Mythical creatures x reader (romance scenarios) by Fantasy-LegendHeart
Mythical creatures x reader (roman... by Fantasy-LegendHeart
Oh how I adore mythical creatures~. How they fly, how they hide, how they can do most everything we humans can't. Why not fall in love with a few? Vampire (Jackie), W...
  • dryad
  • creepyman
  • fantasy
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Willowing Whispers | Remus Lupin by kmbell92
Willowing Whispers | Remus Lupin by K.M. Bell
[ Part of the Brotherhood Series] Known for their shy nature, most Dryads would never dare to reveal themselves to human eyes and would often wait until the dead of nigh...
  • artemis
  • dryad
  • harrypotter
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Not mate, mute. There's a difference by DreamTillDawn
Not mate, mute. There's a differen... by B. Jean
*editing* "As soon as he touched my arms sparks started to run along them. I missed him. The bond between us had grown stronger over the time apart. My heart was sk...
  • after
  • ever
  • end
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Academy for the Strange by LaurenDMSmith
Academy for the Strange by Lauren
When Fiona ends up at St. Lawrence Academy according to her mom's wishes, she isn't expecting what she finds. She can handle the school's private plane, that the academy...
  • fiction
  • life
  • strange
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The Last Of My Kind by ericasilverbane
The Last Of My Kind by ericasilverbane
Nymph is the last of her kind. She is a Eliftynim ( el • lift • tee • nim ). A very powerful race from a myth. Except eleftynims are not myths, they are a hybrid race th...
  • mate
  • hybrid
  • romance
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At Camp Red Stripe by LawrenceKinden
At Camp Red Stripe by LawrenceKinden
Camp Red Stripe is well known for its bucolic beauty, mysterious woods, and thorough discipline. [Story Depicts Spanking]
  • boy
  • dryad
  • sister
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Swear Words by l_m_wallace
Swear Words by L.M. Wallace
Letter Bound #5 TEASER CHAPTERS They've survived evil trees, gods, and a terrorist organization bent on revealing magic to the world. Now the time has come for Dodge, E...
  • fairies
  • aliceinwonderland
  • unseelie
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The Dryad's Bride by TheGameKyuub
The Dryad's Bride by #ForDesirée
This is a fantasy about a dryad. This dyrad, although born like the rest, observed humans as companions and not just for their soul. She decided she wanted to have child...
  • beastiality
  • folklore
  • pregnancy
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The Wriyothian Chronicles: The Legend Of Three by introverted-fangirl
The Wriyothian Chronicles: The Leg... by Lexie Barnett
  • wattys
  • elves
  • halfbloods
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Not Me | Aarmau AU by LovableTabbyCat
Not Me | Aarmau AU by ☃️Tabby~Frost
They fear us. We are worth nothing more. We are terrible creatures. Some of us, at least. That's all the kingdoms have ever known. There's an insanity virus o...
  • aphmau
  • dryad
  • mermaid
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Looking Beyond by RKRayudu
Looking Beyond by Roopa Kaustubha
Arabella Dowling wanted nothing more than to fit in with the people around her. She could never explain why plants would grow everywhere she went, why she could sometime...
  • princess
  • goodvsevil
  • lovetriangle
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The Dryad's Travels by StephaneKatyMarie
The Dryad's Travels by StephaneKatyMarie
  • percy
  • jackson
  • concil
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Camp Half-Blood, Camp Jupiter, & New Rome Roleplay by ThaliaT3R3Z1YuKi
Camp Half-Blood, Camp Jupiter, & N... by gαℓℓσωѕcαℓιвяαтσя
Welcome to Camp Half-Blood, Camp Jupiter, & New Rome Roleplay, where everything comes to you roleplayers! Just fill out the forms and wait for me to accept you and... EN...
  • barrackleader
  • cabins
  • characters
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Intertwined | N. Longbottom by whickering
Intertwined | N. Longbottom by eve ☄
In an attempt to escape the looks he receives from his peers and professors due to his incompetency in magic, Neville Longbottom escapes to the forbidden forest early on...
  • dryad
  • fantasy
  • harrypotter
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Seth's Girl (completed) by harriettuanizcool
Seth's Girl (completed) by Marcia A.
Ashlyn is just a dryad in the woods of fablehaven. Seth saved the world. He would never notice her. She only noticed him. Then it happened...
  • fablehaven
  • love
  • seth
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