I dare you! by Awesome_lavender2001
I dare you! by Angel Snowflakes Random
incubus by trevortni
incubus by Omega Romance
Again I felt those soft lips on my own and does deep dark blue stormy eyes staring at me " Iris you know I love you right" the man with the stormy eyes and lon...
Kiss it all better // jylan by joathewriter
Kiss it all better // jylan by Joa Johnson Fanfiction
it's not easy to come to grip when someone you love dies so when Jackson moved to Dylan's school he doesn't adjust very well. But when he sees Dylan he is confused.
That Shy Girl by hauwer
That Shy Girl by Hauwa Adam General Fiction
Just your average Muslim girl who wants to fit in the society. She had a lot of twists and turns. She'd always seen and thought herself as fat, insecurities are her best...
i could be better by Molly_Labrador03
i could be better by Hayden B. Teen Fiction
Hayden Berenyi. she is a 8th grader going though so many emotions. can she handle the stress or school while juggling her inside emotions at the same time? who will step...
The Dreamer by Kiara-S
The Dreamer by Kiara-S Romance
Soph is a dreamer, a girl born to live in fantasies. She comes to know about a new but very famous cricketer, Harry Johnson, through media. She can't stop thinking about...
x Kingdom Of Love x  ||Suga Y Tu|| by ficseli12
x Kingdom Of Love x ||Suga Y Tu|| by Mrs. of Mr.Bang Fanfiction
________King, es una chica de 20 años , le fusta ir de fiesta ,pero como es muy hermosa , siempre las chicas la confunden como una p***a . La vida estará a punto de da...
The Warg and The Green Dreamer [Game of Thrones] by PeanutKay
The Warg and The Green Dreamer [Ga... by Dαηηι Kαy Fanfiction
*This story follows the books* Lyanna is the twin sister of Robb Stark's, eldest daughter of Eddard's. When she meets the mysterious boy name Jojen Reed, and escapes Win...
Twitter | j.l. ✔ by hippie007
Twitter | j.l. ✔ by ॐol' soulॐ Fanfiction
User Dreamer91 started following you. Social media series: Book one: Snapchat | p.m. ✔ Book two: Wattpad | r.s. ✔ Book three: Twitter | j.l. ✔ Book four: Tumblr | g.h. ✔...
Grind & Pray (August Alsina Story) by Pretty_Anna3431
Grind & Pray (August Alsina Story) by _issa_anna_ Fanfiction
Fan Fiction About A August Alsina Story Because I Love Him So Much!! Rianna In The story Will Be Me 💙Enjoy
The Diary Of A Dreamer by HopefulDreamerSpring
The Diary Of A Dreamer by Dreamer Random
Hey! I'm an All Time Low obsessed,imaginative and weird little Dreamer. Come forth my child and let's dive into the world of a Dreamer. (I do not own the picture for the...
The Dreamer by Broken_Sirens
The Dreamer by Broken Sirens Fantasy
Every dream is a new piece to the puzzle Every minute awake is wasted in hell
She's Insane by Vixen257
She's Insane by Victoria Isaac Humor
Katherine Carter, the wierdest person known to man, she finds being in a jail cell for the first time fun, a police officer considers dropping her at a mental hospital...
Alphabetical Death(EDITING) [COMPLETE] by Mrhalaman
Alphabetical Death(EDITING) [COMPL... by JMA Mystery / Thriller
Highest Rank. #94 9/20/2017 #128 9/14/17 # 582 #801 in Mystery Thriller A,B,C,D,E,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y And Zena Alphabet of Death yung dati nyang...
A poetry binding. 📰 by aayushthapa13
A poetry binding. 📰 by Aayush Thapa Poetry
Writing poetries to create a collection of them. So I hope you people will enjoy them all. Pleasing the work of nature, discussing life, portraying emotions, telling the...
The Dreamer's Roses [Completed √] by mandy_shr
The Dreamer's Roses [Completed √] by mandy Short Story
#122 in short story He loved me. I was almost in love when I realized I never loved him. He dreamed of me. I never felt anything for him until it was too late. was th...
Diary ng NBSB by xolovesRizza
Diary ng NBSB by xolovesRizza Random
"walang Forever" sabi ng mga bitter diyan "No is not over" sabi ng mga manloloko diyan "Don't love if you know you get hurt" yan ang sabi k...
Misty(#Wattys2017) by Made4WritingStuff
Misty(#Wattys2017) by Chaylee Liew Teen Fiction
Misty Ziegler has always been an overprotected child. She has never been to a party with her friends, never had alcohol and her driver's license is of no use to her bec...
Le Sorelle Publishing by LeSorellePub
When a dreamer meets her nerd mate.. by gurlz_freak
When a dreamer meets her nerd mate... by gurlz_freak Random
Katherine loves reading werewolves stories because she dream of having a handsome werewolf as her boyfriend. Dylan is an alpha-to-be who disguise himself as a nerd in or...