neko Girlby Skylar Wolf
You'll read about it. So why spoil it!
  • cat
  • neko
  • ears
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Why Is She Covering Her Ears? by Pizzaloverdude
Why Is She Covering Her Ears?by William
Jackie Tucker has autism and has some sensitivity to certain noises. Whenever she hears something that bothers her, she would cover her ears and pretend that nothing is...
  • noises
  • autism
  • girl
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The Puppy and The Wolf (Boy x Boy) by RinKaneko
The Puppy and The Wolf (Boy x Boy)by Rin Kaneko
This is the second book. The first one is Puppy Lovin'. One night, Germany finds a plate of wurst on the table. Also a mug of Beer. "Italy can be really thoughtful...
  • spamano
  • lemon
  • prucan
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Snared by cabash515
Snaredby Ashley Marie
Elizabeth Newton is a regular teenager, with ears, a tail, and sharp canine teeth... What's the big deal?... Oh yeah, I forgot. Welcome to the world in the future. When...
  • selling
  • secrets
  • marriage
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Lumine Werewolf by HoppyTheBean
Lumine Werewolfby Shayla
this is a 1st person story about a weredog, werewolf, and witch
  • kody
  • thats
  • lumine
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I'm All Ears by imallears2012
I'm All Earsby Ears
Some general facts about me. You can also feel free to ask me any questions about the Post Mortem Multiverse, or anything about Post Mortem in general.
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Lumine x Kody by HoppyTheBean
Lumine x Kodyby Shayla
Kody and Lumine start to have feelings for eachother...
  • kody
  • beautiful
  • love
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Kitten by lameasfuck
Kittenby Hello Friend
Ddlg Teacherxstudent Kitten play Daddy dom is her teacher Melody is in a predicament. She accidentally called her history teacher, Mr. Alexander, Daddy. This may l...
  • domsub
  • ddlg
  • collars
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The Legend of the Kitsune by MadiRandolph
The Legend of the Kitsuneby MadiRandolph
After his mother died and his father left him, his aunt took him in. Nick is a nice guy that can fit into any surrounding.... usually. But what will happen if his secret...
  • action
  • noparents
  • romance
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Older SebaCiel one shots Lemon And Fluff by FivenightProtector
Older SebaCiel one shots Lemon And...by FivenightProtector
Ciel is aged up in this story so he's legal to do the dirty. Him and Sebastian are so happy for that. I don't ship Sebaciel that much, but I do not like smutt with Ciel...
  • ears
  • r18
  • lemon
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