Baby Doll (Harry Styles) by Wonderwall123
Baby Doll (Harry Styles) by Wonderwall123
In a corrupt community, young girls are sold to men as mere objects of pleasure and they are kept for as long as the men desire. But things take a turn when the spoilt s...
  • dystopia
  • dystopian
The Claiming by Beautiful_Dreamer
The Claiming by Emily
The kingdom of Bayfell requires that every male and female must marry after he or she turns sixteen. Of course, not everyone loves this law, but the kingdom's population...
  • claiming
  • love
  • ceremony
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It Hurts [COMPLETED] by kayyfagan
It Hurts [COMPLETED] by feelin’ schwifty
In a world of black and white, seeing colour is achieved only through physical contact with your soulmate. A pendant acquired at birth has the first words said to you by...
  • soulmate
  • soulmateprompt
  • romance
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Eve by CesarVitale
Eve by Cesar Vitale
-Featured Story -Wattys 2016 Winner Eve's a vegan zombie, and she really doesn't care what you think of it, so shush it. All she wants is to get by and find some pigeons...
  • teen
  • humor
  • comedy
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Other Side (A Divergent/ Eric fan fiction) by wearedauntless
Other Side (A Divergent/ Eric fan... by wearedauntless
Skylar is just as innocent as her name. After choosing the most dangerous at the ceremony, she knew that she would be leaving behind her Amity mother and boyfriend to en...
  • war
  • eric
  • simulation
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The Last She by hjnelson
The Last She by H.J. Nelson
A plague has swept over the Earth, killing the majority of the population and every female. Except one. Ara witnessed the horror and destruction, but for the last three...
  • betrayal
  • kidnapped
  • nearfuture
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Arena of Justice (completed) by rachksnaps
Arena of Justice (completed) by Rachksnaps
In future America, seventeen-year-old Zoe never expected to find herself on the wrong side of the law, but when she's convicted of a murder she didn't commit, she's sent...
  • friendship
  • relationship
  • romance
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Let Me Go by Sw1mmer_G1rl342
Let Me Go by Sw1mmer_G1rl342
"Dangerous criminal." I correct him. His eyes snap back to mine. "I don't think you're dangerous." He says. Ha! He hasn't seen half of what I can do...
  • dystopian
  • teenromance
  • fantasy-romance
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The Wives by tranquilstars
The Wives by luna madelief
- WATTYS 2017 WINNER - I am Endure. I've been in this house for 1,080 days. For 1,080 days, I have done the same knitting, washed the same laundry, donned the same pair...
  • religion
  • marriage
  • sexuality
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Ink | Soulmate AU |  ✓  by roseways
Ink | Soulmate AU | ✓ by ✧ becka ・゚: *
If you touch your skin with ink, the marks you make will appear on your soulmate's skin too. Those who have this power are known as the Inked. It can be beautiful or dan...
  • fantasy
  • escape
  • teen
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Wildlings by theemmpress
Wildlings by The Emmpress
✨Watty Shortlisted!✨ In Albia, the poor are scum, and there's no scum worse than Exotic immigrants. Shy, studious Sannah MaVae is determined to make something of herself...
  • survival
  • scienceficton
  • nature
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The Four - Book 1 by book_fann
The Four - Book 1 by book_fann
-"You're special, fire boy," the man grins, "you and the others are just getting started." - Fire. Earth. Water. Air. It's 2890. In the US, eve...
  • water
  • dystopia
  • fiction
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Solstice Howl by peachless__
Solstice Howl by jade
10 decades ago, the werewolves took over majority of the human race. The remaining human females are put into small villages, to where they are casted off into woods whe...
  • powers
  • mystery
  • mate
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DEAD IN BED By Bailey Simms: The Complete First Book by Adrian_Birch
DEAD IN BED By Bailey Simms: The C... by Adrian Birch
You've never, ever read a book like this. When a sexually-transmitted plague breaks out in Ashley Young's small town, leaving its victims with a bizarrely amplified libi...
  • kidnapped
  • teen
  • thriller
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Under Glass (Complete) by SamMarsden
Under Glass (Complete) by Sam Marsden
In Eos, a glass-domed colony on Mars, perfection is survival. But 17 year old Eva Knight, the President's daughter, feels anything but perfect. Under Glass is a fast-p...
  • sciencefiction
  • featured
  • dystopian
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Enhancement #Wattys2015 WINNER! by scifiwriter
Enhancement #Wattys2015 WINNER! by kelly
Welcome to the nation. Welcome to the place where everything is monitored... everything is portioned... everything is perfectly under control... Everything except the Sk...
  • wattys2015
  • utopian
  • society
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Masterful Trickery (Everard Family #7) by greenwriter
Masterful Trickery (Everard Family... by Janelle Ruiz
THE BANDIT She merely meant to steal and get away with it. She did not mean to find a dying woman and be chased for it. She merely meant to help. She did not mean to b...
  • bandit
  • murder
  • everardfamily
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Who Are You? |Jonah Marais by BriannaDenise1996
Who Are You? |Jonah Marais by Bri•WHY DON'T WE💕
When you get a new phone it's normally empty, right? Not for Isabella. Her first phone was programmed with a list of unknown numbers. One of them was destined to be her...
  • jackavery
  • danielseavey
  • thriller
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Unplugged: The New World (#1, Unplugged Trilogy) by BookNrd
Unplugged: The New World (#1, Unpl... by Cammie
Choose to Rebel. RScreens (Reality Screens) are all the rage in America's future, just a few years after the climax of World War III. They were invented for sport, c...
  • scifi
  • dystopia
  • series
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