the ugly swan [completed] by Enterintomymind
the ugly swan [completed] by Tallara Short Story
"What if the ugly duckling turned into a ugly swan?" "Maybe she was never ugly to begin with." ✿-✿-✿-✿-✿ ...
Ugly Duckling (ManXBoy) by hersheychoco
Ugly Duckling (ManXBoy) by hersheychoco Fantasy
12 Brothers. A Father. And a dead mother. What's needed to say when the entire family hates you because your hair's Orange?
|G A M E   O V E R | by DawnsDead
|G A M E O V E R | by poor pluto Adventure
you and all your friends have died.
For a friend by AdrianBeckett
For a friend by Adrian Grey Fanfiction
Well, Robert is a new professor at a college and is starting a new life prior to a drug addiction. He meets a girl Maddy, who may help turn his life around.
Ducks Are Cool by YEBOI6
All by chance (A Robert Downey Jr story) by rdjforeva
All by chance (A Robert Downey Jr... by NicoleBeraud Fanfiction
It was just supposed to be another ordinary day for college freshman Nicole Beraud as she was drinking her usual Starbucks. But when an accidental collision with a man (...
The Secret Door to Future by Chen_LP
The Secret Door to Future by Chelelen Adventure
It's hard to forget past especially their are many memories stuck in there-,
Ducks  by 8QueenofWonderland8
Ducks by 8QueenofWonderland8 Random
I have ducks and they are wonderful but they do you have some things that aren't so wonderful
Poets Duets by Warrior_Prophet
Poets Duets by PJ Perry Poetry
A collection of poetry duets. I get verses 1-3-5 and my partner gets verses 2 & 4. My partner chooses the poetic topic and title and this collection is the result. Verse...
The Ugly Ducking  by DrewRobertCunningham
The Ugly Ducking by Horror
The story of a young girl that was uncomfortable with her look that learns by every kill she makes she becomes more beautiful. She blossoms but with a cost.....
Random One-Shots by RxbyHxrmxny22
Random One-Shots by Leeeee<3 Random
Oh you know, just some random one shots I think of. Ranges from a ton of different genres depending on my mood.
The Ugly Duckling by ReverseThisCurse
Risking Everything (Robert Downey Jr fanfic)  by BVBandMCRisDead
Risking Everything (Robert Downey... by BVBandMCRisDead Fanfiction
20 year old Aurora faded away from the outside world when her parents forced her to move with them to Nashville, Tennessee. Her parents talked her into finally enroll in...