the ugly swan [completed] by Enterintomymind
the ugly swan [completed] by Tallara Short Story
"What if the ugly duckling turned into a ugly swan?" "Maybe she was never ugly to begin with." ✿-✿-✿-✿-✿ ...
Ugly Duckling (ManXBoy) by hersheychoco
Ugly Duckling (ManXBoy) by hersheychoco Fantasy
12 Brothers. A Father. And a dead mother. What's needed to say when the entire family hates you because your hair's Orange?
Who Am I? by BreakfastFanGirl
Who Am I? by Violet the Dragon-Fairy Poetry
Poetry about my outlook and my impact.
UGLY DUCKLING DON'T  by lee_junick_seulbi
UGLY DUCKLING DON'T by Chloe (yoonick) Teen Fiction
This story is about the girl have a fobia in her face. When she was young she have a crush, then she go with her crush, then admitted to him that she have a feelings for...
The Ugly Duckling by McMyles123
The Ugly Duckling by McMyles123 Fantasy
The original story of the ugly duckling by Hans Christian Andrson
Will you be my friend? by MrMumbles
Will you be my friend? by MrMumbles Short Story
I did this for some school work and I decided to publish it because it's cute and I enjoy it. Please read and enjoy! A/N: THIS BOOK IS MOST DEFINITELY NOT EDITED NOR DO...
My Opinion is Invalid by Amazingnessfart
My Opinion is Invalid by IwonttellyouhowIdo Random
I'm sorry if some of this stuff is grim or.... depressing. I honestly don't mean to, but my thumbs just get carried away with typing and... yeah.