The Last Dance by xoStardust
The Last Danceby xoStardust
Prince John's biggest fear? Becoming King, and everything to do with it, from the sheltered life, to someday having to get married. Celia, a lady knight, minus the 'Lady...
  • chance
  • john
  • wedding
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Watch Me Rise by Arcadia1610
Watch Me Riseby Hola!!!
Xiannu is the most talented and merciless assassin in modern China. She is out on an assignment when an unexpected hand grenade means she is blown to pieces. However, fo...
  • china
  • duel
  • swordfight
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The Iron Alchemist by ErichW
The Iron Alchemistby ErichW
*WATTPAD UNDISCOVERED, FOR NOW: FANTASY 01/19/18* "Draw your gun or die, boy!" An unlikely hero must duel! Fifteen-year-old Boone Rigger has been drawn into t...
  • highfantasy
  • alchemist
  • adventure
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Eleanor Wellesley has lived with her father's neglect and indifference all her life. When Sir Edward Wellesley is killed in a card game, Eleanor discovers he has left he...
  • stealth
  • engagement
  • war
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The Slytherin Prince meets the Slytherin Princess by yourslytherinqueen_
The Slytherin Prince meets the Sly...by Mavis Malfoy
Draco Malfoy, who is also known as the Slytherin Prince meets the Mavis Evans, the Slytherin Princess who started her Fourth Year in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wi...
  • draco
  • george
  • love
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Cloaked Beauty by caramelapplee
Cloaked Beautyby Emily
Lorendian, a small country north of Russia, is under attack by Radeskian, a neighboring country with which Lorendian coexists peacefully only by immense effort. Radeskia...
  • invite
  • ball
  • battle
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Beauty and the Beast by katythefluteplayer
Beauty and the Beastby Katy
We all know the story of Beauty and the Beast. This story follows the outline of the traditional story pretty well with some changes to make it seems more real, more in...
  • love
  • curse
  • gaston
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Zane Truesdale x Reader by AmazaynMissStylik
Zane Truesdale x Readerby Sammi
This story is about Zane Truesdale from Yu-Gi-Oh GX. I don't own the franchise, all rights go to Kazuki Takahashi. The only thing I own is some of the cards I made up a...
  • zanetruesdale
  • yugioh
  • shadowdemon
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YU-GI-OH The Legendary Dragons Legion  by preafyx
YU-GI-OH The Legendary Dragons Leg...by preafyx
This is a story of how a kid got in to a card game called YU-GI-OH and how it changed his life. By one deck of Armor Dragon and Synchro's till the whole world is in dang...
  • atem
  • fantasy
  • duelmonsters
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Silver Satin (Book Two) by OpalLynnAbernathy
Silver Satin (Book Two)by Opal Lynn Abernathy
17 years earlier Sophie Metzger and Charlee Blackstone gave birth. Sophie to the Savior and Charlee to the Protector. Neither knowing just how important and powerful the...
  • indians
  • power
  • mate
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Jaden x Alexis- Yugioh GX fanfiction by JayJayBrownie
Jaden x Alexis- Yugioh GX fanficti...by Jay
I do not own Yugioh GX , all rights to Kazuki Takahashi ____________________________________________________- As the final days approach our duelists at Duel Academy Jad...
  • yugiohgx
  • jadenyuki
  • slifer
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Yugioh gx special season 4. by Lumaking7
Yugioh gx special season 4.by Lumaking7
Sequel to the other seasons, and the last season in the series. A week has gone after the dimension act and one night the twins return. Their friends are overjoyed, but...
  • yugioh
  • dark
  • romance
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Yugi Muto x Reader by AmazaynMissStylik
Yugi Muto x Readerby Sammi
Winner of the Yugi Muto main category and placed third in the best dueling scene category of the Yu-Gi-Oh Wattys! This is a story about the main character of the origina...
  • pegasus
  • yugi
  • safiya
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The Royal Thief by 18gooda
The Royal Thiefby 18gooda
Enter a dangerous, magical realm on the brink of rebellion, where the loyalty of the Guardians means power... or death. What happens when one Guardian turns her back on...
  • duel
  • prophecy
  • secret
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The prince of games!(Yugi's Son Male reader X GX) by EXGogeta
The prince of games!(Yugi's Son Ma...by The ultimate exfusion
What if jaden yuki never went to duel academy but Y/N instead how will things turn out with Y/N at duel Academy instead of jaden I do not own Yu-gi-oh or any of the oth...
  • malereader
  • duel
  • xmalereader
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Ocean Blues (Zane Truesdale X Reader) by MissDreamz
Ocean Blues (Zane Truesdale X Read...by Hope
You are sister of Jaden Yuki who has just transfered to Duel Academy, looking for new adventures and challenges. However, when destiny joins the game and makes two separ...
  • cyrus
  • duel
  • boyfriend
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Back In Time To Save our King of Pop!: Blood Run 3 by thriller5
Back In Time To Save our King of P...by NPierce
A new adventure begins as the gang are now....separated? Duel monsters are born and as the story is to be told, the queen of games, comedian of games, king of games, The...
  • duel
  • goingunder
  • affection
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The Lost Twin ( Harry Potter Fanfic) by cityofamber
The Lost Twin ( Harry Potter Fanfi...by Amber
Rose was an abused child, but that didn't stop her from doing things she couldn't explain.. She just also happened to be the lost twin of Harry Potter. Read her story as...
  • fan
  • sister
  • dont
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Yami x Reader Fix My Broken Heart  by demonic_demongirl
Yami x Reader Fix My Broken Heart by Yokai Fox Demon
"yami I love you"(y/n) said crying "I love you to my queen" Yami said and they kissed Is it going to be a good ending or bad Read Star Comment Share...
  • babys
  • tea
  • jealousy
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