Enamorandome de un nerd (Shawn mendes) by MimiAgruel
Enamorandome de un nerd (Shawn men... by Mimi Agruel
Zoey Berry es una joven muy popular en el colegio ,Zoey un día cualquiera se tropieza con un muchacho alto llamada shawn mendes era en chico normal o como otros lo dice...
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Don't and Do's / Tips / Help / Rants / On Wattpad by mindofzquad
Don't and Do's / Tips / Help / Ran... by 80's vs 00's
Just read the title and then the book. "You ain't know then, you know now." "It's like P's and Q's, buts a Don't and Do." "With all these Dont's...
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1 | vengeance  [oakenshield] by thorinstoned
1 | vengeance [oakenshield] by [HIATUS]
Her pack craves it. Azog craves it. She craves it. She needs it. Her mission is simple: kill Thorin Oakenshield. She's killed so many other helpless souls before, her v...
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The Shifter (The hobbit/Kili fanfic) by HisPrettyUniverse
The Shifter (The hobbit/Kili fanfi... by Wintermourn
She is the last of the Shifters, a race superior and odder than most. On this adventure, she meets Thorin and his Company. When her mate is just in reach, will she find...
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1 | dark pasts [oakenshield] by thorinstoned
1 | dark pasts [oakenshield] by [HIATUS]
"There is a different type of texture behind each person, a different fragrance that wafts off one another, a different past. One might accuse the other of it, or o...
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You Know You're LOTR/TH Obsessed When by daughteroftheforest
You Know You're LOTR/TH Obsessed W... by because it was real➳
You know you're Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit obsessed when...
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Sinful Deity | BTS, EXO. by FloriadnnisP
Sinful Deity | BTS, EXO. by Kookiebaby∞
¿Te atreverías a tentar, a la personificación de los 07 pecados capitales... O, prefieres ir por el camino del bien? Les recuerdo, el mal no es completamente oscuro, est...
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youngblood by 1-800-GREENDAY
youngblood by anne🌩
cynthia davies is a sassy, perfect student. she doesnt like her teacher, mr armstrong, this all changes when mr armstrong changes her view of him. will it be a disaster...
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where the admins give you the do's and do not's for writing IT fanfictions!
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Do's And Don'ts Around Vocaloids by duxst-
Do's And Don'ts Around Vocaloids by ダスト
Probably a book full of ' the do's and the don'ts ' surrounding the Vocaloids! ✓ They will, either, might like it OR love it very much.  ✗ OR, might annoy and EVEN hat...
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Alvorada (Overwatch Fanfiction) by Infinite_Galaxies817
Alvorada (Overwatch Fanfiction) by ~ Skye ~ Inactive ~
Alvorada: Dawn Dawn dɔːn/ noun noun: dawn; plural noun: dawns 1. the first appearance of light in the sky before sunrise. "he set off at dawn" synonyms: dayb...
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Lili Thorn Durin by AllysonBrooks
Lili Thorn Durin by Winter's Iron
This is a fan-fiction story about the little sister of Fili and Kili. Her name is Lili Thorn Durin but people call her Lili. Lili is the daughter of Dis and niece of Tho...
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Agent Rizwen by senoritachachacha
Agent Rizwen by kak yong
In season 2, Rizwen became a traitor 4 Unoot. wat happen? pls read
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Persona - Rizwan x Dos (Ejen Ali Fanfic) by azalea-xoxo
Persona - Rizwan x Dos (Ejen Ali F... by Azalea ❀
P/S : this my oldest fanfic and it is unedited so bear with the cringeness, alright? Whether it is a hero or an agent, anyone who is going undercover would have their o...
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Complicated. (Oscar dos Santos Emboaba Júnior FanFiction) by mystoriesxxx
Complicated. (Oscar dos Santos Emb... by mystoriesxxx
Complicated. Yes that word matches perfectly the situation I am in. But first, let me introduce myself to you guys. My name is Taléia de Lima. I'm 21 years old, curren...
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La seleccion Mexicana prefrences  by karenru1z
La seleccion Mexicana prefrences by Kun-kun
Ft. Chicharito, Diego Reyes, raul Jimenez, Giovani dos santos and Hector moreno
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ωнєи нєℓℓ вяσкє συт(ON HOLD) by Yu_Miko
ωнєи нєℓℓ вяσкє συт(ON HOLD) by UnderChord
ωιℓℓ уσυ ѕυяνινє? ι ∂σи'т fυ¢кιиg тнιик ѕσ... ʝσιи υѕ ιи fσя α вιтє~ тнє вιтє σf тнє ∂єνιℓ ωιℓℓ ѕυяєℓу тυяи уσυ ιиѕαиє~❤
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We're different by LizethPinetree
We're different by LizethPinetree
Una enfermedad. Una chica. Dos personalidades. Una buena y amable. Una psicópata y mala. Una sin preocupaciones. Una odiando a todos. Una de sincero corazón. Una de cora...
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The Guide to Warped Tour by NotHoldingOntoYou
The Guide to Warped Tour by Light.The.Empire
First year going to Warped Tour and you have no idea what to do ? Don't worry, you and hundreds of other people are in the same position. I have some helpful tips that w...
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Stained - Justin Bieber by cristalesdelanoche
Stained - Justin Bieber by val
Perdidos en algo que nunca pudieron hacer , segados por las situaciones que tuvieron que pasar , dolidos por todo lo que lanzaron sin pensar y tan rotos como sea posible...
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