youngblood by 1-800-GREENDAY
youngblood by anne🌩
cynthia davies is a sassy, perfect student. she doesnt like her teacher, mr armstrong, this all changes when mr armstrong changes her view of him. will it be a disaster...
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troubled times by 1-800-GREENDAY
troubled times by anne🌩
billie meets a new 'friend' in this emotional story with angst thatll leave you on the edge of your seat. so buckle up for this ride! really short chapters. thank you fo...
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Brat by 2ne1mix
Brat by 2ne1mix
At 19 years old, Irene Daniel's life has been relatively mundane. Besides family and a couple close friends, people come and go from her life just passing through. That...
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Blacksmith's Son by tricksters_angel
Blacksmith's Son by @HelloSongbird
Prince Nathan of Tremion, the name that was constantly said and cared for, a wonderful man, and a great knight. Everyone loved him, he was the son everyone wanted and wo...
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Click by tricksters_angel
Click by @HelloSongbird
Nate Smith was not a very popular person. He was dealing with anxiety, being bullied and homophobic parents. The thing that really kept him from ending it was Tumblr. Mo...
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The Day I Met Green Day by billiejoeismyking
The Day I Met Green Day by Green Day Fangirl
Teresa Harting is an 18 year old teenage girl who has a love for punk rock. One day she got the biggest surprise of her life. She is also faced with the biggest challeng...
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too dumb to die {sequel} by 1-800-GREENDAY
too dumb to die {sequel} by anne🌩
sequel to troubled times. billie attempts to bring his life back after what fink did. will billie succeed or will he be an angel forever? its a rough ride in this one. ...
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Somewhere Now || Green Day fanfiction by xxWhatshername
Somewhere Now || Green Day fanfict... by VivaLaWhatsername
"I want a better way to die!" Is this how you imagine meeting your biggest idols? I don't think so... They always helped me trough everything. Let's hope we ca...
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