Kiss it all better // jylan by Tobythewritter
Kiss it all better // jylan by Toby Johnson Fanfiction
it's not easy to come to grip when someone you love dies so when Jackson moved to Dylan's school he doesn't adjust very well. But when he sees Dylan he is confused.
Cross Entertainment [ OPEN ] by artsandmusic6
Cross Entertainment [ OPEN ] by illegirl Random
Cross Entertainment (Hangul: 크로스 엔터테인먼트) is a South Korean entertainment company that was founded by CEO Kim Min-Seo. the label is said to near the top three in ranking...
Blue Eyed Boy {Completed} by BoOk_DrEaMeR
Blue Eyed Boy {Completed} by ☮Kayla☮ Teen Fiction
Blue eyes. I was always a sucker for blue eyes. Every guy I've ever gone out with has blue eyes. I've seen all different shades. From midnight blue to so light that they...
incubus by trevortni
incubus by Omega Romance
Again I felt those soft lips on my own and does deep dark blue stormy eyes staring at me " Iris you know I love you right" the man with the stormy eyes and lon...
Theomorph~The Gifted (boyxboy) by HillBillyHook
Theomorph~The Gifted (boyxboy) by CreepyBTSFanBoy666 Fanfiction
I Hate love. Hate being in love. Never want it to happen to me again. "Yeah it's over, i don't love you. never did. Although i will take pride in that I took the on...
Midnight Howl by WildDreamer06225
Midnight Howl by Belle Kwan Werewolf
"With your life? " I looked at him and asked. "With my life. " He spoke with certainly. ☪⛎♈♉♊♋♌♍♎♏♐♑♒♓☪ Victoria Scarlet just turned 18 and...
Journey by Aishwaryasinghjadoun
Journey by eNnI Vampire
Book Cover credit: @misty_cloud16 Thank you so much for your support. My very first book on watt pad. Really wanted to write. I'm sharing the story of a Girl's lif...
She's Insane by Vixen257
She's Insane by To_Infinity_And_Beyond Teen Fiction
Katherine Carter, the wierdest person known to man, she finds being in a jail cell for the first time fun, a police officer considers dropping her at a mental hospital...
Inside Alice by Ja_Ma_Au
Inside Alice by J. Teen Fiction
Alice Fray, the sweetest of girls with a mind worth a million words... Undersaid of course, but still worth millions. She wasn't outspoken as her close friend Olicity, b...
i could be better by Molly_Labrador03
i could be better by Hayden B. Teen Fiction
Hayden Berenyi. she is a 8th grader going though so many emotions. can she handle the stress or school while juggling her inside emotions at the same time? who will step...
x Kingdom Of Love x  ||Suga Y Tu|| by ficseli12
x Kingdom Of Love x ||Suga Y Tu|| by Mrs. of Mr.Bang Fanfiction
________King, es una chica de 20 años , le fusta ir de fiesta ,pero como es muy hermosa , siempre las chicas la confunden como una p***a . La vida estará a punto de da...
Disney Fun facts by dreamer_forever___
Disney Fun facts by dreamer_forever___ Random
Little Eclipse | Marcos Diaz by xoxvivianaxox
Little Eclipse | Marcos Diaz by Raynita🌹 Fanfiction
Little eclipse is Marcos little sister.
The Last Librarian | Watty's 2017 by Octopus_Uprising
The Last Librarian | Watty's 2017 by Miranda Smith Science Fiction
In a world where imagination isn't only frowned upon, but illegal, someone must safeguard the very thing that keeps dreams alive: books. For over 60 years Constance has...
Ashen©⎮UPDATING⎮EDITING⎮ by Elspeth_Reid
Ashen©⎮UPDATING⎮EDITING⎮ by Elspeth Reid Science Fiction
"Ada . . ." He whispers, and cups my cheek with a hand covered in crimson red. I feel the warmth his blood holds, and I can smell the sweet scent of death it b...
That Shy Girl by hauwer
That Shy Girl by Hauwa Adam General Fiction
Just your average Muslim girl who wants to fit in the society. She had a lot of twists and turns. She'd always seen and thought herself as fat, insecurities are her best...
Plastic Dreams · J.s  by papisartorius
Plastic Dreams · J.s by mandaa Fanfiction
" i swear i saw you in my dream last night , im not crazy !" he yelled at her "i saw you to " she whispered as she turned around 2 comp...
Dreamer // Glee by Katie-Corn
Dreamer // Glee by Katie Fanfiction
She's a dreamer at most, all she wants is too sing. Glee Katie-Corn 2017 10/28/2017-? Number 1 in New by all tags: 11/13/2017
Twitter | j.l. ✔ by hippie007
Twitter | j.l. ✔ by ॐtrustno1ॐ Fanfiction
User Dreamer91 started following you. Social media series: Book one: Snapchat | p.m. ✔ Book two: Wattpad | r.s. ✔ Book three: Twitter | j.l. ✔ Book four: Tumblr | g.h. ✔...
Underneath the Willow Tree by LoveTheArts