Living With the Choices We Make by SallyMason1
Living With the Choices We Make by Sal ChickLit
A Domestic Violence Tale: When Rena met Brent, he was a dream come true. He was a real gentleman, funny, caring and even her overly protective father liked him. ...
Forbidden Love  [BWWM] by NadineJoyBrown
Forbidden Love [BWWM] by NadineJoyBrown Romance
Katherine never pictured her life would be this way, being 'sold off' to some uncaring, misogynistic pig who's nothing more than a leech to society. The mid thirties wa...
Padrona by NerdzGala
Padrona by Shania General Fiction
Pardona (noun)- A Mistress. They were married but she was never his wife. His slave, his maid, his Padrona, his trophy but never his wife. #264 in General Fiction- 26...
My Lost Bad Boy by U-annoyme
My Lost Bad Boy by U-annoyme Romance
"We were written in the stars, my love, all that separated us, was time, the time it took to read the map which was placed within our hearts, to find our way back t...
her story. by BEAUTYOMG
her story. by thankful. 🦃 Fanfiction
the struggles of her.
It hurts. by oopsifarted
It hurts. by oopsifarted Fanfiction
Before you read this, this is all from my imagination (very messed up ik) and just to ensure you that Wes would never do anything like this. Welp enjoy reading!!!
After Dark (the streets of hell) by chabae10
After Dark (the streets of hell) by chabae10 Fanfiction
Starr is a 14 year old girl new to the hood in Compton L.A, after making friends with Tia and Charlie she heads out on her first night with them to a youth club. Charlie...
Road To Recovery (A "Living With The Choices We Make" Sequel) by SallyMason1
Road To Recovery (A "Living With T... by Sal ChickLit
Still Waters ( #Wattys2017) by KalilahCoulter
Still Waters ( #Wattys2017) by KalilahCoulter General Fiction
Natasha has been in love with Collin since elementary school. But when Collin's random bursts of anger turn into even more frequent bouts of violence, Natasha wonders mo...
THE STORY OF US...  by AmirahJulde
THE STORY OF US... by Amirah Julde Spiritual
Life doesn't always end with a happily ever after. Life is an epitome of sweet and sour. Life is an epitome of bitter and sweet. Life is not a bed of roses. Life offers...
Brent's Story (A "Living With The Choices We Make" Novella) by SallyMason1
Brent's Story (A "Living With The... by Sal General Fiction
My name is Brent Parks and I have just about driven my girlfriend Rena to her limits. In a few days, she will take my life. I can't necessarily blame her because I have...
Mahogany Desires by book_worm_
Mahogany Desires by book_worm_ Action
Mr. tall dark and handsome Jason Mills was always particular when it came to women that he associated himself with for one reason: they all had an ulterior motive and we...
SINS  by xxmils
SINS by xxmils Short Story
sin noun plural noun: sins an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law. - Even the demons in her mind are afraid of her thoughts. ** THIS SHORT ST...
Sweetest Sin || Kellic  ✔ by lxshtonmxlum
Sweetest Sin || Kellic ✔ by meow Fanfiction
In which Kellin loves Vic a little too much and somehow sees past the first punch.
The Things That I Left Behind.. by tanya21034
The Things That I Left Behind.. by tanya21034 Romance
Sequel to Entangled in a marriage! Can be read as stand-alone.You don't necessarily need to read the first book. Highest rank in romance:#138 Previously known as Pinch o...
Finding Freedom (A Domestic Violence Story) EDITING by JustGloow
Finding Freedom (A Domestic Violen... by Gloria ChickLit
(Ranked #76 in Chicklit as of 4th of March, 2017, HIGHEST RANKING) Claire has everything a young woman could dream for-- great career, great friends, except for a h...
Saved By A Bad Boy by counting_shades
Saved By A Bad Boy by Valerie Lakehart Teen Fiction
Our moms were best friends. There wasn't much more to it than that. Every holiday, vacation and weekend, I was forced to spend time with Jax and his family. When I was f...
Senior Year by justdontyouidiot
Senior Year by Hannah Fanfiction
Jessica is a girl who is in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend Luke. Luke is the quarterback for the high school. One day the football coach Jason, catches him h...
Dreamcatcher by VeilofPetals
Dreamcatcher by Rose Autumn Paranormal
Book 1 in the Land of Nod series. Isi has a dangerous gift. Through her dreams, she can glimpse the secret lives, memories, and plans of strangers and even stop future e...
Gracie, Dearest by AshleyPCole
Gracie, Dearest by AshleyPCole Romance
You know, it's somethin' crazy how much I remember about my daddy. I can recall his smell, his smile, his stew. Everything he taught me when I was growin' up down on Sha...