Be My Princess by dandan101
Be My Princessby Danielle
Kiara was an orphan from birth turned dirty street kid by 16. Because of a promise made to her by a little boy when she was younger she holds on to the dream of a bette...
  • heart
  • drama
  • attack
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My Life In Ruins by writeon27
My Life In Ruinsby Ansley
Passport? Check. A book of maps of every country in the world? Check. Backpack and small suitcase that contains everything I possess? Check. The world best, internati...
  • early
  • festival
  • newyorkcity
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A flame in the Storm by miraage
A flame in the Stormby Andaleeb Zaidi
Highest rank #16 on 11/12/16 I clutched his leg as he turned to go. "You had me enough times that you don't want me anymore" I struggled as the pain didn...
  • marriage
  • early
  • mystery
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The Movies Make It Look Easy by XfudgesiclesX
The Movies Make It Look Easyby Karen
Shannon moves to London, expecting the perfect College experience, but from Day One things don't go according to plan. Between a roommate that seems to hate her, a cr...
  • gleek
  • nikki
  • roommate
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Guarding My Investments (Book One Of The Rothmann Series) by Brisa_Davis
Guarding My Investments (Book One...by Brisa Davis
She's tough. Sexy. Ruthless. Lillith (At least that's one of her favorite alias') is a burning inferno. She doesn't need protecting. She's a killer. Her bigg...
  • bodyguard
  • early
  • hot
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The Dancer **1D fanfic(editing) by doginadoggiepool
The Dancer **1D fanfic(editing)by Dog in a doggie pool
(BOOK ONE) Sammie had lived in a small Oklahoman town for all her life, not to say she didn't do a little living. Eventually everyone will grow up and move out of the...
  • college
  • direction
  • liam
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Yeah I slept with your boyfriend...but I didn't intend on falling for him. by dofkhottie94
Yeah I slept with your boyfriend...by Diamond
Being seen as the school slut does not make high school any easier. Especially if you live in the shoes of Layla. This independent, promiscuous sex lover does not take...
  • went
  • story
  • boyfriends
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The Player & The Tomboy by BiiteMee
The Player & The Tomboyby BiiteMee
Meet Aiden King, he’s got it all, money, the car, the girls, the popularity, the body and a bright future. He’s also the world’s biggest player. Meet Katarina Pierc...
  • project
  • weird
  • fights
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Layla Learns to be Brave by BronWhitleyAuthor
Layla Learns to be Braveby Bron Whitley-Author
'G'day,' from Layla, the fun and feisty seven year old who lives Down Under! * Available to purchase on Amazon in paperback or e-book: http://www.myBook.to/LaylaLearnsto...
  • book
  • chapter
  • books
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In The Full Bright: The Story of An African American Slave (COMPLETE) by ErikaViktor
In The Full Bright: The Story of A...by Erika Viktor
A young African slave buries his brother during the yearly suckering. --------------------------------------------------- I wrote this short story after finding in my a...
  • early
  • american
  • slavery
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seadust and fucklust. by bloodyviolets
seadust and fucklust.by bloodyviolets
  • heart
  • morning
  • calls
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The Vampire With Braces by U12B12
The Vampire With Bracesby Liv
It really sucks that Vampires don’t turn for the first time until their 16; if they were just born that way then life would be a whole lot easier for Flynn Rilegate. Hig...
  • early
  • revenge
  • changing
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Yearning For My Wolf (Wolves in the Woods 2) ON HOLD by nightcat
Yearning For My Wolf (Wolves in th...by Kes Osborne
Casee and Seth are back again! Plans are being set in motion as women from across the country with a strong resemblance to Casee are being murdered. This is no doubt ano...
  • doorbell
  • bacon
  • fight
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Dear readers, by Pryde7
Dear readers,by Pryde7
This is exactly what it sounds like. Basically a diary that can be freely read by anyone on Wattpad who wants to read it. Everything written here is true and it is all f...
  • september
  • watermelon
  • genocide
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Brutally In Love [COMPLETED] by vastphantasm
Brutally In Love [COMPLETED]by ayba
Creating and building your future with the one you love is every girls dream. Together with a perfect husband that will definitely treat her as the queen. Will th...
  • early
  • teen
  • mom
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Early Birds & Louis Tomlinson by GoldenLeaves
Early Birds & Louis Tomlinsonby emmaline ☾
{book 2} - un·re·quit·ed love – Quite possibly the worst feeling ever. People have scars in all sorts of unexpected places, like secret roadmaps of their personal histor...
  • malik
  • horan
  • direction
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A Doctor's Memory (Emergency! FanFic) by BeatTrekkie007
A Doctor's Memory (Emergency! FanF...by Bad Wolf
Emergency/Laramie crossover. If ya like either one then come along for the ride as Nurse Dixie McCall tells a true story about her friend and lover, Dr Kelly Brackett.
  • emergency
  • jess
  • harper
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Munakata X Reader One-Shot [Early In The Morning] by MeriiKurosawa
Munakata X Reader One-Shot [Early...by busy with life
"What a sight to see everyday." "And today is the rarest."
  • munakatareisi
  • munakata
  • morning
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The Spares by sethloversunite
The Sparesby Seth Vaughn Appreciation Soci...
The past years, but never the forgotten ones. The love, hatred, jealousy and devotion of a band cemented between Keely Staub and Seth Ryan. Excerpts of the lost years. F...
  • cute
  • keely
  • message
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