War of the Seasons, book one: The Human by JanineSpendlove
War of the Seasons, book one: The...by Janine Spendlove
“Are you alright?" The corner of Eirnin’s mouth quirked up with a hint of a smile, probably remembering her reaction when he’d asked her that a moment ago. Story s...
  • adventure
  • elves
  • spring
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Willowing Whispers | Remus Lupin by kmbell92
Willowing Whispers | Remus Lupinby K.M. Bell
[ Part of the Brotherhood Series] Known for their shy nature, most Dryads would never dare to reveal themselves to human eyes and would often wait until the dead of nigh...
  • remuslupin
  • brotherhoodseries
  • harrypotter
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Mythical creatures x reader (romance scenarios) by Fantasy-LegendHeart
Mythical creatures x reader (roman...by Fantasy-LegendHeart
Oh how I adore mythical creatures~. How they fly, how they hide, how they can do most everything we humans can't. Why not fall in love with a few? Vampire (Jackie), N...
  • vampire
  • myth
  • elf
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Book of Panacea by tintinkie
Book of Panaceaby Tintinkie
New cover by Ray @-rayofsunshine Thanks, sweety!!! Ever wanted to be a Goddess? Earth burned to a crisp, but floating islands, mythical creatures, and Gods managed to s...
  • love
  • mythology
  • goddess
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• . ° * Camp Ravenbrook * ° . • by Http-Fitzgerald
• . ° * Camp Ravenbrook * ° . •by J. Fitz
{{Summer Camp For The Extraordinary}} Camp Ravenbrook is what seems like a normal summer camp. Suprise, suprise, it's not. Ravenbrook is a camp for... Gifted people. In...
  • mystical
  • camp
  • campgrouproleplay
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Amazon by nikkimond
Amazonby Cunningham Drive
Zafira, the leader of an alien dryad race known as the Uthalu, has descended upon Earth and taken it upon herself to punish MAN-kind for their mistreatment of the planet...
  • bwwm
  • planetary
  • fantasy
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The Return a Terraria Fanfic ~On Hold~ by KatieTheSnowGoat
The Return a Terraria Fanfic ~On H...by KatieTheSnowGoat
a group of People who have Once Conquered Terraria end up In a Somewhat Different Place Like it. now They have To Decide if they will Trust the Current Hero of The Land...
  • dryad
  • fanfiction
  • ốc
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Fighting for the Strange by LaurenDMSmith
Fighting for the Strangeby Lauren
Fiona feels like she's finally settled into St. Lawrence Academy. The sight of her classmates changing into centaurs, harpies, and merrows doesn't faze her anymore, and...
  • dryad
  • school
  • thunderbird
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At Camp Red Stripe by LawrenceKinden
At Camp Red Stripeby LawrenceKinden
Camp Red Stripe is well known for its bucolic beauty, mysterious woods, and thorough discipline. [Story Depicts Spanking]
  • brother
  • supernatural
  • girl
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Looking Beyond by rkrayudu22
Looking Beyondby R.K. Rayudu
There was nothing else that interested Arabella Dowling more than finding out about her past. Her roots, where she came from, who exactly is she? With a workaholic fathe...
  • romance
  • kingdom
  • princess
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Lightless Path by CheyenneStickland
Lightless Pathby Cheyenne Stickland
Going into her God's trial, Mae didn't expect to encounter her best friend, Nystaryl. The two young moon elves will soon find themselves thrown out into the world-far fr...
  • family
  • fantasyadventure
  • newadult
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The Last Of My Kind by ericasilverbane
The Last Of My Kindby ericasilverbane
Nymph is the last of her kind. She is a Eliftynim ( el • lift • tee • nim ). A very powerful race from a myth. Except eleftynims are not myths, they are a hybrid race th...
  • mate
  • war
  • elf
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June's Relationship (Terraria) by DD2Initiate
June's Relationship (Terraria)by Song Ling宋玲 the DD2 Mistweaver
You are Jume's sister, assumed that Jume will not have a boyfriend (as she says) but why does she keep getting these calls? Why does she keep having your bff's crush ove...
  • dryad
  • terraria
  • drama
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Mythical Creature RP by CheshireCircus
Mythical Creature RPby Chihiro Ludenburg
Live in a world where the tales are true.
  • naiad
  • faun
  • rp
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Disenthralled Chains by Dyslexican
Disenthralled Chainsby Dyslexican
The more you found something about yourself. The more you want to break free.
  • comedy
  • family
  • ending
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The Last Black Eye of Antigo Vale by ChristopherSchmitz
The Last Black Eye of Antigo Valeby Christopher Schmitz
When Antigo, an orphan, finds a corpse he is convinced of the Skekstatsiis's return! Village elders write it off as a delusion, or worse: a plot by the Trade League to d...
  • monster
  • forest
  • fantasy
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Swear Words by l_m_wallace
Swear Wordsby L.M. Wallace
Letter Bound #5 TEASER CHAPTERS They've survived evil trees, gods, and a terrorist organization bent on revealing magic to the world. Now the time has come for Dodge, E...
  • dryad
  • fairy
  • adventure
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Twisted by DustinDaWalfDad
Twistedby R.G.P
A young girl named Tiffany, and her aunt, Mara, have opened portal to a whole new dimension. When they step inside, it reveals a whole new world with creatures of all sh...
  • fantasy
  • adventure
  • dimensions
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