Ever Lasting Friend (Super Junior Fanfic) by exocity
Ever Lasting Friend (Super exocity
Claire Johnson was Hollywood's famous American-Korean singer. Known as Claire Johnson in Hollywood and Park Eunjung in Korea. Despite all her years of hardwork, she was...
  • kpop
  • donghae
  • superjunior
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Everything Has Changed (Super Junior Fan Fiction) by jeonwonussi
Everything Has Changed (Super pai ♡
Reika was supposed to have a peaceful vacation in Seoul. She was supposed to just grab a cup of coffee from a bakeshop that was bursting with teenage girls. She was not...
  • kyuhyun
  • donghae
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Should I Take A Chance? (Super Junior Fan Fiction) by jeonwonussi
Should I Take A Chance? (Super pai ♡
Having a guy bestfriend might be cool, but for Kim Haneul, it's always so frustrating since he doesn't even acknowledge her as one and is so freaking cold towards her. B...
  • donghae
  • superjunior
  • highschool
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ضننتني احبك_ I Thought I Loved You *(مكتملة)* by haru5901
ضننتني احبك_ I Thought I Loved novels for you
الىواية عن دونج هي و باي سوزي و تحكي عن حياة زوجية البطل: د ونج هي البطلة: سوزي نوع الرواية: رومنسي شوي منحرف و كوميدي عدد البارتات: غير معروف تأليف: minah
  • رومنسية
  • تشويق
  • منحرفة
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At Odds (All Bets Are Off Sequel) by GirlLuvsHae
At Odds (All Bets Are Off Sequel)by GirlLuvsHae
Living her life as a girlfriend has been a shock for Dara. It is something which she had never even imagined to be. Something which she had never even thought of. Yet, h...
  • drama
  • blackjack
  • romance
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¡IDIOTA! by laultimaBodelair
¡IDIOTA!by Lalocadelosgatos
Donghae se muda junto con su hiperactividad con su madre, su padrastro...y su MUY sexy hermanastro, Hyukjae, quien no le tiene nada de paciencia y piens...
  • hiperactivo
  • donghae
  • wattys2017
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Super Junior Imagines 1 (completed) by DepressedBunny02
Super Junior Imagines 1 (completed)by Hannah
I will do boyxboy if requested. If you have an idea, I will also write a story for your idea.
  • fanfiction
  • hangeng
  • heechul
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هل هو أخي أم حبيبي by sosohyuk
هل هو أخي أم حبيبيby ESTO STORY📝
""البعض يمكن أن يتغير بسبب شخص ربما احبه ليكون أناني يريد امتلاكه بأي طريقة "" قصتنا الأن تتكلم عن اغنى احد العائلات هادئه ك هدؤء اليل مزهرة ك ورد...
  • hyukjae
  • haehyuk
  • brothers
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Mi Gran Error (Donghae Y Tú) [Terminado] by Leader_td
Mi Gran Error (Donghae Y Tú) [ Leader_td
Mi gran error ¿Mi gran error?, mi gran error fue abandonarla por irme con otra, mi gran error fue tratarla mal por creer que el hijo que llevaba en su vientre no er...
  • hae
  • rayita
  • wattys2017
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CJH Corporation di gemparkan dengan munculnya CEO Baru mereka, menggantikan CEO Lama mereka yang juga merupakan ayah dari CEO CJH Corporation baru itu yang bernama CHO K...
  • leesungmin
  • donghae
  • ohrijin
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Living with Famous Idiots! (Written by Sujudork602) by rmyvna
Living with Famous Idiots! ( Grayson Dolan's Wife
There were simple things I learn with my brother Donghae 1. Never give up! 2. Never trust him with your life 3. NEVER EVER live with him! Or else your life will become a...
  • siwon
  • fanfiction
  • love
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Versace on the Floor [complete] by missparksh
Versace on the Floor [complete]by psh
- SOME CHAPTER PRIVATE - "Apa kamu belum menggugurkannya?" "Dengarkan aku Oppa, aku tidak akan pernah menggugurkan kandungan ini. Tidak akan pernah!"
  • mature
  • junhyung
  • chokyuhyun
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The Proposition  by Xolovestphanie
The Proposition by Xolovestephanie
Cerita ini di ambil dari judul yang sama Karya novel ini ditulis oleh Katie Ashley Saya sebagai author hanya me-remake cerita ini menjadi tokoh yang terdapat di cerita i...
  • superjunior
  • joy
  • donghae
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After a Minute (A Super Junior Fanfiction) by Shel_Kim
After a Minute (A Super Junior Shel Kim
Leeteuk and Kangin are a couple who want to start a family. They adopt four teenage boys with troubled pasts; Donghae, Yesung, Heechul, and Sungmin. As the new brothers...
  • kyuhyun
  • angst
  • superjunior
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Beautiful by pervenche39
Beautifulby Centhya - I.A
April 2016 - March 2017 | Twins of "Chains" - Kim Seoyeon, tidak pantas jika sekadar di sebut seorang bintang. Dia memiliki segalanya mulai dari wajah ya...
  • romance
  • hurt
  • donghae
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Stumbling Down A Windy Road by HaneulHae
Stumbling Down A Windy Roadby HaneulHae
Crecer con alguien no es tan sencillo, especialmente cuando ya estás en la etapa en que muchas cosas están cambiando. Cuando Donghae comienza a notar las diferencias, aú...
  • junior
  • donghaeyah
  • hyukjae
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From Enemies to Lovers (An Eunhae Fanfic) BoyXBoy COMPLETED by FantasyKpopper
From Enemies to Lovers (An FantasyKpopper
Donghae and Eunhyuk attend the SM University of Performing Arts. Read my prologue to know more about the story! Thank you and I hope you like the story!
  • eunhyuk
  • fanfic
  • eunhae
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Only You by GirlLuvsHae
Only Youby GirlLuvsHae
Dara woke up in the hospital with 15 years of her life missing from her memory. From a simple and a bubbly girl trying to finish high school, she woke up as a CEO of one...
  • darahaefanfic
  • dara
  • leedonghae
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Straight MAN by Adosh_haehyuk
Straight MANby adosh
كُنت رجلاً مثالي مُحباً لفتاتي! رجلاً يعمل بأخلاص وفياً بِكل لحظة أقطنها في مكان عملي! لكن،أختلفت أيامي،وكثُرت أخطائي غرقت بذنوباً سأكون كاذباً أن قلت بأنها لم تكون مُت...
  • yaoi
  • boyxboy
  • donghae
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Perfect Timing by itscleofej
Perfect Timingby itscleofej
Description Park Sandara, a member of the baddest girl group in South Korea 2ne1. A girl who everyone adores, and the girl who everyone envied, A girl whom you think tha...
  • darahae
  • romance
  • daragon
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