Nico di Angelo x Reader Oneshots by latersatyr
Nico di Angelo x Reader Oneshotsby latersatyr
Hello, (Y/n)! In this book of oneshots, YOU are the main character. And it looks like a certain son of Hades has taken an interest in you *wink wink*
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Boku No Hero's +18 One-Shot Series by Anime_MultiPlay_
Boku No Hero's +18 One-Shot Seriesby Anime_MultiPlay_
A series of one shots with our favorite cinnamon sun child getting all the girls attention. Izuku is such a pure hearted child, now tossed and turned into a series of lo...
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We Need to Be More Chill by MichaelMelloncholy
We Need to Be More Chillby Anti-social Headphones Kid
Headcanons, One-shots, and Drabbles ___ in which admin may and I need to be more chill. enjoy our hectic conversations brought to writing -admin becca ___ Credits to: ja...
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The Superstar and The Super Nerd (COMPLETED) by magicheart21
The Superstar and The Super Nerd (...by Deng Delgado
The Main Story plot is completed having done all 26 prompts for the 500 word drabbles. Continuous updates are posted for Bonus Chapters. =) An AU MAICHARD Fic.
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Contests and Writing Prompts by Fantasy
Contests and Writing Promptsby Fantasy
Join us for regular contests and writing prompts to get your imagination running wild!
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Dream daddy oneshots/drabbles  by lucienbloodmarch
Dream daddy oneshots/drabbles by Local Lucien Dealer
I do both male and female (heck, even trees) These are probably going to be really bad, sorry in advance ✨Requests open✨
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Rainbow Six Siege x Reader by AshenRainia
Rainbow Six Siege x Readerby AshenRainia
Requests open!-Alex :p Private message please-Rainia :)
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Call of the Wild || LoZ: BotW x Reader {One Shots/Drabbles/Short Stories} by Liv_Freely
Call of the Wild || LoZ: BotW x Re...by Liv
"Wait. . . do you hear that? I-I think it may be calling out to me. . . the wild."
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Vikings, Mini Drabbles by LordAvanti
Vikings, Mini Drabblesby LordAvanti
Bite size little Vikings fics, modern Au, Athor fics.
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BNHA/Reader one shots & drabbles by danallie
BNHA/Reader one shots & drabblesby kermit
katsuki bakugō, denki kaminari, eijirō kirishima, izuku midoriya, & shōto todoroki. i don't do requests, sorry!
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Drabble: Fragile Hearts by ArshiSarRunHolic
Drabble: Fragile Heartsby Arshi Sobti
#3 in Short Story #4 in Short Story #52 in Fanfictions #90 in Fanfictions Drabble on #Arshi #Arnav #Khushi #IPKKND #Sarun
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War Technicalities by Mrs_Splinter
War Technicalitiesby Wife_To_A_Master
Caesar x Human!OC. [Warning: violent/graphic content ahead! I personally don't think it's a lot, but you never know, it may be too much for you.] They say "curiosit...
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Avengers Preferences, Imagines, and Drabbles by IDontKnowHowIGotHere
Avengers Preferences, Imagines, an...by IDontKnowHowIGotHere
Basically exactly what the title says. For those who don't know what preferences are, it's basically different situations in which you, the reader or an OC, and your sel...
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100-Word Dark Steamy Stories by Rubi_reads
100-Word Dark Steamy Storiesby R.S. Mendoza
A collection of twisted tales, dark humor, and sad-bad romance. All with surprise endings. All in 100 words.
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jikook drabbles by jikookcapuccino
jikook drabblesby jeju
a collection of jikook drabbles written by me :) - requests open ! - lower case intended
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Awww, a Puppy! (Be More Chill, Werewolf AU, Boyf Riends Oneshots) by WolfMisha
Awww, a Puppy! (Be More Chill, Wer...by WolfMisha
Oneshots in which Michael is a werewolf and Jeremy is a human... except only some of them are actually werewolf stuff. A lot could be normal as well. XD I'll take any re...
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❀♥  Sindrome de TEY;; by susy1599
❀♥ Sindrome de TEY;;by Susy Omma🐈🐾
"Jimin estaba totalmente seguro de que tenia el sindrome de TEY." ❀♥ Drabble;; ❀♥ Yoonmin;; ❀♥ Fluff/Amor;;
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tom holland imagines ♡ by chicagorauhl
tom holland imagines ♡by chicagorauhl
♡ just some lil imagines & preferences about tom and some peter parker ♡ ♡ requests are open! ♡ majority fluff, the occasional angst, some smut here and there BOOK START...
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the dumping ground // one shots  by handoverthe_tea
the dumping ground // one shots by handoverthe_tea
just a collection of one shots and drabbles for a television show that deserves more recognition. this will be centred around one of my favourite characters, ryan reeve...
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Hιѕ Hero (Saitama X Wife!Reader) by YamiAlex
Hιѕ Hero (Saitama X Wife!Reader)by YamiAlex
Behind every great man is a great woman, that's how the saying goes. But how can that apply to our favorite bald hero? Simple, what if he had someone beside him even bef...
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