Unbroken by xX_SassyQueen_Xx
Unbrokenby xX_SassyQueen_Xx
To her, love is just a game. To him, love is simply pain. No one knows her true emotions. Just when will she show her devotions. Broken and twisted is how she sees it al...
  • drama
  • reallife
  • love
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You Don't Love Me by PeppyCamila
You Don't Love Meby Sania
His heart .... sensitive and broken. Her heart .... loving and caring. Or so he thought. || Completed ||
  • issues
  • heartless
  • fake
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I Didn't Know  by belle3285
I Didn't Know by
Ever felt like your world is falling apart because no guy likes you. The one you ever loved will never be yours.Your best guy friend was the only one who can make you ha...
  • friends
  • crushes
  • doubt
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My life story  by Hailime25
My life story by Hello there
This story is from how I see my life. I'll start from I was young and then from now. I know it a bit strange to do but I want to do something different. I hope you enjoy...
  • friends
  • depression
  • doubt
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I'm sorry by calmwolf365
I'm sorryby Finntastic
Do not read if you are sensitive to suicidal thoughts or anything on that matter. You are warned, pls don't continue if this could affect u in any way. You don't have to...
  • heleftus
  • anxiety
  • reality
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No Chance by dyingbleedingflower
No Chanceby dyingbleedingflower
a person inlove with another just stuff that runs through her mind
  • friend
  • sad
  • obsession
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Anxiety with the boss  by elizebeth28
Anxiety with the boss by Lizzy18
Lana is a shy quiet girl she goes for a interview she also has bad Anxiety she gets attacks like every day her boss Noah feels a pull towards her but lana is insecure ab...
  • submissive
  • panicattacks
  • agegaps
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big book of self doubt by LaughingLooser64
big book of self doubtby Historical Laughing Stalk
well, this is a book of my insecurities, doubts, and bad ideas, does he/she really like me? am I pretty? am I smart?
  • hate
  • fault
  • doubt
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The grass isn't greener by kyliecatreads
The grass isn't greenerby Phoneix Jordan
Emma and James are struggling with marriage. Sophia spends so many years helping others she has lost herself. Meanwhile Lexi has been lost for years. She compares hersel...
  • family
  • pain
  • love
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Moods by carey0722
Moodsby carey0722
Just a bunch of moods, read it or don't, I don't care.. (Starts walking away hoping that you stop me and tell me your going to read and like) Stop judging my book descri...
  • complicated
  • life
  • funny
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The Secret Behind My Smile by its_jannifer
The Secret Behind My Smileby its_jannifer
Poems and mini essays that I've managed to write down inspired by emotions, occasions, and daily life.
  • help
  • poetry
  • love
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No Tears For Villans by LeftKingdomCome
No Tears For Villansby LeftKingdomCome
When a villan perishes There'll be no crying, no tears, No one will be more sad, Theyll be no moarners, Only those who are glad, There'll be no requiem, And the body wil...
  • heroism
  • doubt
  • villans
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Relentless They Are by nikghalk
Relentless They Areby Nik Khani
A poem, of the ups and downs of life, of doubt's true lessons.
  • relentless
  • life
  • doubt
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Undying Light by jess620026
Undying Lightby jess620026
A light in the dark. That is who she has had to learn to be. Never allowed to break or lose hope as the rest of the world seemed to on an almost consistent and daily bas...
  • faith
  • mystery
  • adventure
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Broken  by Scarlet-tree
Broken by Scarlet-tree
I didn't wanna hurt her. But I did. And I feel like she wants to forget my existence...
  • sad
  • depression
  • doubt
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SELF WORTH by Darthmole
SELF WORTHby Darthmole
I lost something
  • depression
  • doubt
  • self
Losing doubt, Loving you. by Marichat25
Losing doubt, Loving Siri Hollows
Dear Diary, Maybe life doesn't suck too much after all...
  • love
  • forever
  • cute
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She felt nothing by makel_e
She felt nothingby makel_e
she felt nothing is a poetry about a woman who has been in absolute darkness all along, but finally comes to the light of things in her life, she sees the truth clearly...
  • trust
  • pain
  • lies
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d e m i e v e r y t h i n g by KimberlyLockwood
d e m i e v e r y t h i n gby Kimberly L. Lockwood
Demi, just half of it, far from perfect but somehow closer to complete failure. Everything, her feelings, memories, her whole existence, all there is that belongs to her...
  • real
  • love
  • doubt
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