famous // e.d by mbartra-
famous // e.d by viv Fanfiction
in which two people fall in love because of a wrong text - erik durm ff - instagram - texting - snapchat Copyright © 2016, -mbartra
V-CARD ▹ ERIK DURM by aussenrists
V-CARD ▹ ERIK DURM by mica Fanfiction
Apart | Neymar Jr. by durmmels
Apart | Neymar Jr. by a. garritsen Fanfiction
•the sequel to "The Bad Girls' Game"• It is hard to see him again. Being all happy but not because of me. But because everything changed. Especially since we...
Football One Shots-Imagines and Other Stuff... by MrsJemsGinoble
Football One Shots-Imagines and Ot... by The Olympiacos Girl Random
The top stars play in other leagues ,the best players go where the money is.-Oliver Bierhoff It is not the strong one that wins,the one that wins is strong.-Franz Becken...
The Footballer's Best Friend (Erik Durm) by paulpogbas
The Footballer's Best Friend (Erik... by 🙃🙃 Fanfiction
Magdelena von Lossow, a 21-year old who has just finishes studying fashion and ficitonal writing at Oxford University. Her father, a rich business man in banking who has...
40-love(Manuel Neuer/Erik Durm) by Liviianna
40-love(Manuel Neuer/Erik Durm) by Anna Black Fanfiction
This is about a girl who's passion is tennis but football also takes a great part in her life.She and Erik fell in love when they were 12 years old but distance separate...
life as it is | e. durm by deutschIand
life as it is | e. durm by hi i'm diana Fanfiction
[ COMPLETED ] "You're a twat Erik." "Yeah but you're into it, Rose." cover made by jagielka.
chemistry // durm by eriksdurms
chemistry // durm by nadezhda Fanfiction
erik durm really did fall in love with his chemistry partner, didn't he?
ERIK DURM UND LARA KLOPP by joe_lee_white
ERIK DURM UND LARA KLOPP by joe_lee_white Fanfiction
Lara Klopp die Tochter von Jürgen Klopp kommt mal ihren Vater im Training besuchen und lernt Erik Durm kennen was passiert wenn sich die beiden näher kennen lernen....
Arabella || durm by desmadres
Fußballprofi oder glücklich? by reusmichelle11
Fußballprofi oder glücklich? by Michelle Fanfiction
Die 21- jährige Schwester von Erik Durm zieht zu ihm nach Dortmund mit dem Ziel Profifußballerin zu werden. Wäre da nicht der beste Freund von Erik. Sie hätte nie gedac...
New Neighbour by Rat-In-A-Hat
New Neighbour by Rat-In-A-Hat Fanfiction
Alissa is a cute and dorky girl. One day, her neighbors move out and her life changes completely. Now, some guys in The Mannschaft have a crush on her. But what happens...
Instagram » mats hummels [EN] by leongoretzka
Instagram » mats hummels [EN] by . Fanfiction
mats hummels | english version | instagram
He Could Be The One (A Mats Hummels Fanfiction) by cheekyhummels
He Could Be The One (A Mats Hummel... by cheekyhummels Fanfiction
What would you do if your fiance ran away from you at the wedding altar?
Clocks || durm & reus by desmadres
Clocks || durm & reus by guty galavyz Fanfiction
destined to be together or doomed to be apart.
Dortmund Hearts by lulissx
Dortmund Hearts by Lulis Short Story
Sorte no jogo e azar no amor, eles dizem. Será que a situação é a mesma para todos os jogadores do Borussia Dortmund? (Conjunto de one shots dos jogadores do Borussia Do...
Freunde mit gewissen Vorzügen by Kheze7
Freunde mit gewissen Vorzügen by Kheze7 Romance
Wynn Lefoe ist Unternehmer und zieht aus strategischen Gründen nach Dortmund. Die mühe sich einzuleben macht er sich nicht, da er als Unternehmer alle Hände voll zu tun...
I'll See You In My Dreams | Erik Durm by Aubamedayum
I'll See You In My Dreams | Erik D... by Desiree Poetry
Sing me to sleep, I'll see you in my dreams, waiting to say, "I miss you, I'm so sorry".
Help [ErikDurm] by Football_ismybae
Help [ErikDurm] by w a n d e r l u s t Fanfiction
"Hannah , I want to help you handle this ". "You're only wasting your time writing speeches like that. Why worry about the people and their problems? Th...
The Jersey || Erik Durm two shots by Gissunshine
The Jersey || Erik Durm two shots by Gissunshine Fanfiction
They set a challenge, but no one thought Erik would win it, not even himself. Who is the person that helped him win? And His search for her.